Notes On Using the “Submit a form” Action to Mail a Document:


The Uniform Resource Locator or URL syntax supports multiple resource types in addition to “http:” such as “ftp:”, “tel:” and “mailto:” and PDF forms developers have made use of that fact to make their jobs easier.

Many forms developers create buttons like the ones on the left to mail a document to the next person in a workflow. This button uses the “Sumbit a form” action. The URL that the form gets submitted to starts with “mailto:” which causes Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Reader to create a mail message with the current document as an attachment.

Most of the time this method works just fine. However, if you need more than one of those buttons on your form, your end user might see a security warning because Acrobat thinks that they are submitting information to more than one web site, a common phishing technique. Fortunately, there is a simple JavaScript that can be used to mail documents without using the “Submit a form” action and causing a security warning.

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