Insights, advice, and help with accessibility, Adobe Acrobat, and the PDF file format from Greg Pisocky, PDF accessibility specialist at Adobe Systems. This blog will serve as a forum to answer questions and exchange information about the topic of PDF accessibility.

Greg has focused on accessibility issues at Adobe for over 4 years. In his role, he serves as an accessibility evangelist for PDF. He has been a presenter and panelist at numerous accessibility conferences and events He also serves on the W3C’s Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and AIIM’s PDF Universal Access Working Group PDF/UA.

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. steve shapson says:

    I recently lost a Publisher file which I had converted to PDF. I used Distiller for the conversion. Is there a way to convert the PDF file back to a Publisher file or is there a way for me to add text and photos to the PDF file?

  2. Geoffrey Birt says:

    Greg,I need your help with an interoperability issue with Adobe and Citrix. Issue involves /P and /H command line code. Can you help or redirect to someone that might? Please advise.Geoff Birt(978)255-2153 (O)

  3. Ricesoldier says:

    I’m working on sending a photo, saved in Adobe Reader in emails that is not an attachment, but is open in the body of the email. How can I preserve the photo quality in emails without it being an attachment or a copy & paste?Thanks,Ricesoldier