Invitation to join in a brief survey with Forrester Research

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Adobe has commissioned Forrester Research to examine the total economic impact (TEI) and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises realize by deploying Adobe Acrobat X.

Forrester will conduct one hour phone interviews on Adobe‚Äôs behalf with our valued customers, who have started using Acrobat X. The results from these interviews will be aggregated and presented as a composite case study for Acrobat in a final report. Your name and your company’s name will not be published as a part of the report.

Participation criteria:

  • Your company is based in either US, Canada, Germany, UK, France or Japan
  • Your company has more than 1,000 employees
  • Your company has deployed a minimum of 20 seats of Acrobat X since January 2011 or earlier
  • You can speak to the IT ROI and end-user ROI that has been gained from Acrobat X
  • You are willing to be interviewed by Forrester Research over the phone for approximately 1 hour (2 hours if translation is necessary)
  • Other criteria decided by Adobe

There are three primary goals of this interview:

  • To understand your environment prior to deploying Acrobat X and your reasons for switching to Acrobat X
  • To understand your post-deployment experience with Acrobat X
  • To ascertain the overall costs and benefits of upgrading, deploying, operating, and managing Acrobat X

Please contact Akiko Yamamoto, if you would like to participate in this study.

In appreciation for your time, we will send a copy of the finished study in PDF via email and $200 AMEX Gift Card once the interview completes.

I believe you will find the results of this study beneficial.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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