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Flash Player 9 Update 3 (Final)

A new version of the Flash Player is available. To be specific, this is Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3, version identifier 9,0,115,0. It is simultaneously available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The Linux version, as with previous Linux versions, is presently x86_32 only.

This version includes the new Flash support for the standard H.264 and AAC codecs as well as hardware-accelerated fullscreen support (where supported by video hardware and drivers, and specified by a site’s SWF). This is also the first official Linux release to support the new XEmbed browser protocol which simply allows a browser plugin on Unix to behave better in a modern desktop environment.

Improvement over the string of beta releases: This new XEmbed-enabled plugin should work with Opera now.

Get it here (.tar.gz, .rpm, and YUM available).