Coarse Detail

I was continually poking at a major Flash site this morning to make sure yesterday’s bugs were flushed out. Then I tested some more YouTube videos. Flash was performing well, and quickly. I realized that I had not seen a crash all day. I then lost interest in YouTube after it occurred to me that the handful of videos I have been trying to watch in their entirety for awhile now all play perfectly from start to finish. I cruised over to MySpace and Flash stuff worked well over there too.

Even an impromptu test of some Flex 2 applications — handy UI widgets built on top of Flash, a.k.a. rich internet applications — works fine.

What I’m saying here is that we are having a lot of success at the high level– general functionality with major, popular, Flash-based sites. What we are turning our attention to now is to make sure all of the fine details and specific features are 100% correct. We have a gargantuan number of internal tests to validate that every little part of the Flash Player works correctly. When one of these tests fails (as a number of them currently do), it is considerably simpler to fix that test than to wait for the problem to manifest in a much larger SWF in the wild.

20 Responses to Coarse Detail

  1. lightsaber says:

    Any idea when you will have a release candidate or a beta for us to test?

  2. Brad Wyman says:

    I’m sure the instant he can finaly say “beta available for download” it will be in big bold print that can’t be missed, and it will be all over the linux comunity like wild fire. Can we all stop asking the question now?

  3. Joe Buck says:

    My daughter will thank you to make sure that the games at and play properly.

  4. Hey Mike,Sign me up as an early tester for Flash 9 / Linux. 😉

  5. Fred F. says:

    I can second that thought Joe. If there is ONE thing that would make me install Windows XP in a partition is my daughter asking for, AND

  6. kenneth says:

    wow, is there any code reuse between windows and linux? I’d hope to hear some comment on how much this renewed effort on linux will help with the next gen of flash. I’m imagining if flash for linux could ever pass the QA before windows?Great work, btw. I’m glad to see that the lack of commenting was only temporary

  7. Shea McCombs says:

    I’m not really sure how to word this, but I have noticed that the current flash player (7) seems to be substantially less cpu-friendly when doing certain things. The foremost issue I have run across becomes apparent when I use pandora ( to play music using the flash player. It eats up all of my CPU time while playing music, and appears to really cause issues for any other running apps (not blaming the process scheduler, or anything, since I have no data).Could this be a flash system, such as some streaming or decoding portion of Flash7 for linux, which is behaving sub-par? Or could it be some specific driver I am using? I guess my real question is — is this a known issue, or is it just me?Other flash sites which appear to stream audio as well as videowork just fine in regards to playing nice with other processes. I do, of course, have the traditional audio sync problem.-shea

  8. Kudos for the great work!Can’t wait to see the Linux version finally catching up with the Windows version!I’m also confident that your success will serve as an example to be followed inside Adobe. We want more well-polished Adobe apps running on Linux! 🙂

  9. Scott Williams says:

    So.. if it runs most things, why not put a beta out there now? It would benefit you in that now you would have hundreds of people checking for real world problems and expediate a more glorious final release.

  10. dhasenan says:

    Shea: Yes, it’s not just you; I get about 20% CPU usage whenever Flash is running, regardless of whether the Flash application is doing anything. It maxes at around 60% CPU usage for me on a P4 3.2GHz and about the same on an Athlon XP 2800.No matter, though; at least the audio won’t get out of sync now. That was my biggest complaint; does a processor good to get some exercise.

  11. Great to see that Adobe is finnaly showing some love to Linux :-)Can we expect further efforts? We will see another Adobe/Macromedia products ported to Linux?A FreeHand port would be awesome!

  12. Tommi Penttinen says:

    I am sure I’m not alone in my long wait for the Flash update for Linux. I am happy to see the project is progressing and wish to thank all the fine folks for their efforts. Adobe deserves credit for “treating Linux as a first-class operating system in supporting the Flash platform”. Of course, all we Linux users have at the moment are promises and progress reports.. I hope you make good on those promises. Best wishes, Tommi. P.S. My need for a 64 bit version will also be reported through your wish form.

  13. bob says:

    Get v9 out into beta ASAP with recommendation that it’s not for every day use. PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS … loads of us are well used to using alphas and betas.Hell, I’m usually using the test version of ubuntu weeks after the newest stable versions out, with the stable one left available in case it ever gets too broken.At least by having betas and maybe even nightlies (or even just a random sequence of stable builds) flash will be 1/2 way between a closed and open source product.

  14. virtualuk says:

    The new release of the flash player can’t come quick enough, it’s killing me here at work, I have to use a win machine just because of one stupid f*#!$ dialog which happens to be compiled for flash 8.Please make them stop laughing at me, I cry at night in my sleep from the taunting :))

  15. Luke says:

    I find that YouTube works flawlessly Flash 7 in Firefox for Windows (under WINE, thanks to a lack of support for 64-bit). However, Google Video’s performance is horrendous.

  16. Shea McCombs says:

    Also, yes, I am with Tommi in my gratitude toward Adobe in their recent linux support. As a new linux convert (ex-win/unix) and 11 year photoshop user, I am more than elated to see Adobe beginning to treat linux as a real operating system, despite its past — and still current — ‘inconsistent’ nature. I really believe it is a worthwhile endeavor, and you have my patience.

  17. Have you tried testing games? If not, the site xGen Studios (I’ve not linked because I don’t want to be spam-filtered) is a great place.Their recent games utilize a lot of the advanced features of Flash 8, including network play, efficiently animating loads of stuff, and all sorts of vector animation tricks.

  18. jla says:

    I hope the leading vendor of electronic music Beatport will work with the new player. Apparently they don’t want my money in the meantime, because now they require Flash 8 so I can’t access the site.

  19. Maybe test with Goowy? I put it under the url for my name….ooo and make sure to test with pandora music jukebox….they both utilize many advanced features of flash such as Flash communications server acccess…music playback…HTML embedding within flash…file transfer…etc…That…and I wanna get those to work on Linux 😉

  20. ccs4ever says:

    I can’t wait for the new release, beta or otherwise. I don’t know how many may be experiencing this problem but since about a week ago I have been unable to hear sound off of any flash animation I have encountered, ie. Youtube. I had gotten used to the a/v synch issues, which seemed ot mostly clear up by, but this is just a nightmare.Please hurry!