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Click Me

The oft-reported click bug that showed up in the last 2 beta releases of the Linux Flash Player 9 Update finally manifested on a machine in our own lab. The problem turns out to be an artifact of the simple fact that no two Unix window managers operate the same way.

Anyway, the next release will have the fix. No, I don’t have any date for the release.

H dot two sixty four

There is a new beta of the Flash Player Update available. That’s right: the beta is even available for Linux (same time as Windows and Mac). Download it here.

This beta is affectionately named Moviestar due to these key new features:

  • H.264 video
  • AAC audio
  • Hardware-accelerated fullscreen video playback (new for Linux in this beta; Win/Mac had it in previous beta)

Yep– fullscreen hardware acceleration during video playback using OpenGL/GLX on Linux, where available… and functional. If you find that it does not work right, you can disable hardware acceleration using the “Settings…” menu from the right-click context menu. Oh, and file a bug with hardware details, video card driver version, GLX version, that sort of stuff.

If you have any questions about the new audio/video stuff, check Tinic’s thorough blog post on the matter.

I would also like to hear if anyone is still experiencing the click bug (where no events are triggered in response to mouse clicks).