Fullscreen Beta

Check out the new Flash Player 9 Update 3 beta, also available in Linux flavor, available here. The most notable features of interest to Linux users: Fullscreen mode works on Linux, and the entire thing has been reworked as a native GTK app that communicates with the hosting web browser using the XEmbed protocol. Hopefully, your favorite Linux web browser also holds up its end of the bargain by hosting XEmbed applications.

69 Responses to Fullscreen Beta

  1. cartman says:

    Congratulations! I mean it.

  2. bd_ says:

    In previous versions of the plugin, I was able to activate my scim input method (but the flash plugin interpreteted the text as ISO-8859-1 rather than UTF-8, causing obvious problems). In this version, scim doesn’t activate anymore. Is there any chance of getting multilingual input support via SCIM or XIM working in a future version?

  3. Ricardo Correia says:

    Does using XEmbed mean it will be possible to run the flash player as a 32-bit app embedded in a 64-bit browser?Quoting from the mozilla XEmbed page: “It should be possible to use this interface to build a plugin that would run out of process as well as using other toolkits like Qt to build plugins. Since XEmbed was designed for cross-toolkit and out of process applications, it should work.”At the moment I’m using nspluginwrapper but it always crashes after using flash applets for a while..

  4. Jeff says:

    Good job! I’m glad that Adobe is actively looking out for the Linux community. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  5. Great work! Downloading now to try it 😀

  6. Yannick says:

    Good to see a new update out though, I seem to be having some problems. The controls for various flash video/music players (on sites such as ESPN.com, YouTube and Virb.com and some others) are not working with the new flash 9 update. I try to click play, pause or stop or even change the volume and it doesn’t work. This is happening in Firefox.Anyone else having this problem? or is there a solution?

  7. nauj27 says:

    Great! keep the good work. Thank you for effort and information to users.

  8. Jeff says:

    Just a heads-up–this beta is very unstable. I have confirmed with several other people and it crashes often and the context menu is very broken. I have submitted a bug report about it. The fullscreen mode did work great, however. Thank you and good luck!

  9. gfdsa says:

    x86_64, nspluginwrapperbarely works with normal swf, does not show video in flv.It’s not a bug report, it’s a note for the blog readers.

  10. Mohegan says:

    Congratulations !!!It work for me with firefox 2but there is nothing with opera.Any solution ?And good luck to continue !

  11. Kristof says:

    The day I make my Linux machine my primary development tool is coming closer with each of these announcements. Keep up the good work!

  12. Kevin Krammer says:

    Excellent!Any details on how you handle the communication between the browser and the external Flash process?Do you have a plugin stub which uses a custom protocol to talk to the Flash process or do you use D-Bus? [ See DiamondX for an example of how the current Linux Flash plugin interacts with the browser. -Mike M. ]

  13. kriko says:

    This new flash player, doesn’t work at all with opera.

  14. Thomas Zander says:

    Slightly off topic; but does the flash thingy now compile and run on 64 bit too? :)Would be so nice to actually see a flash applet again after having switched to a 64 bit OS 2 years ago.

  15. Arren Lex says:

    This is the most unstable Flash version I’ve ever seen. The context menu doesn’t work and it constantly crashes (try going to a youtube video and clicking “show all”). Blog readers: stay away from this beta, or else bookmark the bug reporting page! http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=fp_beta_feedback

  16. RQ says:

    Great success! (C) Borat.Native GTK menus look nice (though a little unusual ;)). However, menus still disappear under the plugin in “About Flash” page.What about transparency? Is it there yet?

  17. Jason Mock says:

    Huge kudos Adobe! Now if you can just start getting some of your other apps headed the same way (I.E. Premier, Elements, and etc…)

  18. zbiggy says:

    firefox work well. However accessing options from flash menu few times makes crash.Konqueror 3.5.7 can not work with beta flash:(process:14613): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: gtype.c:2242: initialization assertion failed, use IA__g_type_init() prior to this function(process:14613): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)’ failedAdobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0);

  19. seppe says:

    Good news, Linux is becoming more and more popular on the desktop .. so I guess it’s important for a company like adobe to keep up with it!

  20. Michael says:

    Thanks for keeping Linux up-to-date.How about working on the “always on top” bug?Flash windows are “always on top” so to speak, and always have been on the Linux player. Example: A website has a HTML/CSS navigation bar at the top, but a Flash video right underneath……. if you try to use the nav bar and it has drop downs, you can’t get to some of them because the Flash player is on top of the drop downs.or is this a Firefox in Linux bug? [ Linux browsers need to change in order to support this. -Mike M. ]

  21. Linus says:

    Please develop a version for PowerPC Linux.

  22. Marc says:

    Still waiting for a PPC Linux Flash plugin. I’ve been running a dual-boot OSX/Ubuntu setup for two years, and no flash. Booo!If Adobe can come up with a Flash plugin for PPC-based Linux distros, I’ll gladly leave the Mac OS behind for good.

  23. Robert says:

    Any chance Adobe will move up the Apollo on Linux?OK, that wasn’t fair. Great work on the update.

  24. desertc says:

    Yet still no 64-bit version.

  25. jon says:

    Hey, just wanted to say great work, I know its not open source, its just great to see big organizations paying attention to Linux for a change by putting out regular releases of their software. Not only that, ensuring the software integrates well into the linux desktop. An ubuntu deb on the download page would also be great.The integration into GTK+ is a great improvement, there were a few crasher bugs in the last release to it will be interesting to see if they have gone.Keep up the good work!

  26. Mateus Gröess says:

    @Michael:From what I know, the problem happens because Linux version of Firefox lacks WMODE mode. Here is the bugzilla entry:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137189Karl Tomlinson provided new patches a few days ago. I haven’t tried them because they are updated to trunk version, not current. I hope the problem will be fixed in time for Firefox 3. Btw, the patch requires changes to Diamondx plugin, so will Flash need changes as well? [ Yes. This is good news since the DiamondX plugin was supposed to provide a common open source workbench by which to implement WMODE support. -Mike M. ]

  27. vee says:

    most of the optios on the right click context menu w/ firefox under linux cause it to seg fault 🙁

  28. Jbus says:

    This update is very unstable… I do not recommend anyone installing it unless you just want to test it out.Also, in regard to the “always on top” bug mentioned above… Please fix it. BS excuses about “Linux browsers need to change” doesn’t fly. That’s the single most ridiculous thing I’ve read all week. Thanks for making me laugh Mike M. Your a developer that is developing a plug in for standard compliant browser. Do your job. Adobe developers clearly didn’t have a problem getting the plug in to work properly on Safari, or with working around the numerous problems/bugs in that bastardized browser we all know as I.E. Next thing you know we’ll hear web developers saying they can’t get their web pages to work properly on Linux because the web browsers need to change. What a joke.If anything needs to change… It’s the way Adobe developers go about developing the measly, inadequate offings they provide to Linux users.

  29. Abaddon says:

    Please, understand that there are people who don’t like GTK and Firefox.

  30. Bastion says:

    Nice, but now dosent work YouTube movies. Others Flash animations works.

  31. As an exclusive Linux user, I just want to take the time to thank you guys for having the initiative to give Linux users a better Flash experience. =)

  32. kanedaaa says:

    Opera 9.21 with Linux – dosnt work…

  33. MaceWindu says:

    What about the stand-alone player?

  34. Bob says:

    Works and plays videos but I can’t use my mouse on anything in the flash. Pause/ play etc.

  35. A. H. says:

    Mike M, thank you for your work.Jbus, do you also take your car to the dealership complaining that it does not fly and demanding that they “do their job and fix it”?The “always on top” bug has been mentioned seven trillion times on this blog, and the answer was given just as many times.Please read the link provided by Mateus Gröess.

  36. Matt Smith says:

    Does it run out of process now?Because that would be great.

  37. markit says:

    What about Free Software? A GNU OS? Why compliments to Adobe that keeps it a proprietary format? And many here asking for more and more proprietary software to be ported to GNU/Linux… is madness! Stay with a proprietary OS if you don’t want a Free one. No, having proprietary software will NOT help Free Software spread, just undermines it. If you don’t want to play Free Software games rules, play another game, don’t try to change the rules and ruin the work of people that created it

  38. Henry S. says:

    The full screen feature is cool. Currently, I use Beryl/Compiz to Zoom-In. I hope I can break the habit.I am a KDE user, but I welcome the use of GTK any day. Two toolkits is enough…we just need to kill off all the others.To Adobe People: Thanks for all the good Linux work the last few years. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but remember that they are just the most vocal. For every angry post, there are probably thousands of happy people using your software.

  39. Trip says:

    I attempted to use this, however no flash controls (clicking “Pause” on YouTube, etc) are working. Revise this one issue and put out another beta and we’ll see what happens. =)Thanks for all your hard work!

  40. ultr says:

    Great :)However it still does not allow div, and other html emelents to cover the flash object. Not mentioning support for their transparency.I doubt it is firefox/opera/konqueror problem, on windows’ version it works ok.

  41. glen says:

    also looks flash media player [1] does not play well with this version. i can hear sound, but nothing is displayed. ie the player starts when i click the player area. tested under x86_64+nspluginwrapper-[1] http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=Flash_Media_Player

  42. glen says:

    what about dual display? i’m using twinview and the fullscreen covers both screens. i’d expect fullscreen on the display i had browser. at least it should be somehow configurable 😉

  43. Adobe should almost just make their own distro for all their tools. They probably have to cut corners on some of their tools to make them work on both osx and windows.

  44. Doener says:

    Finally fullscreen support – thanks a lot!

  45. Giovanni says:

    On Ubuntu Feisty with nVidia graphics card + compiz from git (0.5.x) I can’t click flash items like “buttons” with Flash Player 9 Update 3 beta.

  46. John says:

    Still doesn’t work on FreeBSD

  47. Rob H. says:

    Thanks for continuing to update the Linux Flash player-it makes me feel like I really got my money’s worth by buying Flash 9 Professional this time around.”markit”-I have bad news for you, Linux has lots of other commercial/proprietary software already (Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 2004, VMWare, etc.), so your comment is out of touch with reality.

  48. Edward says:

    Full screen doesn’t work at all when I have Beryl or Compiz Fusion running. I have an Intel Embedded accelerator. Is there anything I need to do?

  49. zorglu says:

    About Xembed and Xvideo:I noticed that playing flash video is much slower on linux than on window. my diagnostic is that flash doesnt use Xvideo kindof trick on linux but does on window.my question is : is using XEmbed implies flash player will now use xvideo, or similar, on linux ?If not, any plan to use xvideo ? The fact that playing video cost a lot of cpu on linux, is bothering

  50. markus says:

    Too bad the fullscreen option does not recognize that I have a dual monitor setup with 2560×1024 res. I’ve got fullscreen playback but only half of the video image. It displays 1280×1024 pixels in fullscreen but the other display of the same size is ignored. Ubuntu Linux 7.06, XFCE 4.4.0, Firefox

  51. C Snover says:

    1. Does not function properly with TwinView displays. Tries to span across both screens and gets cut off at the edge of the first screen.2. Full-screen mode at brightcove.com does not work. Screen goes white but the player never enters full-screen mode.

  52. paul says:

    still nothing for the BSD’s.we’re rapidly being locked outof the www by adobe.

  53. Mateus Gröess says:

    Great news! The Mozilla/Firefox bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137189, Windowless plug-in support for X (WMODE), has been marked RESOLVED FIXED! Soon the problems with transparency of plugins will be finally resolved.

  54. Chris Budden says:

    Hey. I am unable to click on any links/buttons on flash since this update! [ Maybe a formal bug report is in order, perhaps with distro/machine details? -Mike M. ]

  55. Edward says:

    When I have Beryl/Compiz/Compiz Fusion running clicking buttons doesn’t work on mine either. I am running Ubuntu 7.07 with the Trevino repository with Compiz Fusion (and I tested it under Beryl also) and an Intel 945GM graphics card. If I turn off Compiz it works great (besides occasional crashes while playing videos, but that is a different subject). You can try it out on any Youtube video.

  56. Random says:

    So i couldn’t click any flash buttons or watch any movie on i-am-bored.com.. Getting frustrated.. Found that when i turned off beryl that every thing worked fine with Firefox 2.0 and flash 9.. kinda stinks.. Miss my cool burning minimizing

  57. Grant says:

    Is there a beta available of the standalone player?

  58. Zbigniew L. says:

    Will next flash beta provide support for transparent background? Mozilla patch is ready: Resolved Fixed.”The transparency needs support on the flash plugin side as well. IIRC it’s notthere yet.””This feature needs plug-in’s support.Flash player does not support this feature yet.”https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137189

  59. Zbigniew L. says:

    http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer9/releasenotes.html“Linux*Hardware scaling is not available on Linux.”This is not true. Linux uses X-Video X11 extension (known as Xv)to provide hardware scaling and colorspace conversion. Please add support for this extension to speed up flash performance and offload CPU. Or at least remove such false statement from web page.Or change it to this:”*Hardware scaling is not available yet on Linux Flash plugin.” This is truth.

  60. Vygantas says:

    When is the final version comes out?

  61. MikeVx says:

    Just crabbing somewhere else, I’ve submitted bug reports full of such details as I can manage. So far, Flash 9 for Linux does not exist. The best case results were not very good. The so-called final version of 9 would only allow me a few pages of viewing before segfaulting when I tried to leave a page with Flash content. This last version is worse, I cannot leave a page with Flash content, by any method, no matter what I do, the player triggers a segfault. Even if I close Firefox, it segfaults instead of a normal exit.This is primarily a problem for video sites, most sites that do anything important with Flash are using something that Flash 7 for Linux understands./gripe

  62. Alex says:

    Still doesn’t work for freebsd.

  63. Osho says:

    The fullscreen support in the latest beta 9.0r60 does not work for me. I looked around and found that this was already a known issue. But, it was nonobvious to find this. So, I am mentioning it here in case someone else also runs into the same problem.The problem is that whenever I go to fullscreen mode, firefox crashes. Try it on any video on youtube.The known issue is that if the horizontal resolution of the desktop is not divisible by 16 then flash crashes – also taking firefox down with it. My laptop’s native resolution is 1400×1050. And, hence it never works for me.Just FYI.Osho [ The known issue pertains to the pixel width of the video not being divisible by 16, not the desktop pixel width. -Mike M. ]

  64. It’s a good Flash Player

  65. Dave Brown says:

    PowerPC Linux support is needed, not only for older Macs, but for Playstation 3 Linux.

  66. Brian says:

    Please develop a version for ppc64 so that PS3 users who installed linux can use flash enabled sites.

  67. I noticed that playing flash video is much slower on linux than on window. my diagnostic is that flash doesnt use Xvideo kindof trick on linux but does on window.

  68. Stephen More says:

    I downloaded install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz and I only see libflashplayer.so.Where do I get gflashplayer from ?I think this is needed by FlexUnit. [ It’s just called ‘flashplayer’ now and it’s in the package marked Debugger/Standalone linked from the top right corner of the main blog page. -Mike M. ]