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Adobe Developer Week session videos

I completely missed this last week, but just spotted it on
Ted Patrick, a Flex Evangelist at Adobe, posted last week on Adobe Developer Week Sessions which were recorded a couple of weeks ago. Head on over and watch a few sessions via Breeze.

Developer Center super update

In addition to the release of Flex 2, Flex Builder 2, Flash Player 9, Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview, and everything else, the Developer Center managed to publish oodles of articles. So if you’ve already downloaded the trial software, and want to know where to start, read on….

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Adobe releases Flex 2, Flash 9 AS3 Preview, bunch of other stuff

It’s a big day for Adobe. Over the past 12 hours, we’ve released:

Please feel free to check them all out and give us feedback. We also have new articles up on the Developer Center, and documentation posted up on LiveDocs (Flex 2, ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference, Programming ActionScript 3.0).


First Post!

Welcome to yet another Adobe employee blog!
My name is Peter deHaan, and I work at Adobe as a documentation writer for Flash and various things “ActionScript”. Over the next few weeks i hope to post a lot on ActionScript and migrating from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0. I’ll also see if I can create a few examples which look a bit closer at some of the new features in ActionScript 3.0, such as RegEx, E4X (the *NEW* XML in ActionScript 3.0), and things like the Timer class, and the package. I’m a former ColdFusion enthusiast (CF-thusiast, if you will) so forgive me if I’m a bit biased towards CF in my examples. ;)

Finally, I’ll try and shed the default Movable Type template and find something a bit more visually appealing (and functional), and see if i can add individual RSS/Atom feeds for categories and comments.

If you have any questions/comments/flames, feel free to leave them in the comments. The documentation folks always enjoy hearing what we’re doing right (and wrong) and how we can improve the documentation.