Week In Review

Where we’re at (major end-user visible items):

  • Sound sounds great thanks to a new, 100% ALSA framework; look at that beautiful A/V sync!
  • Thanks to all the responses on Penguin Eyes; after trying 3 different webcams (it’s not like we don’t have loads laying around the office) I found one that works with the spca5xx driver (also, thanks to the Gentoo Portage system for making driver installation simple); one of the other cameras made my Linux machine crash; anyway, the webcam support works again in Linux Flash Player via Video4Linux (API v1)
  • ActionScript 3.0 engine runs

Quick question: Does anyone know why the bcm5700 network driver, GPL-licensed and available for download from HP, is not included in the Linux kernel? Long story but, wow, it would sure help our development process if it was.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that this has been a big week in Flash-land. Flash Player 9 is officially released for Windows and MacOS X/PPC. Further, MacOS X/Intel Flash Player was released as beta this week.

Flash Player 9 for Linux is still… in process.