Part 7 of The Customizing PDF Portfolio Layouts Series posted

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This is it! The last in my seven part series on developing custom PDF Portfolio
layouts has been posted. This one discusses adding files and resources.
Jump on over to Part 7 and take a look.

What now?

You didn’t really think there would be only seven did you?
I’m just getting started. Now that you have a chance to understand the basics with simple (and frankly…. ugly) examples, it’s time to make something functional and pretty.

I’m thinking about writing a few “utility” navigators and have a few ideas of my own but am interested in hearing from my dear readers as well so please comment with your ideas. Here’s a short list of what I’ve been thinking about.

Drag-n-Drop Ordering Wouldn’t it be great if you could just drag your files around into the order that you want them to appear? I’ve got some ideas on how to do that and actually have the order stick in other navigators that respect the sort order.
Advanced Folder Navigation By default, folders appear as items but I want to be able to build a tree just like some of the Adobe ones do and then be able to drag-n-drop files between.
A Vertical Navigator “Bar” I’m thinking something slim and sleek that sits on the side and uses the splitter to give you a nice big preview window but easily navigate the PDF Portfolio.
User Defined Thumbnails Add your own thumbnails to the files that don’t auto-generate them.

In addition to the utility navigators, I’m going to try putting together a few more visually stunning examples with some cooler navigation and animations so stay tuned.

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