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Adobe releases Spry 1.3 on Labs

Yesterday, Adobe released an update to the Ajax framework, Spry, bringing it up to version 1.3.
You can check out the full details of the changelog here, but here’s the brief rundown:

  • Introduced Spry Effects, the 3rd portion of the Spry Framework.
  • Removed documentation from the zip. All docs will be available online on Labs site as HTML and PDF.
  • Changes to SpryData.js
  • Updates to SpryAccordion.js
  • Gallery Demo updated to use new SpryEffects.js

Spry 1.2 released on Adobe Labs

Good news for Spry users, Adobe just released version 1.2 of Spry!
I had a chance to play around with it a bit last weekend and was really impressed. I managed to easily parse some XML and build expanding/collapsing tables and record viewers as well as integrate Spry with Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps (I’ll post some examples when I get some time).

In the meantime, go download the latest version of Spry and check out the changelist.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Spry (yet have managed to read this far down), here’s a brief clip from the release notes:

The Spry framework for Ajax is a JavaScript library for web designers that provides functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. It is designed to bring Ajax to the web design community who can benefit from Ajax, but are not well served by other frameworks. The first release of the Spry framework is a preview of the data capabilities that enable designers to incorporate XML data into their HTML documents using HTML, CSS, and a minimal amount of JavaScript, without the need for refreshing the entire page. The Spry framework is HTML-centric, and easy to implement for users with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The framework was designed such that the markup is simple and the JavaScript is minimal. The Spry framework can be used by anyone who is authoring for the web in their tool of choice. (more)