Download the MAX Companion Application

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Enhance your conference experience with the MAX Companion. MAX Companion is a cross-platform, multiscreen social application designed to help you navigate the conference and communicate with other attendees in real time via Twitter. Built with the Adobe® Flash® Platform, MAX Companion is available in two forms, as a desktop download and on a large interactive multitouch screen.

MAX Companion Multi-touch Screen


During MAX, visit the MAX Companion wall, sponsored by Miller & Associates, in the Community Pavilion. Use this interactive multitouch screen to view:


  • Live Twitter stream of all tweets tagged with #adobemax or session-specific Twitter tags
  • Photos from the Twitter stream
  • Featured tweets from conference luminaries
  • Information regarding upcoming sessions and locations
  • MAX-related keyword trends
  • MAX news and late-breaking updates


Join the conversation at MAX using Twitter


Start tweeting with other MAX attendees by including #adobemax. Unique Twitter tags have been created for sessions and labs and can be found in your pocket guide upon arrival.


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