Side Job

Hey, how are you? I’m doing okay, I guess. Notwithstanding the fact that I have a new job related to my Linux Flash Player development duties– watching YouTube videos all day.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Make it stop!!

Actually, it’s not so bad once you find one or two videos that you can stand to watch again and again and again and again and again, and that crash fairly reliably under the experimental Linux Flash Player. The process has been rather beneficial and has helped us squash several rather fundamental bugs related to the overall stability of the Linux version.

After we are satisfied that YouTube videos are solid, it will be time to move onto MySpace, which I know only by reputation thus far.

53 Responses to Side Job

  1. matteo says:

    Can you release such plugin as an alpha pre-pre-pre-release version?

  2. DarkMageZ says:

    you’ll be finding more than just flash player bugs when you start testing myspace…it would be nice to have an alpha release soon.

  3. ClΓ‘udio Pinheiro says:

    Hmmmmm…What about freeing this “developer edition” to some selected outsiders and set a bug tracker (bugzilla or whatever) so _lots_ of people could generate proper feedback These “chosen ones” could fill bug reports after logging in the bugtrack page with their personal IDs provided by Adobe?I don’t know how much code the win32 and linux versions share, neither if you have some sort of automated tests / regression tests procedures, but user feedback can help a lot (I’m talking as a free software developer I am). This sinergy between the developer team and the users is great and help both: developers get more info about bugs and corner cases sooner, and adventurous users can use bleeding edge software and benefit from using it. The number of bug reports would not be big because of the limited number of bugtrack accounts, and if the beta version spreads out it will not be a problem at all, because of the “beta” tag. The stable plugin is already offered as an “as is, no warranties” software, and so would be the beta. Other big-name companies already released software this way, so it’s not a new procedure.Think about it.

  4. Ugh testing MySpace sounds like hell. At least with YouTube you can watch The Daily Show and assorted Adult Swim cartoons.MySpace is just a great expanse of suck.

  5. Bloody says:

    If you’re testing youtube, you’ve at least got to test AskANinja and those Japanese girls making their own version of Numa Numa (they sing noma noma instead so it’s really funny because it means drink drink [beer]). Yay beer!

  6. Paul Handly says:

    The flash player public release, beta or otherwise, will be made when the developers feel that the player stands to gain more from public feedback than it loses. So let Mike and Co. work through their TODO list, and we’ll see a release When It’s Ready.Much as we’d all like to get WHATEVER they have and play with it, the code will not be released until it reaches a certain point, and we’re not there yet. Hopefully we’ll get there soon.

  7. thetictacaddict says:

    It’s great to hear that you’re making progress on the player, and I hope you tell us your MySpace name so I can add you!Uh oh, I just logged into MySpace to find a notice that they are moving to Flash 9. Better hurry up.Actually, that probably makes it a good place for testing.

  8. BobSnopes says:

    Vimeo would be good to test too, they use Flash 8 video, instead of Flash 7 as on YouTube.

  9. Anonymous says:

    While you’re on there, may I recommend Whose Line is it Anyway? never gets boring.How’s Homestar Runner for ya?

  10. Cerberusss says:

    move onto MySpace, which I know only by reputation thus far.Of course, only by reputation πŸ™‚

  11. Great news that you’ve got this far along !Keep up the good work, really looking forward to a release now πŸ™‚

  12. Nadir says:

    Hi, I’m Nadir and I’m working for Dailymotion ( work on Ubuntu and experience all the flash issues on Linux (especially the sound desync). That would be really great if you could release an alpha version(a big part of the Dailymotion devteam would be glad to test it). You can also do your tests on our site, we would be very interested to know if our player behaves well.

  13. Robin says:

    Good to hear the progress update, cheers. However, I don’t think there’s any need to have it working with MySpace. I know I won’t be complaining if by crashing, it makes the experience of hitting a myspace URL that much better πŸ˜‰

  14. toastie says:

    I dare you to test it on myHeavy, their player is crazy complex!

  15. n3ldan says:

    Have you actually got webcams working?Because that would be sweet.You should test it live on

  16. RQ says:

    uh… So it works already… That’s great!And you know… Youtobe used to crash my FlashPlayer7 on my Ubuntu (until I left myself flashless), so I guess this crashing isn’t that new. πŸ˜‰ If you fix that, you’re great! ;)Keep up the good work!

  17. redeye says:

    So what libraries are being used in development version (sound/video backends)?

  18. Arren Lex says:

    @Nadir, try the following:# apt-get install aoss# nano /etc/asound.conf-> Copy and paste the following into it:pcm.card0 {type hwcard 0mmap_emulation true}pcm.!output {type dmixipc_key 1234ipc_key_add_uid 1slave {pcm “card0″period_time 0period_size 1024buffer_size 8192rate 44100}bindings {0 01 1}}pcm.!input {type dsnoopipc_key 4321ipc_key_add_uid 1slave {pcm “card0″period_time 0period_size 1024rate 44100}}pcm.!duplex {type asymplayback.pcm “output”capture.pcm “input”}pcm.!default {type plugslave.pcm “duplex”}pcm.!dsp0 {type plugslave.pcm “duplex”}ctl.!mixer0 {type hwcard 0}# nano /etc/firefox/firefoxrc-> Change FIREFOX_DSP=”none” to FIREFOX_DSP=”aoss”.# /etc/init.d/alsa-utils force-reloadRestart firefox.Fixed sound sync on Ubuntu Dapper for me.

  19. Lars Goldschlager says:

    Another site to use for tests can be the new for which a friend works for. They also use flash 8/9 so it should help test new stuff.

  20. Steven Hilton says:

    So, how am I going to send you a case of your favorite beer when the player if finally released?Thanks!

  21. Chris says:

    Testing Myspace could take to next year, with all the javascript jive those emo folk tend to put on their page. I wouldn’t mind one bit if some one couldn’t have their pet spider because of a little error in the Flash 9 linux player.Be sure to test Google Videos as well.

  22. rk says:

    You might want to give a try at some point. They have written an entire video editing suite in Flash. Should be a nice little stress test of your build.

  23. Ygor Lemos says:

    A question for Mike… (not about release dates…)Mike, I wanna know if you take some things in consideration regarding the release of the new Flash Plugin…1.) The compatibility with Firefox 2 as it is scheduled to be released yet this year and provides some extra functionalities for plugins as it use a whole new version of Gecko Engine.2.) Resolve the issues of Flash presentation (perhaps you need to solve this with some guys ate Mozilla), when I say “presentation issues”, I mean the problems like Flash is always on top of everything (for instance you cannot add a div on top of a swf today without a bunch of ugly css/dom hacks), and also the possibility to define a z-index for a flash animation (and the flash obey the z-index position) throught css.I think that the 2nd item is extremely important for all webdevelopes/webdesigners, as it is a common problem today for developers.Also, you’ve checked the compatibility with msttcorefonts and the linux ttf fonts to solve the text display issues? It commonly happens on debian as I previously said on another post comment.About printing???Thanks and keep the good workin’

  24. lunarcloud says:

    redeye… i would like to thank you greatly. until this flash 9 awesomeness (check for debugging) this will keep me satisfied. A/V sync gooness!!!!

  25. Thanks to Arren Lex for suggesting changes to the asound conf file. However, wouldn’t it be better or safer to just add it to a user’s .asoundrc. Actually I never had to do that to the alsa file, I only changed the line in the firefoxrc file to “aoss” after installing alsa-oss. Maybe that helps for multiple sound cards?To Mike Melanson: Thanks for your efforts to bring us Flash 9. Even though Adobe won’t open source the flash player, at least it opened up discussion.

  26. I recommend (check the games too, especially if the key commands work, they do in Firefox but not in Konqueror), Weebl’s Place (to make sure the Badgers, and Magical Trevor work). For youtube look up Chad Vader, any Daily Show stuff, Mac ads, documentaries (idk… great white sharks?), MadTv. I think you may need some kind of nutrional supplement to counteract on the brain cell destroying videos there, maybe ginseng or gingko or something. For Myspace, stick to the music or video profiles. See if purevolume player works. Will adobe ever make a linux shockplayer?

  27. Arren Lex says:

    @drycellbattery:On my old 1.6GHz Pentium 4 box with old hardware, running Debian Sarge\Etch, changing the firefoxrc file to “aoss” fixed the problem. On this new machine, though, running Kubuntu Dapper, I had to mess with the asoundrc file to make it sync. I suppose it depends on your sound card. Feel free to put it in your home directory: ~/.asoundrc@lunarcloud:Name of poster is below the post =P redeye asked the library question. I posted the sounc sync fix suggestion. You’re welcome, though.

  28. Just make sure it works under all major web-browsers.For instance, the current Flash Player doesn’t handle fullscreening under Konqueror too well (talking about YouTube)

  29. Christopher Lees says:

    It also might be a good idea to look at the personal videos on It probably wouldn’t be a good stress-test of the Flash player, but it sure is funny to see all the girls waving and tossing their hair and sticking their tongues out on webcam πŸ™‚

  30. Michael says:

    I also would like it if you looked into the second problem rk brought up. This problem is easily found on Adobe’s home page.Also, be sure to check out “General Bart” on YouTube. (The one that hasn’t been deleted yet.) I guarantee it’ll give you nightmares with the intro song alone.

  31. Chris says:

    I don’t quite get why the webcam side of Flash is high priority, and microphone as well. Can anyone actually give an example of the webcam usage? I remember in the days of Flash 6? when the webcam and microphone classes first surfaced, and that was the only time when I actually saw some one use the webcam functionality in the player. I would be content with a player with no webcam functions sooner than I would a player with extra functionality that I will never use.

  32. @Chris: Adobe shouldn’t release a Linux Flashplayer until it’s fully compatible with existing content, and does the same as the Flashplayers on osx and windows. It isn’t extra functionality, it’s standard functionality. Adobe Breeze has features that use the webcam/mic and I don’t think they will release a Flashplayer that isn’t compatible with their own products, and that’s good because theyre obviously not the only ones using that functionality..

  33. championchap says:

    I fully reccomend testing it out on the worlds largest flash portal, Newgrounds.comTry out a few of the top 50’s and front paged flashes on there.the game Dad n Me should prove to be a good test as far as code goes, and for testing animation.. look up the yuyu.

  34. k. lewitz says:

    Hey, I have a question regarding fonts and Flash for Linux :)Will version 9 use fontconfig to do its font-matching or will it be the same mess as with Flash 7, where there seems to be no way around installing ghostscript fonts to get text to display on many sites? :s

  35. Ygor Lemos says:

    To “Mike Melanson”: Wanna a good “stress-test” for the flash player?Try Goowy at’m sure that they use plenty of Action Script and Flash widgets that will help you to test some things… also I rememver to see some Flash 9 on a Car’s demo video, I don’t remember where, I think it is Toyota site…Cheers and Good Luck!

  36. riaan says:

    where can i download this flash player 9 for linux?

  37. Try watching and zdnet videos. They also crash fantastically and will even crash the browser.

  38. Juan Pablo Santos says:

    Flash player for Linux is not released yet! you can’t download!

  39. General Anonymous says:

    I wonder which will come first, the next version of the Flash player for Linux or Duke Nukem Forever for Linux?Or will the next version of the Flash player for Linux come just as a new version of the Flash player comes for Windows?Sigh, I wish every piece of software was open source.

  40. ro says:

    better release when its ready. this is a closed source project right? because if it sucks a lot of people will not even try again.

  41. Norman says:

    Please make sure Stickam works, if you can!I use Stickam all the time, I want to continue using it after I upgrade.

  42. NK says:

    You’re gonna love myspace, I swear.

  43. TTimo says:

    A bit sad that even at Adobe Flash is seen as “mostly for playing YouTube videos”. Where are all the cool web games and crazy webpage effects πŸ˜‰

  44. Matt says:

    Well yeah, but does it run in linux?

  45. Stoffe says:

    A nice example on someone who took the easy and future-proof route:

  46. dagi3d says:

    would’nt it be better to check ‘really’ web sites made with flash 8?. I mean web sites that uses the flash 8 actionscript features like the drawing api, the image effects etc.

  47. lars says:

    I was all excited to see that Google Analytics was available to the public now and added it to my site. Then I saw that its interface won’t work with Flash 7.Hooray!I know you guys are working on Flash for Linux, and I’m a bitter complainer, but it’s becoming pretty painful for us out here. I’ll just add another cry (which will likely be ignored) for an alpha or beta soon…

  48. Sheesh Already says:

    This is a copy of my message sent to Adobe from here: to clear up some options above as your form does not list them… My operating system is Linux, not Others, my browser is Firefox not Others.I’m trying to view websites that use Flash 8. Much of the content does not work properly as the only version for Linux is 7 as I can find on I would like to upgrade to flash 8 to view the content on the Internet on sites such as youtub, myspace, many movie websites, etc.I’ve found the Linux development blog located at From what I can see there is some effort by ONE employee to release a new Linux version of the flash player.Now I really can’t do anything about any of this, even if the situation isn’t aagreeable with me — Adobe producing a product, getting developers to use it, not supporting the viewer on all platforms, making the web not standards based and harder for people to use… What I would like to know is why when selling Flash Professional 8, Adobe clearly states that it supports Unix? On the Flash Professional 8 web page located at under the section “Why Flash Professional 8” sub section “Build once, deliver anywhere” the operating systems listed as supported Windows, Macintosh, Unix, PDAs and even cell phones. Note Unix is listed yet not supported for Flash 8.Given that all developers of Flash Professional 8, via Adobe advertising, believe support for Unix is included are doing so incorrectly I as an end user of Flash wold like a release of Flash Player 8 for Linux to be made within a reasonable amount of time. If this requires the hiring of additional Unix developers, so be it. Adobe has clearly stated the Flash is ALREADY supported under Unix.Frustrated,

  49. Travis K says:

    it saddens me, but the Miami Dolphins site is now Flash 8+ only and I cannot see it.NOOOOOOOO

  50. James C says:

    Daily… hourly… we lose another large site…

  51. Ther looking at the AMV Hell 3 video – an hour of hellishiy bad entertainment. A real endurance stress test, it will also give you time to look at memory leaks if any.

  52. said absiyeh says:

    i have a problem with my flash player, when i went on youtube the vidoes work but then one day i said i need to get a knew flash player or i had a older verson of javascript .So i got flash player 9 but it still said the same thing, so i kept on downloading the new flash player but it still didn’t work , I NEED HELP PLEASE[ Make sure the new file is in the right place, and that there are no copies of of v7 of laying around on your system. -Mike M. ]