Acrobat 9.1 SDK Documentation is available online and for offline use

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The Acrobat 9.1 SDK documentation is here!

The Acrobat 9.1 SDK documentation is available in the Acrobat 9.1 SDK download. For offline use, you can download the SDK documentation to your local drive.

One of the great new changes to the 9 version of the Acrobat SDK is that we began to use LiveDocs. This change lets you see the latest documentation updates and provide feedback to the SDK team about the documentation.

If you are interested in using Acrobat for 3D, this is the release for you. The Acrobat 9.1 SDK includes enhancements for 3D
(part of Acrobat 9 SDK 3D Update 200810), and various bug fixes.

Note: For Windows Users – The documentation is supplied as HTML in a single ZIP file. There are some very long path names in the container so you may see errors when you unzip it, at least I did when I tried to expand it onto my desktop. With WinZip, it looks like the ZIP file is corrupted; it’s not. It’s just that the file names are too long and the uncompressed file can’t be created. To resolve this, create a folder (with a short name like "SDK") in the root of your drive and decompress the ZIP into that folder. Everything should work just fine after that. This isn’t an issue on the Mac.

LiveDocs online link for the Acrobat 9.1 SDK.

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