The Customizing PDF Portfolio Layouts Series

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I just posted the first two of a seven part series that discusses writing custom PDF Portfolio Layouts or “Navigators” as we call them in “Acrobat Developer Land”. I’ll also take this opportunity to launch the PDF Developer Junkie Web.Blogs are great for all kinds of things like news and short articles or even a series of articles. However, sometimes, organizing articles in reverse chronological order just isn’t helpful. So – I created a web site to house all of my “How-to” articles.

If you’ve been interested in learning about how to create your own Navigators and you’ve got some ActionScript 3 skills, jump into the links below and get started. Each article has a sample Flex project attached as well as the Acrobat ActionScript SDK (prerelease version).

The “Customizing PDF Portfolio Layouts” Series

Coming soon I’ll have…

  • Part 5: Working with Metadata
  • Part 6: Sorting
  • Part 7: Adding Resources and Files

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