Other Applications

Techniques using applications other than Acrobat to create accessible PDF

2 Responses to Other Applications

  1. Raj Sagar says:

    My system is not openning the following file thou i have installed Adobe reader 8 on my PC. pl help

  2. Lars Nilsson says:

    I´m working with documetation at me company,all docomentation are in PDF-file,works OK in a PC.But we wonder if Acrobat have made a program for use the same document in video-media-player only for use Reader.showing the splitside with links (as a register) into the document,I have try Archos 604,and we can see the side but without links.It´s a question to give our serviceengineér a multimedia player for readind insted a PC to eath of them.My mailadress my comany are;lars.nilsson @se.toyota-industries.eu Please Response if possible