Things are not going so swell right now, at least for my development tasks. My favored Linux distribution — which I previously claimed rarely fails me — failed me. I may need to shop around for another distribution soon (perhaps along the lines of Mac OS X or Windows).

Though we have been diligently working towards getting all of the Linux features in line with the Windows and Mac counterparts, we have been hitting some capability walls. I.e., there are some standard facilities and APIs that Windows and Mac operating systems provide to applications that Linux simply doesn’t. To be sure, it’s not that Linux can’t do XYZ, it’s that there are so many ways to do XYZ. And forget about making these different methods interoperate where conducive. To answer anticipated objections, we don’t have the prerogative to pick and choose which Flash features go into the Linux version; it’s basically all or nothing. To address further objections, “Adobe isn’t open sourcing the Player at this time.”

Though many of the Flash 8 and 9 features are in place now, the Linux Flash Player currently crashes. A lot. I have yet to make it through one full minute of a video when I try to partake of the erudite entertainment at YouTube. On the plus side, the pre-crash A/V sync is outstanding.

Undaunted, the ragtag Linux Flash team presses forth…