In the interest of maintaining some transparency translucency through this process, I would like to report that things are going well. As a higher-up expressed in a recent status report, the Linux dev people have managed to fix a ton of bugs, while the QA folks have uncovered just over a ton of bugs. So rather than blogging, the focus has been on fixing specific bugs ferreted out by hammering against our massive test suite while learning even more about Flash in the process (“A SWF can create custom context menu items bound to keyboard accelerators? Seriously?”).

In other news, a beta of Flash Player for Windows Vista is available for download and testing.

There is chatter about an impending beta release of the Linux Flash Player. I’m not allowed to confirm or deny any dates. But the Flash Player project manager mentioned, “QE has not skipped a beat and is starting the beta certification of the Linux player which will go live on Adobe Labs when it passes the certification tests.” The optimist Ryan Stewart predicted earlier this week that he expects the beta to go live next week, but later revised the estimate to 2 weeks.

James Ward posted a juicy screenshot of Flash Player 9 on Linux running a Flex app. That made him happy. His post was so upbeat that the first couple of times I skimmed it I completely missed the part about “there are still frequent browser crashes”. I took exception. That was our state a few months ago (“the Linux Flash Player currently crashes. A lot.”). But I expect the crashes to be very few and far between at this juncture. When pressed on the matter, he conceded that crashes weren’t actually that frequent anymore. And that made me happy.