Every Registry Setting in Acrobat and Reader Demystified

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Introducing the Administrator’s Information Manager for Acrobat (AIM). This tool is designed to help enterprise administrators configure, deploy, and manage clients and workflows that leverage the PDF platform.

AIM contains the Preference Reference, a preference dictionary for Acrobat products. The Preference Reference for Acrobat and Adobe Reader is organized by preference path and name, and its structure is identical to the Windows registry. Each top level name is expanded into a user-friendly name. However, by using the Table of Contents, you can search by keyname, friendly name, or subfeature friendly name. The quick and full indices as well as the other pages should make needed information quickly accessible.

AIM allows you to customize your information through bookmarking, personal RSS feeds and links, and communication with administrators through forums. When AIM is updated, you will be automatically notified of those updates on application startup. Updating involves the silent install of new content and does not require reinstalling the application or running any background services.

Customize this application by adding and removing RSS feeds, links, and bookmarks. You will be automatically notified of content updates.

The current version of AIM includes:

  • Preference Reference for Acrobat and Adobe Reader: An in-progress database of configurable registry-level preferences that is updated regularly.
  • Preference Overview: Describes the data types, feature lockdown, and other details.
  • Feature Lockdown: A guide to locking features so that end users can’t change the settings.
  • Application Security Documentation: A guide to secure application configuration, including enhanced security, JavaScript controls, and other features.

Install the Administrator’s Information Manager for Acrobat