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The oft-reported click bug that showed up in the last 2 beta releases of the Linux Flash Player 9 Update finally manifested on a machine in our own lab. The problem turns out to be an artifact of the simple fact that no two Unix window managers operate the same way.

Anyway, the next release will have the fix. No, I don’t have any date for the release.

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  1. cartman says:

    Hi mike,Any chance for a hotfix release for *nix? This is one of the most annoying bugs of the beta (think youtube).

  2. Very nice to know that you found the problem and are working on a fix. I also like how the Linux player has been keeping up with the Win/Mac versions recently.Now for the obligatory rant:64-bit version plskthx

  3. Zbigniew L. says:

    I confirm. Not only youtube but google video too. And other sites too.

  4. Bryan says:

    Yea, a hotfix would be most appreciated.

  5. That’s not true! Metacity 2.18.5 and 2.18.4 behaved exactly the same… well almost… well… damn…;)

  6. thebluesgnr says:

    If it’s a bug in one of the window managers please provide more details. πŸ™‚

  7. Luca says:

    Just FYI, with wmaker is works well πŸ˜‰

  8. Petar says:

    What Mike means here is that the beta is not working with Compiz Fusion, since every other major WM I tried worked on my machine (Ubuntu Feisty, Swiftfox Perhaps new 3D accel feature collides with the 3D features Compiz provides, thus producing the undesirable effect… Anyhow, I would expect to see a fix in the near future.

  9. Still bashing UNIX for your incompetence. Fascinating!What do windowmanagers have to do with a browser plugin anyway? πŸ˜‰

  10. Dawid H. says:

    If clicking doesn’t work, minimize window and maximize – clicking should work now, at least such work around works for me πŸ˜› [ Which window manager? -Mike M. ]

  11. Jbus says:

    Mike,It would be a good idea to test your updates on a couple of systems running the latest stable Compiz Fusion. Most upcoming distros will be including it, if they haven’t already, and many will have it enabled by default.In October when Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 comes out, there will likely be a HUGE increase in the number of Linux users that will be using Compiz Fusion so please keep that in mind.

  12. Loic Faure-Lacroix says:

    As for the click bug….I found some workaround with compiz/beryl….In fact, the click events are triggered…well it is possible,To trigger a left click event while using composition manager…You have to open the context menu (right click) then double click where you want…to click.. button etc…for a reason i don’t know, you must open the context menu before double click…simple click wont work…Context menu + double click = mouse event triggered…Hope it will help you…

  13. Pascal S. de Kloe & Jbus> I don’t see how people can say that this show incompetence from Mike.On top of that, Compiz & co are some very cool 3D window manager, but also there are very buggy. At the same time, that’s normal for code which is so young/new

  14. Benjamin Kahn says:

    Re: the right-click/double click solution.Wow. That really does work. When the context menu is still up, you can double click on the interface and cause actions.Looks like the first click dismisses the menu, and the second click causes the action. Weird.I’m seeing this problem with metacity 2.18.5 on Fedora.

  15. Jbus says:

    @Loic Faure-LacroixHave you used the latest stable compiz fusion? If you haven’t download ubuntu gusty tribe 5 Live CD and try it out. It’s enabled by default if you have a capable graphics card. It’s very stable. You can’t seriously tell me it’s more buggy than Aero is on Vista. Aero is “young” too and has some bugs, but I’m sure Adobe tested their latest Flash for Windows on systems running Aero anyway because they knew a large number of Windows users would be using it. The same approach should be used when testing Flash on Linux.By and Large Linux users are much more likely to keep their systems updated with the latest software vs. Windows users. Ignoring that a large number of Linux desktops are currently running Compiz Fusion or are soon to be running it by default would be a big mistake for Adobe.

  16. Loic Faure-Lacroix says:

    Well, for the work around i found…It’s on the latest build of compiz fusion but it worked this way with beryl too. In my opinion, the problem may not be with flash player…In fact, events ARE triggered by flash… I believe the problem may be directly or indirectly within compiz. If some developper cold look inside the compiz code and see if the problem could be fixed there and not inside the flash’s like if compiz was redirecting events slowly or too fast… and flash doesn’t catch them… thats very strange.But if adobe work in hand with the compiz project to find where is the bug situated…it could make a very very big improvement to the flash player…right click / double click sounds funny to me ahaha

  17. usome says:

    Yea, a hotfix would be most appreciated.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Happens to me with KDE especially on Youtube, fixed by bringing up the flash context menu and then double clicking the button.

  19. […]Anyway, the next release will have the fix. No, I don’t have any date for the release.Oops…

  20. zel says:

    Loic Faure-Lacroix: your workaround seems to work with metacity too.I’d like to call BS on the window manager excuse. There are flash files that show they actually do receive the click (for example by changing the button image to indicate a click – not just hover) – they just don’t act on it any further. I don’t see how this can be a window manager issue; it very much looks like an internal issue with the flash plugin.I don’t mean disrespect to Mike (I’ve followed your work on free software projects), but I think you’ve been given a bad excuse.

  21. Loic Faure-Lacroix says:

    Well, the workaround should work on any windowmanager…windowmanager doesn’t really control whats inside the window? Isn’t window manager supposed to decorate window? just kill metacity or any window manager and…it doesn’t kill any application…they just don’t have any border…oh and one thing i found doing some as3…It seems to be the mouse up event that isn’t triggered…. i had buttun where mouse down was triggered while mouse up didn’t…This summer was very annoying because i had to shut down compiz every time i done some work on my linux box…while flex builder is still missing…or partially working.hope the flash player will become stronger by time…:)

  22. Loic Faure-Lacroix says:

    Not that i don’t like compiz…I don’t think the problem with mouse click is really in the player…For the people who only wants…avant window manager etc…without all the special effects…xcompmgr should do the trick for most of the people….It use composition manager and mouse click are triggered without the workaround…for people that only want to use something like avant-window-manager…xcompmgr is probably the best solution at this time… it adds the composition to your screen nothing more…

  23. Chris Budden says:

    Just using flash in full screen, and I found that I do not need to hold right click button down to make left click work on buttons on a youtube video.

  24. tdi_k says:

    I’m using Konqueror on Fedora 7/KDE. Since the update to kdebase-3.5.7-13.fc7 flash plugin does not work anymore. I get only gray fields instead of flash animations, and a right-click on one shows the normal browser menu. I also tried to erase all configs and caches, but with no effect.With firefox it works just fine for now.$nspluginviewer –versionQt: 3.3.8KDE: 3.5.7-21.fc7 Fedoranspluginviewer: unknownI have no idea if it’s a KDE bug or flash-player, but it won’t hurt if you know about it πŸ˜‰

  25. I’ve got the same problem but with an older flash version (not the latests beta (, on portage). I’m not using a composite windows manager, just KDE (3.5.7).The only special thing is that, as i’m under a 64 bits linux, I use nspluginwrapper ( in order to have flash.The strangest thing is that this problem came a few days agos, without changing major things. The only things are my locale that I changed to UTF-8 and the my xorg.conf in witch I add a few lines for my wacom. My cursor is no more /dev/mice but my mouses dev.I’ve tested on a few games and mouse click is well triggered. If in some games there’s a graphical special effects on click, it always works, even if buttons don’t.As for everybody here, the right-click+double-click works well.

  26. Jethro Grassie says:

    I also cannot see what this would have to do with the window manager. The window manager decorates windows and is not there to provide an API to deal with mouse events.

  27. Stoffe says:

    Well finally Gutsys Compiz stabilized enough to actually be usable, and then I ran into this again. Haha!Oh well, how’s that workaround coming? Really looking forward to it… thanks for the good work so far!

  28. Zaba says:

    The event is trigged then mouse is over the object, but doesn’t when mouse is pressed/released. So I don’t see why a window manager would screw with ones and not others.. Just a thought.Waiting for a fix! πŸ˜€

  29. Still bashing UNIX for your incompetence. Fascinating!

  30. So, flashplayer abuses gtk_init, and now breaks opera and konqueror. don’t call a gtk function (gtk_clipboard_get) before gtk_init (this should never happen) to test if gtk_init has already been called. Calling gtk_init doesn’t hurt if it’s already been called so just do it.

  31. Great job .. πŸ™‚ swf rulez :q)

  32. RYX says:

    Thanks for finally offering the same (beta-)release cycle for all platforms. It’s nice to not be treated as some kind of “second class user” any longer. This kinda brings back my trust I had in Adobe’s policy concerning the Linux desktop. (Now it’s only PS that’s still missing πŸ˜‰ …)btw: If there are any issues with Compiz or CompizFusion – the official mailinglists would be the right place to start a discussion …Cheers!