Bedraggled Earlobe Hammer

Before today, I was not really aware of what Digg is. I’m still not entirely sure what it is, but I now know what it’s not: A credible news source. As a countermeasure to recent events, the titles of my blog posts will now be groups of random words that I pull from those spam emails which try to confuse Bayesian filters. I can’t wait to see the Digg posts about Adobe hammering bedraggled earlobes.

Following up on yesterday’s issues, remember that Flash does things that are not strictly multimedia related. All the multimedia stuff — the A/V output, the A/V input — we have that pretty well nailed down, though it does pop back up every so often. The problem that had me stopped was unrelated to audio or video. I’m not going to re-hash the details because it’s extremely tedious and because I have already spent the last 2 days explaining it to anyone who would listen.

I came up with a solution. So I am back in today to implement it, since I basically lost all of yesterday to my main dev box. Yeah, I finally fixed that too, and without having to jump distros.

A word about distribution loyalty: Everyone has their favorite distro, and that’s fine. I believe that all distributions have their place. I’ve been through lots of distributions, including Slackware, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, even Linux From Scratch. I’ve settled on Gentoo as it suits my needs and my habits best. And there’s no way I want to take the time to learn the idiosyncrasies of another distro in the middle of this project. That said, we do expect the Linux Flash Player to work reliably on a wide diversity of (x86-based) Linux distributions and plan to test it with that in mind. Further, different team members are using different distros. At the very least we have Gentoo, Fedora Core, and Ubuntu in the mix and even that limited diversity has helped us shake out some bugs.