See Vee

Some have wondered aloud in the comments section on this and other blogs, if this blog is a Machiavellian ploy to dupe Linux users into believing that there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux. I certainly hope not as I would feel more foolish than anyone, given the amount of work I’ve been putting in so far to make Flash Player 9 work on Linux.

A few things you may care to know about me: I have been using Linux full time as my personal operating system since 1999. By 2000 I noticed that multimedia support was somewhat lacking. I did some multimedia homework and eventually started contributing to a few open source multimedia projects that you may have heard of, including xine, FFmpeg, and MPlayer (you can grep for my name in the source files).

Philosophically, I operate from the position that there is no technical reason that Linux can not have the same level of multimedia support as Windows or Mac OS.

In September, 2005, I happened upon Tinic’s blog post entitled “Porting the Flash Player to ‘alternative’ platforms” in which he mentioned in passing that Macromedia was looking for someone to port Flash Player to Linux. I applied for the job and now here I am.