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Adobe MAX is the place where technology and artistry converge. If you are a designer, developer, or business decision-maker, join us for the year’s most exciting exchange of ideas and inspiration.

There’s a lot of great sessions covering Acrobat this year. This year Lori DeFurio turns over the reins for her popular lab “I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That!” to Chris Converse and Patti Sokol, two MAX veterans that will have you leaving that lab actually saying “I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That!”. These labs fill up fast so register for MAX and sign up early.

You won’t want to miss the other sessions as well. Look for these in the scheduler.

I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That!
Roll up your sleeves and join us for a fun, interactive session about Adobe Acrobat. We’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of functionality guaranteed to open your mind to new ways to work with PDF and SWF or FLV together. You’ll leave with samples and templates and a better understanding of the potential of Acrobat.
Chris Converse & Patti Sokol
Tuesday, Oct 04, 12:30 PM
Monday, Oct 03, 12:45 PM

Acrobat for the Web Designer
Learn how to get PDF files to behave the way you and your readers want on the web. We’ll share best practices for helping to ensure that PDF files are easy to read, navigate, and access, as well as for making PDF files as streamlined as possible without losing quality.
Donna Baker
Tuesday, Oct 04, 8:30AM

Designing PDF Portfolio Layouts with Flash Builder 4
Learn about a new set of tools for developing PDF Portfolio layouts in Adobe Flash Builder 4. The PDF Portfolio Layout SDK and Flash Builder plug-in support the process of creating, debugging, and packaging these layouts. Clients will be amazed by the rich user experience you can create for assembling content and communications as part of your brand or design services.
Jason Pittenger
Tuesday, Oct 04, 2:30 PM

Sandboxing in Adobe Acrobat X and Reader X Description
Join Suchit Mishra, Acrobat lead security researcher, and Steve Gottwals, group product manager, as they help separate fact from fiction in the buzz around Adobe Acrobat X and Reader X security. We’ll outline the motivation behind Protected View and give a demonstration of the sandbox. We’ll discuss how Reader Protected Mode works and how it can protect end users from Internet attacks via malicious PDF files.
Suchit Mishra & Steve Gottwals
Wednesday, Oct 05, 1:30 PM

Automating Acrobat: Best Practices for using Actions and Scripting
Learn about the two mechanisms in Adobe Acrobat for automating tasks: JavaScript to enable hidden functionality and Actions for grouping multiple tasks into a single step. These two features can greatly improve workflow efficiency, reduce human error, and cut down on training time for employees who need to use these workflows. This session will cover the details of using JavaScript for Acrobat automation and creating guided Actions. We’ll include practical working examples.
Thom Parker
Schedule TBD

Pushing the Envelope with Interactive PDF from InDesign
Learn how to expand the possibilities for creating interactive PDF files using InDesign and a few special tricks with Acrobat X Actions. Standardize your InDesign templates and let the new guided Actions in Acrobat X do the heavy lifting by automating the addition of JavaScript and button actions to take your interactive documents to new levels.
Joel Geraci
(That’s me)

Schedule TBD

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