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QR Code Generator for Acrobat


A few customers have asked me recently if they can add a QR Code to a PDF file for each link they have on the page. We all know that PDF files can have links to external material. But, PDF files often get printed… and the last time I checked, you can click on a piece of paper all day long and it won’t execute a hyperlink. However, a piece of paper can display a bar code and most smart phones can read a QR code.

Play the Same Video from Any Page

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It seems like I get a new question about playing video in PDF files every day. Adding dynamic content to PDF files seems to be catching on. Here’s the question… paraphrased for clarity.

I’d like to put a video on page one that opens in a floating window and use a button to start it from anywhere in the document.

The Long Wait is Over. Adobe Acrobat 9 is Here

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It’s finally here.
Acrobat 9 is a fantastic release with tons of new features and improvements to existing ones. If you want to buy it now, and you really should, feel free to stop by the Adobe Online Store,or call your reseller. If you’re more cautious than that, you can download a fully functional 30 day trial at

Once you’ve got the product or if you’re still on the fence about upgrading, watch a recorded presentation by Lori DeFurio covering
6 Cool Things you can do with Acrobat 9.

I’ll start posting cool example files once we have the new Reader posted as well.