Introducing the Billboard Layout


The Billboard Layout was created as an example project for my Developing Custom PDF Portfolio Layouts using Flash Builder 4 series but there’s no reason why non-programmers shouldn’t take advantage of it too. I’ve created a PDF Portfolio template with the Billboard layout already applied that you can download and use.

Billboard Layout with Billboard showing Billboard Layout displaying files

For those of you that miss the Acrobat 9 style Welcome Page, you’ll love the Billboard. I’ve also modified the way that folder navigation works – also to make it work more like Acrobat 9.

Take a look at the Billboard Layout page to download the template and read more about what this new layout does. For reasons I won’t go into on this blog, I’m not permitted to supply the .NAV file for this layout. If you want access to the .NAV, you’ll need to download the source code for the project and build it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s easy and I’ll be posting the source code soon.

Special thanks to the guys over at Ensemble for their help on this one.


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