5 Free PDF Readers Compared by Duff Johnson

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In this latest edition of Talking PDF, Duff Johnson compares 5 PDF Readers. Guess who comes out on top! Now – obviously, on this blog, I wouldn’t link to an article that was, taken as a whole, negative – but in Duff’s disclosure he admits to being an occasional consultant to Adobe, among others, and then goes on to mention that his article is objective. I can personally attest to this statement as being true. Duff has (verbally) beaten me up on more than one occasion. He asks the hard questions, challenges me on Adobe’s priorities and won’t accept marketing spin for an answer. He also has been in this business long enough to know what to look for in reviewing PDF technology; he tests for issues that other reviewers probably don’t even know are issues – especially if you are in the government or a regulated industry. If you are thinking about deploying anything other than the Adobe Reader, read Duff’s article first – you’ll be glad you did.

REVIEW: 5 Free PDF Readers Compared