Linux Flex

Adobe’s Flex Builder is coming to Linux. You can download the public alpha of the tool over on the appropriate labs page.


8 Responses to Linux Flex

  1. David R says:

    This is very cool, officially supported linux flex builder. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t offer anything that the hacked version already does for the past year, but at least it’s officially supported now 🙂

  2. Marcelo de Moraes Serpa says:

    Wow! That’s very good news!The next step is the whole Adobe Creative Suite – particularly the Flash IDE! :)Good work guys. Good move.

  3. Turning point: starting from this moment, I will start considering my switch to the Ubuntu seriously.I’m serious, this’ such a great news!

  4. Kevin N. says:

    Sweet! I can’t wait to try this out later (bummer about the design view though).In response to David R. Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8 work wonderfully under Wine (using hocus pokery and an installed version from Windows). It’s a shame Flash CS3 will not work (Dreamweaver CS3 either).I’d love to see the whole CS suite ported to Linux. After my recent headache with the CS3 install, I realized that there is almost no other commercial software that I could not do without.Adobe seems to be the only software company that is out competing free software (as in both beer and liberty).BTW, it’d be nice to get some more liberty type freedom from the Flash and AIR platforms (kudos for going as far as has been done with Tamarin, maybe a public or open source test suite for use by Gnash and the other forks could make sure you don’t get multiple incompatible implementations of your excellent platform).I’m happy to keep paying for the productivity tools though – they provide actual value, which is more than I can say for other commercial software vendors.

  5. Mark Czubin says:

    Nice work. Give my thanks out to the team that worked on the product!

  6. Rimbaud says:

    Well done guys. Many thanks on doing this, and yes please for the Adobe Creative suite

  7. Zachary Berry says:

    A huge thank you from me – this is simply awesome. Please let the Adobe team know the work is much appreciated!

  8. Eric says:

    It’s been nearly two months since an update. Any info on a 64bit release?