In the interest of maintaining some transparency translucency through this process, I would like to report that things are going well. As a higher-up expressed in a recent status report, the Linux dev people have managed to fix a ton of bugs, while the QA folks have uncovered just over a ton of bugs. So rather than blogging, the focus has been on fixing specific bugs ferreted out by hammering against our massive test suite while learning even more about Flash in the process (“A SWF can create custom context menu items bound to keyboard accelerators? Seriously?”).

In other news, a beta of Flash Player for Windows Vista is available for download and testing.

There is chatter about an impending beta release of the Linux Flash Player. I’m not allowed to confirm or deny any dates. But the Flash Player project manager mentioned, “QE has not skipped a beat and is starting the beta certification of the Linux player which will go live on Adobe Labs when it passes the certification tests.” The optimist Ryan Stewart predicted earlier this week that he expects the beta to go live next week, but later revised the estimate to 2 weeks.

James Ward posted a juicy screenshot of Flash Player 9 on Linux running a Flex app. That made him happy. His post was so upbeat that the first couple of times I skimmed it I completely missed the part about “there are still frequent browser crashes”. I took exception. That was our state a few months ago (“the Linux Flash Player currently crashes. A lot.”). But I expect the crashes to be very few and far between at this juncture. When pressed on the matter, he conceded that crashes weren’t actually that frequent anymore. And that made me happy.

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  1. jckdnk111 says:

    This is all well and good … we’re all itching for a beta. Just be sure your website is ready for the impending slashdot :-)Thanks for the update.

  2. Jared Sutton says:

    You like to toy with us Linux users, don’t you?

  3. rmjb says:

    Hey thanks for the update. The fact that the beta for Vista is already out wont go down well with the usual crowd that comments here tho.*Eagerly awaiting Flash 9 for Linux*- rmjb

  4. Harry Bock says:

    Very very nice. I’m excited πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for all your (plural) hard work on this project!I’m very much looking forward to the beta release.

  5. CJ says:

    Fantastic news! Keep up all the hard work, it’s great to hear that there’s been a lot of progress on this. Hopefully soon I can catch up on all the Flash 8 content I’ve been missing out on. πŸ™‚

  6. Arren Lex says:

    Yay! Some almost new information, some ambiguous third-hand beta dates, and a few vague warnings! πŸ™‚ This made my day.

  7. michal says:

    Nice to hear you are making progress, people. I dream about playing flash games at without booting to Windows or using wine (this solution often does not work), now I hope the dream will come true πŸ™‚

  8. Jack says:

    Good luck to continue.

  9. The italian linux community thanks you for the good work…go on…Fra

  10. John says:

    Let’s not forget how much the current ‘stable’/out there release of flash 7 crashes our browsers. This beta will seem less like a beta and more like a finished product eh?

  11. Kevin says:

    Your doing so well, keep up the great work, can’t wait to get rid of those annoying ‘You need FP 8’ screens!

  12. Merik says:

    Very incouraging indeed. Can you guys confirm that a standalone player will be available as weel as a browser plugin.Keep up the good work.

  13. CoolGoose says:

    These are great news. I can’t wait flash 9 for linux so i can play youtube πŸ˜›

  14. Subhuman says:

    I am looking forward to finally being on par with Windows users when it comes to flash. If i had a pound for every time I see “you need the newest version of Flash” I’d be a wealthy man…But the moment I can get Flash 9 – beta or not – sign me up!

  15. beeman says:

    Keep it up guys! (The good work i mean… ;))I’m almost dying to see the version 9 player on my workstation… πŸ™‚

  16. Anchorman says:

    Thanks Mike for the constant updates. Can’t wait to get my hands on this baby.

  17. 1c3d0g says:

    Good, good. As I said in the other posts, keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll see something sooner rather than later.

  18. Mr. Burns says:

    Excellent! *rubs hands*

  19. Phy says:

    Crashes less now, eh? That’s good.

  20. Javier says:

    Thanks Adobe for this pluggin !

  21. Joe Zeiler says:

    Why is there a beta for Vista which isn’t even released yet, and no downloadable and testable beta for Linux.Absolute crap.Good day.

  22. n3ldan says:

    Woohoo, first post.Give us the beta!

  23. Jim says:

    Finally! I have been waiting for this for a long time! After wading though an ever-increasing amount of sites that tell me: “You need flash 8”, “You need flash 9”, “You need to upgrade your flash”; I may finally be able to use those sites and have a few of those annoying bugs, like flash covering over everything else, disappear!I can’t wait!

  24. shan says:

    The likely event for such an announcement would be at Adobe’s MAX conference in Vegas, Oct 24-26.They waited to launch Flex 2 at the CF United conference earlier this year.

  25. bob i says:

    I’m really,really looking forward to this! It’ll beWONDERFUL!!

  26. Jerry says:

    It is really cool that flash 9 for linux is moving along. I can’t wait to test it when the public test version comes out.

  27. vrunner says:

    Hmm, October 9th.. next 2 weeks = 14 days.. = 23rd.. Today is the 14th..9 days to go ! Wooot !

  28. Flash13 (No relation) says:

    If that estimate is on track, I can’t wait for the beta. I’ve been dieing without a regular Flash injection.The time has been long and hard. I’m fairly new to linux, and one of the things as a ex windows user I miss, is swatting flys, kick balls and then commenting on certian portal sites about how bad they are :P. Good to see I don’t have long to wait.Adventure quest, here I come! (again)

  29. TonyB says:

    great news

  30. That all sounds good. I just discovered that the latest yahoo maps require flash > 7.What about 64 bits support ? Last news was in July: once 9 beta for Linux is out, you could give an update on 64 bits native support ? Thanks

  31. riaan says:

    eish man, seriously, why no dates? like WTF? and pasting a link to the vista demo when EVERYONE who vist this blog is ACTUALLY interested in the linux flash player (still version 7).If this happened in the company I work for there would be people asking some serious concerns :\anyway, your not working for the FBI, give a release date, and stick to it, commit to it, surely your not that clueless about your own work?

  32. Keep up the good work. Looks like Flash Player 9 on Linux is progressing nicely.

  33. Some Guy says:

    I don’t care if Adobe has no plans to open source Flash Player, adobe is a disgusting company and I hope to see it go under. I will continue to tell them The Right Thing to do until they do it. I don’t care if they are sick of hearing it, and it is NOT OFF-TOPIC. It’s the only topic you should be concerned with.

  34. Thank you for the update.Waiting for a new flash player on linux for a long time now.Will love to test this beta.P.

  35. tony says:

    as much as i despise flash…. it is required to continue converting my friends and family over from the dark side. thanks adobe.

  36. Rob H. says:

    I hope you guys will please include the Linux Flash 9 player when you release the retail copy of “Flash 9 Studio” whenever that comes out.At least put a picture of the Penguin on the back side of the box.Thanks

  37. brrrq says:

    I just can not wait to see what our company’s corebusiness is all about …. finally7 days, no sleep till ..

  38. Mark Hunting says:

    That would be strange, releasing the beta player at MAX 2006 conference. Are you at Adobe really happy with the fact that after ignoring the Linux Flash player for years you still can’t offer anything more that a beta player? It’s not something to celebrate at all.

  39. arrrg... says:

    “In the interest of maintaining some transparency translucency through this process…”What translucency? The process still seem quite opaque to me. We get no dates for even a beta release. Lets not talk of even a final release. So, you mean translucency as in “Clear as Mud”?

  40. Maimon Mons says:

    I was wondering if the people at adobe would be agreeable to adding flash to the standard repositories on the various linux distributions.It would be great if it was in the Canonical non-free repository for Ubuntu, for instance.

  41. roberg says:

    keep up the good work! i’m really looking forward to the beta.

  42. Joe Bloggs says:

    Now this is why they should have open-sourced the Vista plugin development process: if they had, it could have been *properly* sabotaged, so that the Linux plugin would come out first.

  43. Crispibits says:

    The thing I find quite sad is that people actually feel the *need* for a flash9 player, to the extent of saying things like ‘I’m almost dying for the next version’. OK, so it’s quite nice every now and then to hear the fan kick in on your laptop, and to watch your battery disappear as you encounter a flash laden site, but this gap has meant that a lot of Linux developers have been able to spend a little longer looking at better, more Open alternatives. Well done Mike for your hard work in the face of all the American script kiddies whining on this forum, but also well done Adobe for giving everyone a bit of time to think a bit harder about things like DHTML/Ajax etc… πŸ™‚

  44. jimbojr says:

    no date means they are going to keep saying every few weeks from now until mid-’07 that they were just not quite able to put out a beta because of some scary bugs or some compatibility problems or a surprise dependancy on firefox 2.0 or something stupid. thanks for the vista beta!

  45. Kelly says:

    Any chance of working on the licensing so that the new Linux Flash Player can be run on other operating systems with a Linux emulation mode? Like say, FreeBSD? FreeBSD’s Linux emulation runs Flash 7 Player just fine, but the licensing forbids you from actually using it…

  46. FrΓ©dΓ©ric L. W. Meunier says:

    And now I can’t even read a newspapper (O Globo, Brazil) because it started requiring Flash >= 8.I hope you make this beta available ASAP, because it’s a pain to launch VMware for this. I also tried with IEs4Linux but it’s much slower.

  47. Tuttle says:

    Hi, I hope this does actually see the light of day.. been waiting for months and months…Thanks for all the hard work.

  48. Paul says:

    Kelly, I recall reading a few months ago on this blog that the licensing for Flash 7 was changed to remove the “allowed operating systems” text and make FreeBSD legal. No doubt Flash 9 will have the same license fix. A quick google shows a freebsd page mentioning “a licensing issue that has now been resolved.”As for lack of release date complaints, I also recall that the stated goal has been for the final release to be in early 2007. Sounds like they’re still on track for that.

  49. Fanastic news Mike, you’re doing great work there! I can’t wait to get my hands on this and try it out. If you need beta testers, you know where to find me. :).

  50. Mike Kelp says:

    Great news! I appreciate you keeping us up even though there wasn’t much to say. It helps that you just remind us you’re still on it every now and then.The progress sounds great and I’ll look forward to considering flash / flex for more cross-platform projects when they are there.Mike.

  51. C Snover says:

    In all seriousness, you’re doing a fine job and I’m sure you’re working hard to get Flash 9 for Linux released, but really, what business does the release of Flash for Vista have on a Flash for Linux blog — except to rub it in everyone’s face that Linux is STILL being treated as a second-class OS by Adobe?

  52. Andrew Moore says:

    Any chance that you guys are timing this with release of Ubuntu Edgy Eft.

  53. J Nobbe says:

    I for one am very happy to see how the flash 9 plugin is coming along. I must say that I cannot wait to end the embarrasment of flash 7 partially, or not at all working on websites (I’m talking about when around Win/Mac people) it has to be one of the most embarrassing “I switched to linux and it looks like nothing works” moments. As for the whole open source thing, thats Adobes prerogative… at least it’s free… if you want to do something, then convince people to stop making websites with flash (fat chance thats gonna happen anytime soon). Otherwise… how about an IDE next???

  54. Jetpeach says:

    i definitely second the comment about flash beta being available for vista. that’s completely lame, please spare me reports on how great progress is on all the M$ operating systems…

  55. Bastiaan says:

    Do you know if the wmode feature will be supported in this release? More and more sites use menus that appear behind the flash movie. This makes a lot of sites un-usable by default (yes I know how to disable flash, but a lot of people don’t and shouldn’t)

  56. roLegal says:

    keep up the good work! i’m really looking forward to the beta.

  57. Catalin says:

    I always hate using flash, even sometimes client want that.Let’s see how it’s working beta.