Flash Player 9 Update Release Candidate

A release candidate for Flash Player 9 Update is available for download on labs. Windows, Mac, and Linux, all at the same time.

Oh please, click bug, please be be gone!

Go get it. If you find problems, remember that this blog’s comment section is not the best place to report them. This is. Also, there are the forums.

48 Responses to Flash Player 9 Update Release Candidate

  1. Joerg says:

    What about Opera? This flash version only displays grey squares in opera. Any plans to change this or is flash supposed to be a gecko-only plugin?

  2. John says:

    So does this fix the gtk_init bug that affects all Qt based browsers, e.g. Opera and Konqi?

  3. none says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug report or what, but: With this latest player, on Pandora or Last.fm, the player doesn’t go to the next song automatically.Wha? I know.

  4. My configuration:Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64 + Beryl 0.2.1It works perfectly… and click bug is gone!Great work, Mike.

  5. mike says:

    Yay! I can click on things again!

  6. offset says:

    Gentoo + E17 + TwinView- Fullscreen works correctly in regards to window placement and video size/aspect on Nvidia Twinview configuration- Fullscreen youtube video is not accelerated causing 100% cpu usage on dual core cpu and occasionaly locks up firefox- h264 test video from adobe works flawlessly even in fullscreen mode- video from nbc.com is extremely slow/choppy/cpu intensive, making it hard to click on controls while video is playing.[ Be advised that a site needs to explicitly create SWFs that take advantage of the new hardware acceleration features. Thus, do not be surprised when existing major video sites do not use features that are still officially beta status. -Mike M. ]

  7. jmoz says:


  8. kriko says:

    Thanks. Though stil it doesn’t work in opera 9.5.

  9. Still waiting for a fix for non gtk browsers. With the latest more strict gtk libs, flashplayer breaks opera and konqueror.https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=294385#c62http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=440165Solution: don’t call a gtk function (gtk_clipboard_get) before gtk_init (this should never happen) to test if gtk_init has already been called. Calling gtk_init doesn’t hurt if it’s already been called so just do it.

  10. Dnas says:

    Yes, please fix the gtk_init() bug. It’s somewhat obvious one needs to initialize a library before using it.If you have to keep making the plugin and format a farce of the web, at LEAST show the responsibility to make your implementation work properly in the first place.

  11. curio says:

    Fullscreen accelerated video is gorgeous on the adobe demo but full screen video on all other websites (youtube, dailymotion) are choppy as hell :~5fps, visible redraw of each image without vsync and 100% cpu usage of one of the cores of a 3.5Ghz Core 2 Duo.Full screen video placement is on the right monitor (hw accelerated or not)config : Ubuntu 7.10 64bit with nspluginwrapper, 2 x 1920×1200 twinview xinerama. [ HW-accelerated fullscreen is not automatic. Sites need to upgrade their Flash code to support the new feature, and that will probably happen sometime after the final release comes out. -Mike M. ]

  12. oyvind says:

    Been trying this new beta since earlier today, and I gotta say, it still is hanging/freezing Firefox like mad when browsing away from/leaving pages with flash video players, like youtube.com .. Something goes wrong when the browser closes flash object or calls destructors, etc.. Doesn’t happen all the time, but way too much to be usable, and on multiple different computers with different hardware. It’s been like this since stable 9.0r48 for me. Only solution is to kill -9 firefox. Ubuntu Feisty, x86. I’ll be heading to the proper place to report this bug now πŸ™‚

  13. Stoffe says:

    Works well, click bug in Compiz/Desktop Effects is gone.Thanks again.

  14. The_Omega_Brotha says:

    The click bug problem is resolved–thats the good news. Bad news is Firefox is crashing after playing flash videos on youtube almost constantly. Hopefully the next RC or the Final resolves this issue. Once again thanks for fixing that click bug; boy that was one annoying bug. πŸ˜‰

  15. Zbigniew L. says:

    [ HW-accelerated fullscreen is not automatic. Sites need to upgrade their Flash code to support the new feature, and that will probably happen sometime after the final release comes out. -Mike M. ]Mike, please provide “force mode” for HW-acceleration. We have no power to keep banging flash designers (there are too many) so an option to force HW-playback for every video clip would be wonderful.I have Athlon64 3000+: for the same small video clip flash player9 takes 55% of CPU for playback and MPlayer 5% (this is not typing mistake: 5% !!!)So video playback in flash player has room for much improvement. If I open few clips in few tabs CPU usage jumps to 99% then movie stutters, stops and hangs machine. Killing firefox brings machine back to life.Just start using X-Video extension and the CPU usage decrease. The same is XRender/cairo for 2D graphics rendering. Why Adobe afraids so much hardware acceleration? Do you have any agreement with Intel/AMD to hog our CPUs so they can offer faster models in the future as remedy for jerky playback and hanging?If you are unable to use X-Video extension pass video content to MPlayer so it will do the right thing for you. There are many web video plugins which use MPlayer so this can be done.

  16. Great to see this.But to really test it in day to day usage it needs to be the debug version – any chance ? [ Are you asking for a content debugger? Or a build with debug symbols? -Mike M. ]

  17. vincent says:

    Please, remember other browsers (not gtk and not gecko)

  18. JimBob says:

    Seems to be mostly functional on Debian Sid with Opera 9.50 alpha build 1600, so long as you ignore the opera bug that doesn’t let you type in flash or java apps.On another note, is there going to be a standalone build of this?

  19. Abaddon says:

    Doesn’t work with Opera ;/

  20. xiando says:

    You are asking me to report problems. Well, I found one, and it’s a big one.The “End User License Agreement” is outragos and does not respect basic human rights nor the basic freedoms all other GNU/Linux software provides.Your flashplayer might as well not exist. Updating the software isn’t your biggest problem, your license is.

  21. webgk.com says:

    Its good to see that the latest updates or releases have considered Linux also along with Windows and Mac.

  22. yanbab says:

    @xiando : Hopefully, thanks to your rant on this blog, the next version will be licenced under a free license…@mike & team, thank you for trying to provide good linux support, even if the license is not the one we’d all like to see.

  23. Philipp says:

    regarding Crash on leave:I found out for myself, that it helps, if i have XMMS on pause, then the crashes are much more seldom.Maybe this is a hint. If that helps anyone else, please post here.PhilippDebian SID, Iceweasel (aka firefox)

  24. Olivier says:

    This is a great release, I’m sure the gtk_init thingie will be fixed.I’d like to mention I just don’t understand some pretty sad comments above (EULA blabla). Sometimes it feels like the biggest Linux enemies are the Linux users themselves.It’s just great to see big software companies supporting Linux like Adobe. Being a Linux user and advocate for 14 yrs, I appreciate this. Mike:KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  25. curio says:

    In my previous report i forgot to mention that :- With current stable 9 version, youtube, dailymotion etc. fullscreen are ok.- With this rc update youtube, dailymotion etc. fullscreen are choppy and ultra-slow (unviewable)Without hw acceleration, previous 9 version is much much faster for video, and this rc is unusable for enlarged or fullscreen videos (except with hw acceleration)

  26. lmf says:

    I may have posted this earlier (don’t remember), but can you send an email to the idiot MS fanboys at abc.com to tell them that Flash works on Linux too? They’re dragging Flash’s reputation for being cross-platform through the mud.

  27. Hey there,looks like its working pretty fine with meI think I will have mine updatedthanx!

  28. JimBob says:

    Dangit, I have to take that back about it working on opera 9.50a/Debian… It seems that Opera was picking up 9.0.48 out of another directory and faking me out. 9.0.64 did nothing but crash.Works in Firefox, though.

  29. Edgar Sosa says:

    I just want to know where i can find a release of Flash Player to Ubuntu (PowerPC). I have a G4.

  30. Anubis^ says:

    The click bug is still, at least on my system (Debian SID, kernel 2.6.22, Galeon Browser and enlightenment with gnome panel) is very annoying because is nearly impossible to watch a video without wanting to smash the computer, i have to say too that video is slower and flash apps slow down too much the entire system than previous release [ Are you absolutely sure that the new player is being used? A common problem is that old versions are laying around the system and are being picked up by the browser. -Mike M. ]

  31. Toad says:

    I just came to find out if anyone else had noticed that pandora was no longer correctly moving to next song in latest version. Turns out I am not alone in this one.I’ll post an official bug report.Also I haven’t had the freeze bug in over a month. I’m not sure if it was a particular upgrade that fixed it, but man was that annoying.So thanks.Oh and while I’m making demands, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a volume control in the right click menu?

  32. Anubis^ says:

    I am completely sure that is the newest version, as the first thing I do is to remove old versions of the lib and looking at about:plugins.I forgot to mention that my graphic card is nvidia with latest official drivers.

  33. ander says:

    This version is very slow! Latest stable release is much faster! Now I can open 3 sites in firefox with some flash ads, and firefox is no longer usable. With previous version I was able to open 50 sites with flash ads and everything was ok.My hardware: Sempron 2GHz, 1GB RAM, GeForce 6600, NVidia drivers.

  34. linas says:

    Woo hoo!youtube now works again in firefox! My kids were in tears when it broke a few days ago after some firefox security update.FWIW, this is on one of the new Dell Ubuntu boxes, running feisty-fawn ubuntu.So, I actually got to use my new box for about one hour before I got kicked off of it again.

  35. vrunner says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you !!I can CLICK AGAIN !! πŸ˜€

  36. JimBob says:

    It’s a bit closer to working in Opera 9.5a, but not quite there yet. In the Opera 9.5a 1629 snapshot changelog:”Ensured that all Flash 9.0 r6* versions get the GTK main loop they need”

  37. burner says:

    The click-bug remains affective on the standalone-player, if I tell my windowmanager to force the window`s position!Most likely not an issue with most people – but I thought I could let you know πŸ™‚

  38. Stephen G says:

    Once again, I’m installing a 64 bit desktop (Ubuntu Gutsy) and have to muck around because one stupid app has no x86_64 build. Don’t say desktops are not ready for 64 bit yet. EVERY OTHER PROGRAM I USE HAS A 64 BIT BUILD. Don’t say install a 32 bit browser — I already have a browser, Firefox, and it is 64 bit!

  39. RobK says:

    Mike & Team:Thanks for a great release candidate. This a big improvement over 9.0.48. A few bugs, but being a software engineer myself I can really appreciate the effort you and your team put in to supporting all of these operating systems. Pay no attention to the knuckle-dragging whiners complaining about the shortcomings of the release candidate. A release candidate’s purpose is to get feedback from the end user’s while giving them a taste of good things to come.

  40. Cedric says:

    Yeah, this release candidate is really great BUT what about wmode ? πŸ™‚

  41. japc says:

    Doesn’t work with Opera.Doesn’t work with Konqueror.To make it short: Does NOT work.Guess you should learn to program before trying to match the big boys.

  42. Heiko RΓΆlke says:

    Just a question on the IME: Where can I find more information on what type of IME is supported and how does the player recognize if an IME is available?(I tried out several methods that worked well with firefox but were not recognized by the player plugin).Any information is welcome.

  43. Ethan says:

    WMODE is needed.Mozilla finally fixed their part of the problem…

  44. kaliasp says:

    I’m with Stephen G: please provide a 64-bit build also.

  45. Doug Stewart says:

    I’m discussing with my desinger the use of Flash on my Linux server. He has remarked that some people disable the use of Java and other packages for security reasons (scripts that can run on the browser can be used to introduce viruses, trojans, etc.). As a result, web sites that use such technologies may not display completely for all people. Is this an issue with Flash?

  46. troll says:

    With all respect.. But where the fuck are the 64-bit plugins?!

  47. Keith Watanabe says:

    I just added an nvidia GeForce 7600GT card to my (k)ubuntu 7.03 system and used the update. Youtube and other video sites lock up Firefox Before, I was using an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 onboard card, where the plugin was seemed to work quite well. Now, with the nvidia card/driver, the browser consistently locks up on video sites. Also, I tried moving back a step to an older plugin, but received the same issue. Seems like a problem with video and nvidia.

  48. Olivier says:

    32bit-only support is unacceptable in 2008, over 90% over the computers sold today have 64bit processors and it’s ridiculous not being able to use them properly.get your act together adobe, you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation for god sakes.