MAX 2009 Speaker Profiles: Harry Hemus

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Acrobat Rocks! – Literally

Harry Hemus: Dividi Projects

is based in the UK and has created some incredible PDF documents, all which started life as either Photoshop or InDesign documents. He’s the guy who created the rich PDF that was created for
David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame) to share a live performance of “A Great Day for Freedom” with his fans. Harry founded Dividi Projects which creates interactive, rich-media PDF documents, e-brochures, and presentations for corporations and organizations. The company began by delivering projects on DVD, but after investing in a range of Adobe solutions, he quickly discovered that he could improve how clients deploy their marketing and communications projects using Adobe Acrobat software.

About MAX this year Harry says:

PDF documents are an amazing delivery vehicle, given that it can carry almost any of the very clever ‘Rich Media’ items available today, and it does so with a familiar, non-threatening free reader interface. SIMPLE!

In my session, graphic design is at the very top of the agenda, (and this from a guy who is absolutely NOT a designer, but knows “ugly” when he sees it) and it will highlight how designers should not be scared of creating rich media projects using applications such as InDesign and Photoshop by designing beyond print. Marketers and communicators who need to “deliver” information and truly engage with their audience should see this!

Oh and it will contain some really cool music!

You can read more about Harry and Dividi Projects in our Customer Showcase and watch the new video that we recently posted on the Acrobat page. Look for the “Acrobat spotlight” area on the right.

We’ve been lucky enough to schedule Harry’s 60 minute session twice during MAX this year but seating is limited so
sign up as soon as possible. In the MAX scheduler, look for this session.

Wow Your Audience with Multimedia PDF Documents
Join U.K.-based Harry Hemus for a demonstration of some incredible PDF documents, all of which started life as static, non-interactive collateral. He’ll show how to use various Creative Suite tools to create compelling content by being aware of what can truly be achieved by using Acrobat to “activate” static artwork. Hemus simply works with the user interface; you don’t need to be a developer, just willing to consider a few basic scripting tips.

October 5 at 03:30PM
October 7 at 09:30AM