Billboard Layout

This PDF Portfolio layout was created as the first in a series of examples that I’ve created for developers to learn the Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK. Source code will be available shortly.

Billboard Layout with Billboard showing Billboard Layout displaying files

The Billboard layout functions the same way as the default Click-Through layout and includes the following modifications.

Billboard Properties Panel

Billboard: A “Billboard” has been added as a replacement to the “Welcome Screen” that was available in Acrobat 9. A panel willl open on the right that allows you to configure the Billboard.

When the layout is first applied, the Billboard is active and your files will be hidden to reduce screen clutter. You can close the Billboard at any time and recover it by clicking on “Show Billboard” button in the lower right of the layout.

The Billboard is fixed at 800 x 600. This is to prevent the objects inside from moving around unpredictably at different screen resolutions.

While in Editing mode and the Billboard is visible, click inside the Billboard to activate the Billboard properties panel and add Text, Images and Videos. You can select from any FLV or F4V video that is already in the Portfolio or you can “choose” one from your disk that will be stored with the Billboard, meaning that it will appear only in the Billboard and not as an an item in the portfolio.

The Billboard will always appear the first time a user opens the Portfolio unless you deselect the “Show Billboard on Open” box in the Billboard properties panel. The user has the option of checking the box at the bottom right of the Billboard so that never shows it again.

Deep Folder Navigation: Folder contents display in the same layout as the root rather than the grid view as is the default. The behavior is similar to the behavior of Acrobat 9. You’ll see the folder path in the upper left of the layout. Click “Home” to get to the root of the Portfolio.

Simple Bar Theme: The SimpleBar theme is the first Flex theme I’ve created. It was designed as a learning tool for Flash Builder 4 developers and was intentionally very simple and clean. Other Flash themes and backgrounds can be imported into the Billboard layout.

How to Use this Portfolio Template:

  1. Download the Billboard Portfolio Template. The Billboard Portfolio Template is a PDF file with the Billboard layout already applied.
  2. Open "BillboardTemplate.pdf" in Adobe Acrobat X or higher.
  3. Press "Edit" in the Portfolio button bar at the top of the Acrobat user interface. The Billboard Properties Panel should be open.
  4. Remove the items in the default Billboard by selecting the object and pressing delete or "remove" in the properties panel.
  5. Add any text, images and video that you want to be part of your personalized Billboard
  6. Close the Billboard by clicking the close button inthe upper-right of the Billboard. (If you need to reopen it press the "Show Billboard" buton at the bottom-right of the layout)
  7. Click on any of the header objects to personalize the header with your own information.
  8. Use the Coor Palettes to adjust the colors to suit your needs.
  9. Save the file. You may want to also make it read-only so that you don’t over write your new template when you begin to add files.
  10. Add the files that you want by either dragging them into the Portfolio or using the Add Content Panel.
  11. If you do not want the Billboard to display when the user opens your new Portfolio, deselect "Show Billboard on Open" in the Billboard properties panel.
  12. Save your new Portfolio. In the future, open your new template that you saved in step 8 and you’ll only need to do steps 10 and 11.


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