Beta II: The Audio Fix

As indicated, we’ve been working diligently to fix issues that were found in our original Flash Player 9 for Linux beta. Most notable of these problems is audio output. We are eager for users to test this version and see if the myriad sound problems have cleared up.

As before, please log problems through the proper channels (feedback form or support forums). This blog’s comment forum is not appropriate for tracking problems.

116 Responses to Beta II: The Audio Fix

  1. Paul says:

    :-DThe audio syncing works all the way through videos!Hurrah!

  2. Hp Pp says:

    Awesome! Hopefully it fixes the audio issues i was having.

  3. Ricardo Correia says:

    In the Linux known issues section you state “The plugin does not currently work in Opera browsers”.However, I’ve just tried it and it seems to work (the 1st beta also worked, mostly).Is this still accurate?Thanks and nice work ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. n3ldan says:

    Woot, a new beta!Out of curiousity, has anyone else experienced the bug where videos (youtube etc) won’t play, but if you drag the slider to the right spot it will play for a fews seconds and stop, you can move it up again and the same kind of thing will happen. It’s really, really, really annoying, and happens frequently.[This should be fixed in the latest beta. If it’s not, please file a formal bug report. -Mike M.]

  5. Treviรฑo says:

    Packages for Ubuntu updated… for- “flashplayer-nonfree” (for the standalone player)- “flashplugin-nonfree” (for the browser plugin)Bye ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Travis says:

    Just a note to opera users the release notes are not entirely correct..flash will run on opera but on sites ( for example) with a lot of flash it seems it gets overloaded..crashes..and takes opera into the depths of unresponsiveness with it.

  7. Jan De Luyck says:

    Seems this build finally solves my Google Analytics problems. Thanks!

  8. Spike says:

    Heck yeah, thank you very much! Great job on this release.

  9. Dawid Hanak says:

    Thank you. I’m eager if it works under Opera now…

  10. Eythian says:

    Looks good to me so far, I’m just curious: on youtube, what is the right-most button supposed to do? It looks like it should make it full-screen or something, but nothing happens. Is it supposed to?

  11. Seems to work as well as the last beta, just the on-exit crash I’ve reported before.

  12. kirei says:

    Nice news.Thank you very much.

  13. aNMOL says:

    thanksyou ppl are doing a great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Chris says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. Dirk says:

    Hi there,i just want to thank you for your flashplayer9-beta for Linux!keep up your good work (and release the final, soon *g*)!kind regards from GermanyDirk

  16. Great, great improvements. Thanks!

  17. yoshi314 says:

    sweet. downloading :]

  18. oyvind says:

    Nice, will install immediately. As a side note, I’ve had very few audio problems with the previous beta :). Maybe I don’t visit enough flashy sites.

  19. TiCL says:

    Wow! That was quick.

  20. Baczek says:

    Thanks, it works on a YouTube movie that didn’t work before. Great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Jose says:

    Hi,Can anyone tell me how can I use the standalone player? I got plenty of videos that I got from (youtube videos) and they look like “filename.flv”. Whenever I try to open one of these with the player nothing happens…I tried renaming them to swf but still nothing happens. Any ideas?Regarding the plugin (beta 2) it works fine for me!Jose

  22. sounds good says:

    Good!. A thing I miss is a repository for apt-getThere are some unoficial debian/ubuntu packages and repositories, anyway, but if I can choose, i’d rather trust Adobe, instead of a random and unkwnown provider.

  23. C. Ovidiu says:

    Cool. Will it handle transparency any time soon?

  24. thanks for the update, downloading now.

  25. michal says:

    That’s great news! I have had that sound issues with the first beta, I am starting to test the new version right now. And again thank you for great job. Cheers!

  26. Grahame White says:

    No amd64 support then I’m not interested at all.

  27. BigBrownChunx says:

    Just reading the release notes, says it doesn’t work in Opera (“The plugin does not currently work in Opera browsers. We are working with Opera on this issue.”)? I’m a little confused since I’m running it fine in Opera at the moment.There’s a trick to get it to work though, you need to put the file into /opt/opera/lib/opera/plugins/ (I think it just has to be anywhere that has ‘opera’ in the directory path). By default Gentoo installs the file into /opt/netscape/plugins/ which doesn’t let things like YouTube or Google Video work. Just my 2c

  28. John Pywtorak says:

    Still no sound for me, ubuntu breezy 5.10. ๐Ÿ™

  29. John Pywtorak says:

    Might be nice to include links to where to report problems. Yep, I am probably one in a long line who mentioned this.

  30. Federico says:

    It’s a pity that also this beta of Flash 9 doesn’t work with Opera :-(Please fix it soon.Anyway a new beta is a good thing

  31. Aaron says:

    Great! I really, really, really appreciate all of the hard work you all are putting into the Linux port. It really makes using Linux much more enjoyable (like it needed anything else, m i rite? ;))

  32. Gabriel Caunt says:

    I can’t thank you enough for producing a current version of Flash Player for Linux. My three-year old daughter’s games are now playable on her linux “pooter”, bringing much joy to the house!

  33. zenwhen says:

    Thanks once again for updating Flash Player for Linux.It would be nice to see this project GPL’d, but since that isn’t going to happen, I am glad to be able to properly view Flash content on the internet.It is a shame that a closed format like Flash got such a foothold, but at least Adobe is making an effort to keep Linux users up to date now.

  34. Flash13 says:

    Very cool, keep up the good work!

  35. Crispibits says:

    Blimey, very quiet round here, I guess all the whingebags have gone back to school :-)I must say I hadn’t noticed any problems with the 1st beta, but then youtube etc is not really my ‘thang’ as I believe they say…Keep up the good work lad!

  36. Karasu says:

    WOW thanks again for this release!! Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. jron says:

    just when I was starting to get use to my browser crashing on every other page! =)

  38. matid says:

    Is kuler ( supposed to work with this release? I get an error that “Express Install is not supported by this version”.

  39. Jun says:

    read some feedback in Ubuntu forum, looks this version solved their problem! good work!

  40. BW says:

    Thank you! The sound is working very good! I don’t think I need to use flash player 7 anymore.

  41. SkinsSay says:

    The standalone version crash when a tree componente try to load information from a XML file, the menues doen’t work. But it works good at plugin version.

  42. Great work. Flash is a necessary plugin for me to browse the web. Although it is not ideal that it isn’t open source, I understand the reason, and appreciate how it helps webmasters. Thanks for bringing Linux users up to the latest version.

  43. Carnildo says:

    Well, the *previous* audio bug I had was fixed: sound now continues playing if I switch away from the browser that’s playing the music. But that just means a new bug: severe stuttering when the CPU is at all busy.

  44. Dawid Hanak says:

    About: it crashes from time to time in Opera (at least for me) – this is why stay it doesn’t work in ‘O’.

  45. jon says:

    Thanks – keep up the good work!

  46. ร˜ystein Gisnรฅs says:

    For me, the very frequent lockups during video+audio playback has been resolved in beta2.Great work!

  47. Mr. Tragedy says:

    Still frozes Opera in many websites, like ๐Ÿ™

  48. Brian G says:

    wow this beta is great.this entire blog has made me go from angry linux guy demanding his Flash plug-in to one that is happy to see it being slowly tweaked and made just right. the information it’s very much appreciated. thanks again.

  49. John H. says:

    The videos on only play the audio on ff2 and fp in linux:(

  50. Phil Lembo says:

    Some sites that are heavily invested with Flash content crash my browser when is loaded. Noticed problems with audio under newer beta plugin as well. Replacing with fixes that problem. Still get other sites where Flash animation still obscures part of the page — but I think that’s bad coding by the web developer. Also, some Flash video players still don’t work at all under Linux — again, probably bad coding by the web developers, hooking into Windows-specific features. I’m running CentOS 4.4 on a Pentium D with 4 Gb RAM and an nVidia 6200TC, audio is on-board Intel 82801G. Get the same results on a stock Dell Inspiron 1200 running CentOS 4.4.

  51. GIPeN says:

    I use oss audio system and can’t hear anything :(Is it only for ALSA??

  52. Dirk says:

    @Jose: You can open .flv files with “Totem” oder “mplayer” (but in Totem i got no sound, and can’t scroll. In mplayer i got sound, but can’t scroll, too)

  53. Using FF2, OpenSuSE 10.1, in VMware.Using the FLCplayer component to play hangs at the end, as it did with the first version. Once when I left the browser window open after a few hours it suddenly played the rest of the file. I never got a “completed” event from the FLC component though (which I do get from my code when using FF2 or IE7 in XP so my code, which forwards some video play events to Javascript using ExternalInterface, is okay).Link (somewhat unreliable, I’m developing the site, so sometimes there is no video playing because it’s turned off – a call i Javasc ript to tell the Flash to load a certain .flv – to test other aspects of my JS/PHP code):

  54. Danny B says:

    Hey, thanks! This is the only version of Flash that I can get running smoothly on my Pentium II. ๐Ÿ˜€ However, if I right-click the Flash to see a context menu, it crashes my browser with an X Window System error. I’ll report this as a bug.Phil Lembo: I don’t have any of these problems you’re describing.Jose: If you install ffmpeg and use ffplay on a flv file, it will play that smoothly even on a Pentium II. ๐Ÿ˜€GIPeN: Yes, it requires ALSA as mentioned in a previous blog. I strongly recommend upgrading to ALSA–it still works with OSS apps.

  55. Havokmon says:

    Ricardo: Yep, and it’s fixed for me now!Awesome. Thanks guys.

  56. Jose says:

    Dirk & Danny B: Thanks for the comments. I use mplayer to play almost everything and I can play .flv videos fine with it. The only problem is that I can’t seek on them.I wanted to see if I could seek with the flash stand-alone player but I’m unable to play them at all.Cheers!Jorge

  57. Vitaliy says:

    HelloI’m having some difficulties with the FP9 Beta 2.Some websites don’t recognize this plugin as the 9 version. What could be the problem???Ffox 2 / FP 9 beta 2[ Make sure there are no copies of the old FP7 laying around on your system. -Mike M. ]

  58. SubWolf says:

    I get occasional audio stutter – but this is ***much*** preferable to the previous situation where the audio would cut out, followed by video freeze 2s later.Thanks for the update, it’s getting better!

  59. Gustavo says:

    Very Nice! now this beta is my default flash plugin, the first one was very buggy, but this one is far more polished and can be used with no problems.if only wmode = transparent worked…Thanks a lot!

  60. Vitaliy says:

    HelloI’m having some difficulties with the FP9 Beta 2.Some websites don’t recognize this plugin as the 9 version. What could be the problem???Ffox 2 FP 9 beta 2Make sure there are no copies of the old FP7 laying around on your system. -Mike M.well i had flash plugin 7.0 on my system before, but i think i didn’t delete it before i installed the 9th.the plugins folder of my browser contains the 9th version file can I hunt down the old 7th version files?thanx[ ‘locate’ -Mike M. ]

  61. Matt Buck says:

    Very nice, indeed. Thanks for the hard work! I was really struggling with my previous version.

  62. James C says:

    I noticed on Ubuntu 6.10 on a P4 3Ghz computer, if I accidentally use the standard 386 kernel that comes with it, that flash skips and studders on scrolling in applications or heavy cpu utilizing applications… the generic/686 kernel works perfectly with no studdering in the same situations…Dunno if it’s a bug in flash player or not, just thought I’d post what I’ve found here to help if someone else has the studdering problem.

  63. Fibonacci says:

    Excuse me, but… WHERE, exactly, is the feedback form or the support forums? I’ve got at least one bug to report but cannot find where.[ Go to the page listed in the main post where you can download the beta player. Look for the bright links labeled “Report issues and feature requests” and “Discuss Flash Player 9 Update in the Forums”, respectively. -Mike M. ]

  64. szhorvat says:

    It works fine, the only problem is that when CPU usage goes up (e.g. scrolling a document), the sound is skipping. This makes it impossible to listen to e.g. Pandora radio while doing something else.This does not happen with other media players. (Ubuntu Edgy)

  65. lol says:

    youtube videos now are way more funnier,now… we would like a shockwave player ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. lefty_crupps says:

    Has anyone tried this with ability to make straight lines doesn’t work under Linux.With Windows, you can left-click-hold a spot, right click, let go of both buttons, and then go somewhere else and left-click. This while thing makes for a straight line when working on the game. It doesn’t work at all under Linux.Thanks. Let me know if this complaint needs to be more formal.

  67. @lefty_crupps:Interesting. Unfortunately, we have assessed that this left-click/right-click behavior is actually undefined (not guaranteed to work identically on multiple platforms).

  68. michal says:

    @lefty_crupps:The straight line trick works for me. Maybe it is your browser or window manager issue. My config: Ubuntu Edgy, FF2.0

  69. kikuman says:

    Nice, both standalone and plugin work well on my ubuntu edgy box.Big thanks to devels and others!

  70. Chris Murphy says:

    Thank you for remembering Linux users! I love having updated Flash!

  71. PWM says:

    I really hope all those Opera issues are fixed soon ! (FF is a pain in butt to use – After I have been spoiled by Operas excellent zooming, mouse gestures and nice keyboard control ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Alf says:

    Still no sound here in Freespire with Firefox 2. Speed is radically better though. The person who had Youtube pausing – that’s not specific to the player and more to do with bandwidth. Happens to me on all platforms from time to time.

  73. Okkie says:

    Did someone try to upload files? The interface handles the dialog fine, but the files are just not being uploaded. Same script on the win. plugin works fine.

  74. Sir Geek says:

    I do have a problem. I’m on an x64_86 system running Fedora Core 5 with the 32bit Firefox ( and when I try to use this on Neopets ( it has all sorts of slowness problems. For example, one game is super slow to load with the 9 player, but loads fine with the 7 player on a SLOWER machine with less ram ( 512 on the slower machine vs. 2GB on my x64 machine). In fact it practially locks up the browser if you go to it.

  75. Annoyed says:

    I’d much rather have sound going out of sync than totally screw up after a while. It would be back to Flash 7 for me, were it not for the fact that most webmasters seem to have migrated to Flash 9.

  76. Madsen says:

    Just for the record…I’ve been using the first beta of 9 on Debian (on an i686) along with Firefox (both 1.5 and 2.0) through ALSA and I haven’t had a single issue with sound until now.I just hope this second beta doesn’t break anything for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. mefisto says:

    I’m using the flashplugin in firefox 1.5 on Kubuntu 6.06 with generally good results. However, when a konqueror window is open (my preferred file browser, but also functions as a web browser) flash video in firefox stutters.I thought this might be because konqueror also uses mozilla plugins, and firefox and konqueror might be trying to access the same plugin simultaneously (even though I don’t use konqueror as a web browser). But I disabled all browser plugins in konqueror, and still have the same stuttering problem.

  78. John H says:

    Please, put all politics aside, and can you tell me why flash for linux gets a black screen for flash video on any video link at[ This has to do with the lack of wmode/transparency support in Mozilla for Linux. -Mike M. ]

  79. scott says:

    I already opend a bug on this but I figured I’d ask the community too.CBS’s “Innertube” appears to use flash for video playback.When I select a video clip I get the normal looking playback screen, but with audio only, no video.Has anyone gotten this to work firefox+flash9?[ CBS’s Innertube actually uses RealPlayer/Windows Media for video. -Mike M, ]

  80. scott says:

    So is it trying to use real from within flash? When I right-click on the video area I get the flash pop=up not the real pop up.I checked the page source for ( and it seems to be calling a video player swf not real file.This was one of the sites I was really hoping would work once Linux Flash hit 9, so if there’s any way it’s a player bug please check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  81. @scott– try it out in Windows. You’ll see that they appear to be using Flash to embed Windows Media and Real Video.

  82. Serge says:

    This beta makes every browser that I use really unstable, it’s quite embarrassing that when people come over and I show them linux, when I get to a page filled with flash, the browser stops responding or crashes, for the worst case (And that happens quite often, on average twice or three times a day). I wish I wouldn’t have to use Flash 9… God damn it adobe, make it work for once!

  83. Can anyone view the website? I’m getting the “Express install is not supported” error, just like matid describes…I’m running a gentoo system, firefox and FP9.0 d78

  84. Steve G says:

    Opera released v9.10 and it fixed the freezing with Flash 9. I have Ubuntu 6.06LTS AMD64 so I use Opera’s static QT Flash for Linux .deb package.Finally — all my favorite flash-based sites now work using my favorite browser, Opera, under Linux AMD64, including:- Youtube,- Google Analytics,- Pandora,etc.

  85. PWM says:

    The latest Opera (9.10) improves a lot of the stability issues with flash. Before the browser got unresponsive all the time ..But now there is a new issue: Constant stuttering – It’s like skipping with a bad CD .. but now also with video. (They stutter in sync now ;-)I really hope there is a new beta soon !

  86. PWM says:

    The stuttering issue was much easier than I ever expected ! – It was simple priority issue ..(Actually it was something so stupid that I won’t tell it publicly ;-)Anyway the Opera+Flash seems to work now !!

  87. Chris Ribble says:

    The new beta works great for me on Gentoo with Mozilla FireFox Keep up the good work Mike and get us a release that the distros feel good including!

  88. Elez Shenhar says:

    Am I the only one being told by metacafe to upgrade my flash? (when using flash 9 beta 2 for linux)[ Apparently so. Type ‘locate’ to see if any old copies of Flash Player 7 are still floating around on your system. -Mike M. ]

  89. driedfruit says:

    Yeah, it seems they were really working with Opera on the issue :)I’m very happy with the outcome and wish to say thanks to both teams.

  90. Luke says:

    Audio is now great but the plugin crashes several times a day. Have you guys run this through Valgrind? Also the plugin seems to take serious amounts of CPU time with more than a couple of Flash-containing webpages open at once.

  91. Dasher says:

    In reference to the original, “Yes, Virginia, there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux”, can you give any estimate on the release date for version 9? Christmas seemed an appropriate time to ask, given the Virginia reference.

  92. Aaron Klemm says:

    Hi, thanks for the Flash work. Features now work well and it makes browsing easier. BUT, it crashes firefox constantly. I had to disable it just to keep my browser alive.Any update on getting those crashes down? [ File a bug with a reproducible case. -Mike M. ]

  93. Jim says:

    Seen above:——————-Please, put all politics aside, and can you tell me why flash for linux gets a black screen for flash video on any video link at This has to do with the lack of wmode/transparency support in Mozilla for Linux. -Mike M. ]——————–So . . . Do we need to ask the Firefox developers to add support? Or is it an unusual call by the Fox News web site?

  94. nanda says:

    [This has to do with the lack of wmode/transparency support in Mozilla for Linux. -Mike M. ]What about Opera? I am using Firefox at the moment..

  95. James C says:

    @JimIt is a Firefox/Mozilla issue on Linux… been around for a long time. can see an example of the bug on the Adobe homepage (just look at how the drop-down menus appear behind the flash animation)Now there is a workaround floating around on the net, so you could try pressuring any sites with the problem to do the workaround… but it’s really a browser issue.Here’s said workaround:

  96. Thanks to Adobe for caring about Linux and for recongzize the importance of Linux by these days.

  97. John D Jones III says:

    Just curious, up until the Beta 2 release there was action on this site 1-2 times a week and now not a peep since Nov 20th?? Any news on the final release of Linux Flash 9?

  98. Curtis Young says:

    I remember when this blog was updated pretty often. I am also curious as to what happened. Are we going to get a final release or did they just provide enough to shut us up?

  99. Chris C. says:

    Hear, hear! Come on! I was willing to be patient and wait through the holidays, but those are now officially over by a full week. Throw us a bone!

  100. Standalone Player is awesome! Does anyone know how to configure the settings to allow accessing a local data source? I did it in the Mozilla plugin, but it doesn’t save the settings in the standalone version.

  101. lopsterx says:

    Solves my google analytics problem (missing numbers and description) too.Thx for the Post!Btw: I’m using it with FF 3.0 alpha under FC6….

  102. Phil k. says:

    The holidays are always horrible for company productivity as everything happens at once and many people take time off to travel.I’m not making excuses for them, but am saying development should get back on track now. I think another beta before the end of the month would be appropriate, or maybe they could be close to a final release. I think an update would be nice. I would only be worried if groundhog day gets here and we haven’t heard anything.

  103. Stephen G says:

    The current beta still isn’t getting much love from Google Analytics support staff. I asked if now that flash plugin for Linux is fairly usable, could Google Analytics do anything to their flash code to make that remaining 10% of their app work correctly under Linux? The reply was basically, Flash for Linux, including the latest beta, is just not there yet, and Google Analytics won’t support my configuration. [ Can you submit a specific bug report? -Mike M. ]

  104. Olivier says:

    Any progress update?

  105. Clรกudio Pinheiro says:

    This blog has been so silent… What’s happening? Did Adobe desist from Linux or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Jim says:

    This one and all other Linux-related blogs have all gone silent as of the end of November. This is unfortunate as it would suggest the Grim Reaper has visited the Linux version of Flash. If nothing is heard by the end of January, I would assume the worst… ::crys::

  107. Jason says:

    Huh did the final version come out and nobody tell us? The download link on the main adobe site now points to Linux version ‘9,0,31,0’ as ‘current’ rather than flash 7 like it did previously and I think I have the beta two installed and my version is ‘9,0,21,78’ ?!?

  108. ganja_guru says:

    Flash 9 for Linux final is out!. Go to for the download. Thanks Mike and the rest of the team!

  109. Daniyel says:

    Anyone having luck with it and Firefox [ Yes. -Mike M. ]

  110. Angus says:

    Flash 9 for Linux crashes my Firefox every couple of pages. No idea what to try…

  111. JimB says:

    Same here Flash 9 crashes firefox 1.5.09 about every couple of minutes or so. Also complete firefox freeze up at end of playing flash video (youtube and others). Also WHY did I have to compile the extra audio support. Get this in the main code. Also when compiling extra code I had to track down compile and install IBM’s ICU implimentation WHY?I suggest using a more vanilla linux box for development. Debian maybe or Slackware. Using RH or Novell will cause problems with some other distributions.

  112. Yeah, it seems they were really working with Opera on the issue :)I’m very happy with the outcome and wish to say thanks to both teams.ไธ‰ๆด‹ไผบๆœ

  113. Catalin says:

    That’s a great news.

  114. AlanC says:

    That’s great news. I’m very glad that Linux is being given support.Unfortunately, firefix seems to crash with FP9. Is there anyplace to download older flash players? FP7 worked fairly well for me but I deleted it from my machine.