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Presentation on PDF & Accessibility

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The Paciello Group (TPG) and Adobe are pleased to announce a series of webinars on how to create PDF and Flash web-based content that is accessible for people with disabilities.

Go here for a list of upcoming seminars and recordings of past ones.

My First Forms Post

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Well – not exactly. What would be the point really? Ted and Angie have said it all.

Weighing in at 3.5 pounds and
1,224 pages, the publication of the PDF Forms Bible allows me to officially abdicate my responsibility to discus forms in this blog … at least for a little while.

Buy it at Amazon.Com or Wiley.Com.

Acrobat channel now on Adobe TV!

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The Acrobat channel on Adobe TV is here. Watch our experts demonstrate tips and tricks and basically share everything they know.

The current batch of video is focused on end-user capabilities but I’ll be contributing some developer and power-user programming of my own very soon. Until then, look in the left column of my blog home under “Recorded Presentations” for my content.

Check out the Acrobat Channel

Coming Soon: The PDF Developer Junkie Podcast

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Well, it’s time for me to hitch myself to the Web 2.0 bandwagon and start a podcast. The PDF Developer Junkie Podcast will be for, and partially by, people developing PDF solutions based on Adobe Acrobat. My goal is to have the podcast be audience driven, kind of like a radio call in show. Here’s how it’ll work (at least in “Version 1.0”). Email me a recorded question in MP3 format and I’ll answer it on the podcast and post an article on the topic. Once I’ve received enough questions, I’ll launch this thing and keep them coming as long as it proves useful to all of you. All questions that fit the criterion below will be considered. I’d like to keep this fun too so the answers may get slightly irreverent, don’t take offense.

Here’s the basic (revised) rules:

  1. Questions should be related to Acrobat or PDF development. Here’s the test. If you’re pretty sure the answer will involve writing code, I want to hear it. If you want to ask how to use a feature, try asking here instead.
  2. Questions might not be answered completely. I am the “Technical Evangelist”… not “Technical Support”. If I can’t answer the question completely, I can get you pointed in the right direction but that’s about it.
  3. No hyperbole. No rants. Remember, I get the final edit and I have lots of silly sound bites I can drop in.
  4. Please try to keep the question to under a minute. If your question takes longer than that to ask, you need a consultant, not a podcast.
  5. In the interest of keeping the subject matter as broad as possible, I may aggregate some questions if they sound about the same.
  6. I’ll only accept MP3s recorded at 160 kbps. Use whatever tools you are most comfortable with.

How to submit a question.
Attach your MP3 to this email and hit send.

What happens next:
I’ll listen to your question, edit it down if necessary and email you if I need clarification on something. Depending on the number of questions that come in, I’ll decide on a launch date and post that information when I have it.

Happy recording!

Acrobat 9 SDK Now Available

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The Acrobat 9 SDK is posted to the Acrobat Developer Center for public download.

But wait, there’s more. New in Acrobat 9, we’ve added a livedocs version of the documentation. Now you’ll be able to provide feedback on most topics and even submit corrections or report bugs. Now’s the chance to show off your Kung-Fu skills and contribute to the developer community. Comments will be monitored so don’t expect them to show up right away but they will show up.

Flex Developer Alert!
Acrobat 9 Custom Navigator SDK is available in Pre-release:

Use Flex and your ActionScript skills to create SWF interfaces (Navigators) for PDF Portfolios using the new ActionScript APIs for Acrobat 9. Check out my previous post to see some of the possibilities. The good news is, the Custom Navigator SDK is all ActionScript, you don’t need to know anything about the rest of the Acrobat SDK to get started.

Use this PDF form to request access to the prerelease program.

Hot on the heals of Acrobat comes the new Adobe Reader 9

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The new Reader is here…

…and that means I can start posting my cool new samples.

In the example below I’ve placed a chart (created in Adobe Flex 3) on a PDF page that contains Acrobat Form fields in the form of a table. A JavaScript function in Acrobat is able to send new data to the chart when you edit the fields causing the chart to visually reflect the change. Please download the new Reader then come back here and download the FlexChart example file. I’ll follow this posting up with the source code for the SWF and the JavaScript in the PDF file once we have the new SDK posted.