3D PDF Converter for Acrobat X Pro Available Now


Today, Tetra 4D, an Adobe partner, publicly announced the release of their 3D PDF Converter Software for Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Tetra 4D has updated the CAD formats that are supported to include CATIA V5R20 and Pro/E Wildfire 5.0, and fixed a number of bugs in the 3D PMI display. Also, this is the first plug-in to take advantage of the new user interface in Acrobat X Pro and Tetra 4D did a great job. All of the tools are much easier to find and use. Since the dialogs are nearly identical to the ones in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, experienced users will be up and running very quickly and new users should have a shorter learning curve because of the new UI.

Read the full press release
Download the trial version of 3D PDF Converter for Acrobat X Pro


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