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This Week in Flex Examples (3/17)

I didn’t have time to post this yesterday, but here is a quick update on all the new entries over at my other blog, Flex Examples, during the past 7 days:

No real trends this week, although there are a few entries on the ExternalInterface API and the Panel container.

This Two-Weeks in Flex Examples (3/9)

Time for another “semi-regular” update on my other blog, Here are all the posts I’ve published in the past couple weeks:

This Two-Weeks in (2/24)

Seems like I’ve had a hard time posting a new “This Week in FlexExamples” post on a regular basis lately…
Anyways, here are a bunch of posts you may have missed over on my other blog,, in the past two weeks:

I don’t see any real trends, other than the fact I did a brief series on setTimeout() method, setInterval() method, and the Timer class.

This Three-Weeks in (2/11)

Well, it seems like I’ve been neglecting this update for a few weeks, so here it goes. Here’s the list of posts you may have missed over on my other blog,, in the past few weeks:

At a quick glance, It seems like I posted mainly on the LinkBar control, the PopUpButton control, the Tree control, and the Camera object.

Happy Flexing!

This Week in (01/20)

Here is a list of this week’s entries from my blog from the past 7 days:

Not too many new posts this week, but we have a couple on the Tree control, LinkBar control, and PopUpButton control.

This Week in (01/13)

Here is a list of this week’s entries from my blog from the past 7 days:

It seems that this week was fairly heavily weighted towards the ButtonBar control, with a couple posts on the Tree control and Panel container as well.

This Week in (01/06)

Happy 2008! My first post in 2008, and it only seems fitting that its my “weekly”, update. Here’s a collection of posts that I managed to come up over the past 2ish weeks:

I don’t see any overwhelming trends, but it seems like I did some entries on the VBox container, Alert control, ColorPicker control, and a few on the ComboBox control and HorizontalList control.

And I can’t say it enough, but I’d like to give a big thanks to all the readers, subscribers, and supporters out there. I’ve lots of really great and positive feedback in comments and email, and I’m glad to see that it seems useful to some people out there on the internets.

Looking at the WordPress dashboard, it seems there are currently 411 posts, 735 comments (and at least another 12,000 spams blocked by Akismet as well as a few thousand more caught by other spam plugins). There are also seemingly around 900 subscribers to my RSS feed (according to FeedBurner)! Not too bad for a little site that I started 6 months ago in July 2007.

This Week in (12/23)

In what will probably be my last blog post of 2007, here is this week’s posts for It feels like somewhat of a short list this week for some reason, but I’ll try and post a few more examples later today. Taking a look at the list, it seems semi heavily weighted to the DateField control and a couple posts on styling the ComboBox control. Enjoy:

Also, note that most of us at the office will be on holidays until Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008. Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2008!

This Week in (12/16)

Time for another update! Not sure why, but this week was fairly heavily weighted towards working with the DateField control. Head on over and check some of them out:

This Three-plus Weeks in (12/09)

Seems like I’ve neglected to do this the past few weeks, so here’s an uber-update on all the entries from my “other blog”, Quickly looking at the list, it seems we have several on charting, the ImageSnapshot class, the Tree control, the RichTextEditor control, as well as a few others.

Head on over and check some of them out:

That is a grand total of 64 new entries since November 12th. According to my WordPress dashboard, this brings us up to 340 posts (and 643 comments), in a little less than 6 months. According to Google Reader, that’s roughly 13.3 posts per week. Rock on! A big thanks to all my readers, subscribers, commenters (especially those to help me answer comments/questions), banner clickers, Adobe (for making such a great product), and the rest of the Flex Community.