Turning on trace() for the Flash Player in Acrobat 9

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If you’ve started to work with the new Acrobat ActionScript API for creating custom PDF Portfolio navigators you’ll quickly come to a point where you may want to do some debugging. Unfortunately, the current Acrobat 9 application doesn’t provide a true debugging environment. However, you can see errors and get a pretty good understanding of what’s going on by simply outputting some trace() statements. Error reporting and trace() is off by default but you can turn it on by adding the following settings to the Windows registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\9.0\FlashDebug]
“tLogFilter”=”bridge, AVPackageHost”


With these changes, you can see errors and trace statements in your navigator code. Look for “.log” files in the same directory as “Acrobat.exe”. To find them easier, I sort the directory by date so my latest log file is at the bottom.


Looking Forward…
Now – obviously, we want to make the process of debugging Flash applications running in Acrobat
and navigator development easier in future versions so if you have input on this, I’d be happy to hear it. Please email me directly rather than commenting on this post. Just click on the little envelope below.

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