MAX 2009 Speaker Profiles: Ian Campbell

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Ian Campbell: ICCS
Ian has been consulting and training on Acrobat for over 10 years now, and is an Adobe Certified Expert living in London, England. He regularly trains companies and public bodies throughout the United Kingdom and Europe in a number of Adobe products, but counts Acrobat as his all-time favorite. As part of his work for Adobe Systems Europe he has devised and presented Acrobat launch tours, helped co-ordinate partner websites, written the occasional publication – and delivered more eSeminars via Connect Pro than he can remember.


About MAX this year, Ian says:


I’ve been to Barcelona and Milan MAXs before, but it’s my first time at MAX USA so I am really looking forward to hearing some of the US-based Adobe experts talking live. Nowadays we can regularly follow their product blogs and eSeminars from this side of the pond, to the point where many Adobe US names, faces and voices feel pretty familiar already – but being able to hear them live and ask questions will be something else.


At previous MAX events I’ve worked the Acrobat User Group booth, but this time I’ll also be on stage delivering my own session and co-presenting the Acrobat labs with Lori DeFurio. It’s going to be a blast.


Unless you’ve been to one of Lori’s sessions before, you won’t know how much fun it can be to learn about Acrobat – the title,”I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That”, really sums up how you feel by the end of one. I firmly believe that to be effective, ‘training’ should be as enjoyable as possible, no matter how serious the subject – I was once in a lecture given by a Nobel prize winner, and it was a total riot!


People the world over use Acrobat day in, day out – but often don’t realize that they are just a couple of menu choices away from some feature that could truly revolutionize their daily work. At previous sessions I’ve literally heard gasps as people find how easy it is to do things like create fillable forms, add interactive 3D content and start shared document reviews.


The great thing about Acrobat 9? Well, being able to reliably deliver high quality multimedia thanks to the embedded Flash player in both Acrobat and the free Reader has really been a ‘final frontier’ event – check out my colleague Harry Hemus’ session at MAX if you get the chance.
It’s also been great to see how the collaboration and form distribution workflows have become so polished – especially now that we can use the ‘cloud’ option. I still remember that ‘wow’ moment during the Beta period when a colleague in San Francisco turned to page 140 in a long document – and the PDF in my Adobe Reader in London automatically did the same!


I never get tired of training or talking about Acrobat – every day brings different organizations finding different uses for it, though many don’t always find the time to check out all the possibilities. It still makes me smile when a slightly nervous delegate grabs me before a course and says “I think I should know more about Acrobat, but I really don’t…” – especially when it turns out to be a guy or gal from the company’s IT department…
If you are in LA, come along – it will be a great session!


Ian’s 60 minute session is only scheduled to be delivered once during MAX this year and seating is limited so sign up as soon as possible. Also,
the labs fill up early and fast and there are only 48 slots per lab this year so sign up as soon as possible.
In the MAX scheduler, look for these events.


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