Coarse Detail

I was continually poking at a major Flash site this morning to make sure yesterday’s bugs were flushed out. Then I tested some more YouTube videos. Flash was performing well, and quickly. I realized that I had not seen a crash all day. I then lost interest in YouTube after it occurred to me that the handful of videos I have been trying to watch in their entirety for awhile now all play perfectly from start to finish. I cruised over to MySpace and Flash stuff worked well over there too.

Even an impromptu test of some Flex 2 applications — handy UI widgets built on top of Flash, a.k.a. rich internet applications — works fine.

What I’m saying here is that we are having a lot of success at the high level– general functionality with major, popular, Flash-based sites. What we are turning our attention to now is to make sure all of the fine details and specific features are 100% correct. We have a gargantuan number of internal tests to validate that every little part of the Flash Player works correctly. When one of these tests fails (as a number of them currently do), it is considerably simpler to fix that test than to wait for the problem to manifest in a much larger SWF in the wild.