Portable RIAs – Flex Apps in PDFs

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James Ward, Adobe Platform Evangelist and “RIA Cowboy”, has written an excellent example and tutorial on using PDF to create Portable RIAs. If you’re not sure why you’d want to put a Flex app into a PDF, read this excerpt to see why
Flash together with PDF redefines what a document can be.

The web began as a platform for browsing, finding, and exchanging documents. Over the past ten years the web has moved beyond this document-centric role, and is now a platform for exchanging data. We typically refer to web sites used for data exchange as web applications. The next major evolution of the web is underway as web applications become more interactive and useful. The industry now refers to these next generation web applications as rich Internet applications or RIAs.

Another popular means of document exchange is the Portable Document Format (PDF). Like the web, PDFs are also evolving into more than just a document exchange technology. When RIAs are inserted into PDFs, this familiar format for documents becomes a method for exchanging and interacting with data. The primary benefits of using PDFs for data exchange are that PDFs can easily be secured, emailed around, and accessed when offline.

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