MAX 2009 Speaker Profiles: Donna Baker

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Donna's WeeMee

Donna Baker: Baker Communications
Donna is a freelance graphic designer, and author of a couple dozen books about design software, and Web design. About half of the books she’s written are on Adobe Acrobat. Donna has also written a monthly article for since the early days of the site. In the last year or so, she’s started to narrow her focus to all things Acrobat. She’s an Adobe Community Expert, an Adobe Certified Expert, and in her spare time she’s one of the online Adobe Acrobat Help system moderators.

You should also check out the Acrofacts blog, where where she posts Acrobat-related topics as they strike her fancy, and downloadable PDF file versions of her articles. You can also follow Donna for a daily Acrobat tip on Twitter or Facebook.

Donna sent me her WeeMee instead of a photo so I know she manages to find time for some fun and games too. Outside of Acrobat and work, she lives in the marshlands of a Canadian lake with her family and two little hound dogs. Donna is also an avid designer of everything, and sculpts in concrete, metal and glass.

About MAX this year, Donna says:

2009 marks my second excursion into the world of MAX. Last year (2008) I was a member of the esteemed “Battle of the Acrobat All-Stars” panel. I spoke about the ability to combine content from a variety of sources and apply features in Acrobat to create a cohesive document appearance. I was sure the pics of cute dogs would cinch a win for me. Alas – I was wrong.

I’m on my own at MAX 2009. My session looks at some of the coolest and best hidden features you’ll find in Acrobat. We’re looking at some advanced features that automate tasks, help you get your work done faster, and get it done right. The idea of using Advanced commands scares some people, and using Preflight ramps up the fight-or-flight reaction in most non-print people. “Pshaw,”sez I.

I love Acrobat (ok, my hubby too, but I do love Acrobat). Software is just software, until you take charge and make it perform for you. They don’t call the program “Acrobat” for nothing. The key to making Acrobat jump through hoops for you is getting a handle on Preflight.

Forget about print profiles and standards, if you like. Did you know you could track down dozens of items like hairlines or text using nonembedded fonts? Or how about separating images, text, and vector objects into separate layers? Once your search is complete, use a provided fix to correct your file, or create your own custom fixes.

Depending on your workflow and how you like to work, store your custom processes in Acrobat, integrate them into a batch sequence, or even turn them into executable Droplets you can run from the desktop.

So, are you ready to explore Acrobat in a different way? Ready to “ooh” and “ahh”? Wondering how much time you’ll save yourself? Of course you are – and I’ll see you at MAX.

Donna’s 60 minute session is only scheduled to be delivered once during MAX this year and seating is limited so sign up as soon as possible. In the MAX scheduler, look for this session.

Best Kept Secrets of Acrobat Revealed: Batches, Fixes, and Checks
Learn about many of the capabilities in Acrobat 9 Pro that contribute to a quicker and more accurate workflow. See how to work with Preflight (a way to verify that your PDF file contains only the features, fonts, and formatting you’ve specified) and the vast range of fixes and checks available, how to modify existing features, and how to create custom profiles that address various workflow issues. Finally, turn all that into a Preflight Droplet, an executable that automatically processes files according to a particular profile. Also, learn the secrets behind incorporating batch sequences into a typical workflow.

October 7 at 05:00PM