MAX 2011 Speaker Profiles: Thom Parker


Thom Parker of Windjack Solutions is back at
MAX this year and will be presenting “Automating Acrobat: Best Practices for using Actions and Scripting”. Thom has been involved with the Acrobat and PDF Community for quite a few years. In 2004, his company WindJack Solutions released its first Acrobat plug-in, PDF CanOpener, and followed that with two scripting related plug-ins AcroButtons and AcroDialogs in 2005. Thom is a prolific contributor in the user forums at, having answered thousands of questions since its inception. He has authored over 60 tutorials on a wide variety of Acrobat and PDF scripting topics for the site. Thom spends much of his time immersed in developing custom scripted solutions for clients spanning a broad spectrum of industries all over the globe, and providing custom on-line training in Acrobat and PDF scripting topics.

Thom and his company WindJack Solutions‘ latest effort is a new subscription web site,, that provides millions of Acrobat and PDF users on-line access to a comprehensive library of training videos, sample files, copy-n-paste scripts, and automation tools all focused on what can be accomplished with scripting in PDF files.

Thom is considered one of the worlds leading experts on Acrobat Scripting. He is a long time software developer who is deeply involved with the Acrobat and PDF community. He is a regular conference speaker, including speaking at Adobe MAX on various PDF programming topics.

Thom’s 60 minute session is only scheduled to be delivered once during MAX this year and seating is limited so sign up as soon as possible. In the MAX scheduler, look for this session.

Automating Acrobat: Best Practices for using Actions and Scripting
Learn about the two mechanisms in Adobe Acrobat for automating tasks: JavaScript to enable hidden functionality and Actions for grouping multiple tasks into a single step. These two features can greatly improve workflow efficiency, reduce human error, and cut down on training time for employees who need to use these workflows. This session will cover the details of using JavaScript for Acrobat automation and creating guided Actions. We’ll include practical working examples.
Thom Parker
Monday , Oct 03, 3:30 PM


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