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Flex Hero SDK preview build available now

I posted this on my @pdehaan Twitter yesterday, but forgot to post it here. Yesterday (Tue Nov 30, 2010) we posted the latest preview build of Flex Hero SDK (build You can grab it from
For more information on the next release of the Flex SDK (codename: Hero), check out the Flex Hero page on the Adobe Open Source site.

This Weeks Top Posts (3/6)

Here is a collection of blog posts from my coworkers on the Flex SDK, Adobe AIR, Flash Player, Flash Authoring, OSMF, and Evangelism teams.

AIR stuff:

Flash Player, Evangelist, OSMF stuff:

Nightly Flex 4.1 builds now available on

The other week I “tweeted” that the Flex 4 Layout Mirroring spec posted at The spec menioned that layout mirroring will only be supported when targetting Flex 4.1:

This feature adds a property and a method to the existing IVisualElement interface. There probably aren’t many new implementations of this interface in the field however any examples that do exist would have to be recompiled to target Flex 4.1.

Today it looks like the Flex 4 downloads page on site also has its first Flex 4.1 SDK posted —


This Weeks Top Posts (1/24)

Here is a collection of blog posts from my coworkers on the Flex SDK, Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder), Adobe AIR, Flash Player, Flash Authoring, and Flash Media Server teams.

Flash Player, Platform, Evangelist, Flash Media Server stuff:

AIR stuff:

The Flex 4 ‘halo’ namespace is now the ‘mx’ namespace

With Flex SDK SVN trunk revision 12635 the Flex 4 SDK no longer supports the “library://” component namespace. MX components should be referenced using the “library://” namespace.

For example:
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""

For more information see and

Adobe MAX 2009 sessions posted on Adobe TV

I posted this on my twitter account last night, but the Adobe MAX 2009 sessions have now been posted on Adobe TV at

I did a quick scan and here’s a list of the Flex/Flash Builder specific looking sessions:

I now own all four halo colors

The other day I noticed on Lee Probert’s blog that he bought himself a fancy new hex color from for the grand total of $1.

So I’m proud to say that I’m now the owner of the following four “halo” colors: haloBlue, haloGreen, haloOrange, and haloSilver.

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta 2 now available!

I just noticed on the Adobe Flash Builder Labs page that Flash Builder 4 beta 2 is available for download; (Release Notes)

Also, head on over to the Adobe Flex Developer Center and check out the following articles:

Got questions? Visit the Labs forum for Flash Builder 4. Found a bug (or have an enhancement request)? Visit the Flex Bug base. Also, don’t forget about the Adobe Flex Cookbook (which has a growing number of Flex 4 beta posts). And finally, please go check out the excellent Flex 4 Beta 2 documentation; Flex 4 Beta 2 documentation live.

BETA ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform released on

I just “tweeted” this, but thought it warranted a nice little blog post as well.

The documentation team released a cool new version of the Adobe Flash Platform Language Reference (which includes all APIs from the following products: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe AIR, LiveCycle Data Services, Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe Flex, and Adobe Flash Player — as well as the Text Layout Framework (TLF) classes). And the great news is, you can filter content based on Runtimes (Adobe AIR and/or Flash Player) as well as by Product (Flex, Flash Authoring, LiveCycle, and/or ColdFusion).

For more information, check out the following blog posts by real live members of the Adobe Learning Resources team:
“Introducing the ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform “ via Adobe Flash Platform Runtime Documentation Team blog
“One ActionScript Language Reference to rule them all” via FlashLit blog (Rob Dixon)

Adobe Cookbooks 2.0 site launched

I just saw over on the ADC (Adobe Developer Connection) blog that they’ve released an updated version of the Adobe Cookbooks online application (or if you’re looking for the Adobe Flex Cookbook specifically, check out

Also, head over to the Developer Connection site and read Ed Sullivan’s exellent “Introducing Adobe Cookbooks 2.0” article.

Update: Wow, there are quite a few more Cookbooks than I expected: