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Adobe releases Flash Player 10,0,32,18

You can now head on over to and grab the latest debug version(s) of the Adobe Flash Player (currently 10,0,32,18). Or, as always, you can find the release versions of Flash Player from

Curious as to what is new in Check out the “Overview of the Flash Player 10.0.32 Security Update” article on the Flash Player Developer Center.

Adobe Flash Player available on

Last week I blogged that we had released a new version of Flash Player 10 (“Adobe Flash Player available on”), but apparently I missed the fact that we also released an updated version of Flash Player 9 (!

As always, you can download the debugger versions from the Adobe Flash Player Downloads page at

Adobe Flash Player available on

Not sure how long it has been there, but if you haven’t already downloaded Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22.x, head on over to and grab the latest version of Flash Player. Not sure which version of Flash Player you’re currently rocking? Fear not, we got you covered:
Plus, If you want ’em, we also have some Installation Instructions as well as some System Requirements.