Security Updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

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Security updates are now available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Adobe recommends users of Acrobat and Adobe Reader update their product installations to versions 9.1.1, 8.1.5, or 7.1.2 using the instructions located here to protect themselves from potential vulnerabilities. Adobe expects to make available Adobe Reader 7 and Acrobat 7 updates for Macintosh before the end of June.

UPDATE! – You can chain the updates by following the instructions from my earlier post. To add the 9.1.1 patch, add a semi-colon between the patches. Your patch line should look similar to the one below.


For those of you who disabled JavaScript during this window of exposure, these updates correct the vulnerability and you can now re-enable that functionality.

Enable JavaScript in Adobe Reader and Acrobat using the instructions below:
1. Launch Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
2. Select Edit>Preferences
3. Select the JavaScript Category
4. Check the ‘Enable Acrobat JavaScript’ option
5. Click OK