MAX 2009 Session Catalog and Scheduler has launched!

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Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get settled in for a long post. I’ve got a lot of new for you with this one.

To start with, the MAX 2009 Session Catalog and Scheduler has launched. With that, I’m also starting a series of profiles about the speakers that I’ve arranged to deliver some fantastic content for you. Look for new profiles every day for a week or so. If you already know about the scheduler, jump to the first profile on Lori DeFurio – otherwise, keep reading.

The MAX 2009 Scheduler

The MAX 2009 web site offers a dynamic session scheduler that allows you to easily browse sessions and labs to build your personal MAX schedule. Search through over 200 sessions and 100 labs by various criteria, including required skill level, track, audience, featured products, and speaker.

If you’ve already registered for MAX, click the button below to launch the MAX Scheduler.

  • To gain access to the scheduler, enter the same username and password you created during the MAX 2009 registration process.
  • To create your personal MAX 2009 schedule, simply drag and drop the sessions and labs that you would like to attend into the My Schedule tray at the bottom of the MAX Scheduler. Be sure to take note of prerequisites needed for any courses that are intermediate or advanced so that you are well prepared for the course.

NOTE: Sessions and labs fill up early. Be sure to create your personal MAX schedule as soon as possible to guarantee your sessions and labs.

If you haven’t registered yet, do it by August 10 and receive US$200 off the regular price of a full conference pass.

MAX 2009 Speaker Profiles

Lori DeFurio: Adobe Systems
For over thirteen years at Adobe, Lori DeFurio has worn many hats. Throughout it all, she’s worked closely with Adobe Acrobat software, first as a systems engineer involved with the sales team, then as the Acrobat/PDF technical evangelist. Currently, she runs Acrobat Enablement – enabling Adobe’s sales and channel partners to be successful selling Acrobat, and working closely with the Acrobat User Community. In addition to writing an informative blog at, Lori travels around the world, speaking at conferences, workshops, helping anyone who is interested learn how to get the most out of Adobe Acrobat software. Prior to joining Adobe, Lori served as a technical consultant at Information Architects, an SGML/XML consulting firm, and was a pre and post-sales engineer at Agfa, a developer, manufacturer and distributor of products and systems for the making, processing and reproduction of images.

About MAX this year Lori says:

I’m excited with the prospect of Adobe MAX 2009. This is my third year presenting a lab on discovering what Acrobat can do. As you may be aware, I’ve been working with Acrobat for the entire 13 years I’ve been at Adobe, and it is my pleasure to present information and have someone from the audience say “I didn’t know Acrobat could do that!” I’m going to cover new functionality introduced in Acrobat 9 as well some core capabilities that have been in Acrobat since the “early days”.

Lori will be joined by Ian Campbell from the UK and you can catch them in the 90 minute lab described below. Labs fill up early and fast and there are only 48 slots per lab this year so sign up as soon as possible.

I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That
Come join us for a look into what’s possible with Acrobat 9 — from creating a PDF Portfolio and embedding multimedia in your documents to creating and distributing Acrobat forms (with calculations) to adding navigation aids (links, buttons, or bookmarks) to your content. Samples will be distributed.

October 7 at 11:00AM
October 6 at 01:00PM
October 6 at 03:30PM

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