Alert: Email phishing scams purport to offer new versions of Adobe products


Be cautious when receiving email messages purporting to offer a download of a new version of Adobe® Reader® or Acrobat® software sent by entities claiming to be Adobe. Many of these emails require recipients to register and/or provide personal information. Please be aware that these emails are not being sent by Adobe or on Adobe’s behalf.

If you receive any email offers asking you to download or purchase Reader 2011 or Acrobat 2011, please delete the email immediately without clicking any of the links. These are phishing scams aimed at distributing malicious software and illegally gathering personal information.

Adobe Reader, in particular, is free software available for download directly from the Reader download page on the Adobe website; it is not available in any other manner via download, including via email.

Adobe strongly recommends that users follow security best practices by installing the latest security updates as the best defense against those with malicious intent. The majority of attacks we see are exploiting software installations that do not have the latest security updates.

Note: While the vast majority of reports we receive on these email phishing scams reference Adobe Reader or Acrobat, on occasion we are seeing similar scams referring to other Adobe products, including Adobe Flash® Player software. Always exercise caution and follow security best practices when receiving emails from unknown or untrusted sources..



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