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Nightly Flex 4.1 builds now available on

The other week I “tweeted” that the Flex 4 Layout Mirroring spec posted at The spec menioned that layout mirroring will only be supported when targetting Flex 4.1:

This feature adds a property and a method to the existing IVisualElement interface. There probably aren’t many new implementations of this interface in the field however any examples that do exist would have to be recompiled to target Flex 4.1.

Today it looks like the Flex 4 downloads page on site also has its first Flex 4.1 SDK posted —


Draft Flex Gumbo Chapters posted to Adobe open source site

Word on the street is that some beta chapters on new Flex Gumbo stuff is posted on the Flex Gumbo page on the site:

And, as always, the latest beta Flex Gumbo Language Reference can be found at

So put on your technical reviewer hats on and go read some chapters! Also, to keep up with all the latest and greatest from the Flex Documentation team, check out their blog at

Updates to the Flex Gumbo page on

A few updates to the Flex Gumbo page on

1. The milestones table has been updated to reflect the latest schedule.

Milestone Date
Beta June 2009
Final 4.0 Q4 2009
4.1 Q2 2010

* Dates subject to change

2. Open Iteration Meetings table updated with the slides and recordings from our first two public meetings (Feb. 19, 2009 and Mar. 24, 2009).

3. Two new feature specs posted:

4. Three new Architecture Review Board (ARB) Issues posted:

And as always, the latest build of the Flex Gumbo beta can be downloaded from:

Flex Gumbo Architecture Review Board (ARB) Issues posted to site

In case you haven’t seen the Flex Gumbo page lately on the site, you can now find several pages of notes from the Architecture Review Board meetings. Currently the following documents are available: