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If you haven’t logged into your account in a few days you’re in for a real treat. The user interface has been through a major overhaul so all the various applications work far more smoothly. Here’s a brief list of the major improvements.

  • Single file organization system with Collections (think Playlists)
  • All applications are in the same interface
  • Updates to each core service
  • New architecture for improved performance and scalability
  • 35 customers suggested feature improvements from


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For over two years, my article "Using the HTML embed Tag to Display a PDF on Your Web Page" has had the highest number of hits per week. I wanted to take this opportunity to update it a little and the new plays a big part.


In addition to using the <embed> or <object> tags to reference a PDF file directly as mentioned in my old article, you can embed PDF files in HTML inside a Flash wrapper. If you are looking for a lightweight viewer with a really snappy interface to embed a PDF file in your HTML page, consider using the "Files" area of The PDF file below is being displayed using that capability.

To use this feature, simply go to and upload a PDF file. Once the file is available in the "Files" area, select the drop down near the name and then "Share". You first need to set the permissions and then you’ll see an area to copy the embed code. Be sure to also hit the “Ok” button in the dialog to make the permission change stick. Now, just paste the embed code into your web page and you’re done. Remember that this is a Flash based PDF viewer so JavaScripts, fields and multi-media won’t behave the way that they would in the Reader but this is the perfect solution for static PDF that you simply need to embed on a web page; perfect for Press Releases, Tutorials, Manuals and a bunch of other types of documents.

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