Flash Player 9 Update 3 (Final)

A new version of the Flash Player is available. To be specific, this is Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3, version identifier 9,0,115,0. It is simultaneously available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The Linux version, as with previous Linux versions, is presently x86_32 only.

This version includes the new Flash support for the standard H.264 and AAC codecs as well as hardware-accelerated fullscreen support (where supported by video hardware and drivers, and specified by a site’s SWF). This is also the first official Linux release to support the new XEmbed browser protocol which simply allows a browser plugin on Unix to behave better in a modern desktop environment.

Improvement over the string of beta releases: This new XEmbed-enabled plugin should work with Opera now.

Get it here (.tar.gz, .rpm, and YUM available).

259 Responses to Flash Player 9 Update 3 (Final)

  1. cartman says:

    Conguratulations on the new release. Problem with multimedia keys still exist but oh well πŸ™‚ [ I looked into this. Linux’s handling is far different from Windows or Mac and it interferes with the Player’s operation. -Mike M. ]

  2. ZeroDivide says:

    Hey Mike, great release. I’ve noticed a bunch of improvements after only using the plugin for a few minutes.I’m sure your sick of hearing this, but is there any work going into smooth fullscreen video playback? I know everyone can update there SWF players to specifically enable acceleration ( which is the only way to get smooth fullscreen playback under linux ), but this isn’t going to happen any time soon. A lot of people are very frustrated with the state of fullscreen playback, and getting an explanation as to what is holding it back would be great. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to your reply.

  3. Anonymous says:

    seems to work in opera but crashes konqueror (may be my configuration)

  4. I says:

    Nup, flash still dies under Opera for me with(process:31099): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `display != NULL’ failedAdobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0);[ Make sure you have expunged the last version of Flash Player 9. -Mike M. ]

  5. abc says:

    Does it mean that the flash player works with Opera?

  6. Mikael says:

    No V4L2 yet?

  7. Any plan for 64bit versions?expecially for Linux (we’re getting mad with emulators, wrappers, 32bits build), but Windows too.thanks

  8. Pedric says:

    With Opera you mean the upcoming Opera 9.50? Because the current release (9.24) does support XEmbed![ Yep, the next Opera; should have clarified. -Mike M. ]

  9. I’m running Ubuntu amd64 and it works quite beautifully if you simply copy it over to your Firefox install folder.

  10. fuze says:

    Also, I have gathered some more information on the possible point of failure:when run from konsole:#Konqueror(process:10052): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `display != NULL’ failedAdobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0); [ Are you sure you have the new Player installed over the old one? -Mike M. ]

  11. Thales says:

    Keep up the great work, Adobe!

  12. Simon says:

    Nice!Will there be a standalone-version too?

  13. fooblahblah says:

    Great news. It’s nice to see Linux releases happen on the same cycle as other platforms!Is there a debug build or plans for one?

  14. Always nice to see a new blog post from you, esp. when a content debug version is available too :-)Seems OK in a 32-bit FireFox 3 beta 1 on 64-bit SuSE here, although Konqueror still just displays a gray box for Flash content (I guess it doesn’t for XEmbed yet).

  15. TheMatt says:

    So, is the fact that I am seeing gray boxes on si.com due to this plugin? When I load the page, I do see the Flash briefly, but then I see gray boxes replacing it. [ Browser? OS? Arch? Formal bug report? Help us out here. -Mike M. ]

  16. Tsiolkovsky says:

    When can we expect a native 64-bit version of Flash Player? It’s almost unbelievable how slow proprietary closed source applications are when it comes to native support for 64-bit technology.

  17. I assume the above comment means V4L2 is not supported and therefore webcams on current distros (because V4L2 is current) do not work as input devices?

  18. KhaaL says:

    Nice work, i get better performance here – Beta2 has some laggy issues for me. Though I lost my ability to type in swedish (ÅÄÖ show up as gibberish)… any suggestions to fixing that?Oh, and I’d love to see 64bit too!

  19. Basch says:

    I experienced the “click bug” with the previous version of the Flash player. But now it won’t play an entire .swf when it contains embedded video. I tried disabling hardware accelleration, but with no luck.I’m running Fedora 7 64 bit, with Firefox The click bug is now solved and the menu looks better when I click with the right mousbutton, but I’m using the video quite a lot…

  20. FunkyM says:

    Same as in the last beta version, I noticed an increased CPU usage (Firefox, Intel P 630D 3.0Ghz, nvidia 100.49.23). Comparing a simple site with 2-3 flash banners. With the prior version I almost had no CPU usage, beginning with last beta this changed already to 50-60% CPU and drastically increasing on a second tab with just one movie. This makes the browser sluggish overall and scolling stutters.

  21. Ryan says:

    Is the bug that causes firefox to lock up when browsing away from sites with flash video fixed yet? (Sites such as youtube) [ Try it and find out. -Mike M. ]

  22. Ryan says:

    Just checked, the bug in the flashplayer that causes it to lock up firefox when browsing away from sites with flash video, such as youtube, is still there. Will it ever get fixed? [ Maybe a formal bug report with more concise details is in order. -Mike M. ]

  23. KhaaL says:

    Nice work, i get better performance here – Beta2 has some laggy issues for me. Though I lost my ability to type in swedish (ÅÄÖ show up as gibberish)… any suggestions to fixing that?Oh, and I’d love to see 64bit too!

  24. Stoffe says:

    Thank you! It feels very good to be a first class citizen in the eyes of Adobe.Now, if there only was a Linux version of the Shockwave plugin as it seems Director will get revived for real. Please please please? =)

  25. SlugO says:

    For some reason this new version of Flash is very slow on my Gutsy installation. It takes 50-70% of CPU when watching YouTube videos in fullscreen. The old .48 version only takes about 15%.Also for example the games at teagames.com become extremely slow so that you can’t even play them properly.

  26. Ryan says:

    I, and others, have already filed bug reports about this problem in the flashplayer that causes it to lock up firefox when browsing away from sites using flash video.But my bug reports are apparently being ignored since you guys don’t support Ubuntu.

  27. rhc says:

    much appreciated.

  28. I don’t understand this fullscreen acceleration problem. On youtube.com, fullscreen videos are mostly unwatchable with the new player, but the old player they play fine. Why can’t you force acceleration???

  29. pirast says:

    great to see the release happen to the same time as the win and mac release.though, when watching videos on youtube (normal size), the cpu usage of firefox jumps from 12% to 50%. This is Fedora 8 with Firefox using the proprietary NVIDIA driver. The CPU is a Sempron 3000+. I use the flash package out of the yum repo.

  30. pwnguin says:

    Just updated from the previous stable to this new one and I’m seeing some horrible cpu usage. On a 7600GT with latest stable nvidia drivers it uses 40% cpu to merely show a video, and jumps up to 80% when full screen (on a dual core x2 @ 2.2ghz). If I turn off hardware acceleration while a video is playing I get one cpu maxed out at 100% and the other at 80%. The videos I tested were just on youtube. I’m using a 32bit firefox ( on x86_64 gentoo. Hope you can look into this.

  31. Zak says:

    Cool. What about Window Less Mode support? Both Opera and Firefox now support the browser side, it’s up to YOU Adobe. YOU!

  32. krop says:

    I can confirm this version does not work with konqueror.about:plugins returns : Shockwave Flash 9.0 r115When visiting websites with flash the error in the console is :(process:10139): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `display != NULL’ failedAdobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0);ps ax with the process number returns 10139 pts/2 Sl+ 0:00 | \_ /usr/bin/nspluginviewer -dcopid nspluginviewer-10074(10074 is the konqueror process) [ Does your version of Konqueror support XEmbed? -Mike M. ]

  33. oyvind says:

    The download page states that it is build 9,0,115,0, but the version of libflashplayer.so in the tar-ball is 9,0,48,0 (file date is 2007-06-20). At least is says so in the ‘about:plugins’ page in Firefox. And yes, I’ve purged the old flash version from the system and the Mozilla pluginreg.dat cache. The plugin info disappears when I remove the downloaded libflashplayer.so file from ~/.mozilla/plugins/, so I’m sure I’m using the correct one. Where’s the download link to new new version ? Has it been pulled back ? [ There may have been a server inconsistency right after my post. Try downloading it again. -Mike M. ]

  34. oyvind says:

    About the version mismatch I mentioned, I think I’ve been fouled by my browser-cache, or some other strange thing. I used to download link contained in the Ubuntu ‘flashplugnin-nonfree’ package, and downloaded from that using wget. At least I got the new version, now.

  35. chris says:

    I won’t be impressed or happy until Flash stops locking up firefox and eating my CPU.

  36. fuze says:

    konqueror AFAIK does not support XEmbed, could you please provide a link/download url for the previous version of flash as an interim solution (ie: to downgrade to the previous, non-XEmbed version) via email?Thanks in advance

  37. Joe Desbonnet says:

    I accidentally did a general update on my Fedora 7 AMD64 box just now and a perfectly functioning Flash plugin for 32bit Opera just stopped working (blank white areas where there should be flash content). I use 32bit Opera for flash pages and 64bit Firefox for everything else.Now there seems to be no way of undoing this update. I can’t find the previous version RPM anywhere. It would be really, really, really helpful to keep an archive of previous releases somewhere on the download site.(Can someone point me to an RPM of the previous plugin version?)Otherwise great to see this proprietary product being actively developed for Linux. However the lack of a native AMD64 version is frustrating.

  38. boast says:

    I still have the same problem as the RC; full-screen just opens a small window on the bottom left of the screen. [ It sounds like the request for fullscreen is not being honored by the system. Can you open a formal bug report with more system details? -Mike M. ]

  39. me says:

    How much does this release of the player help to get AIR released for Linux?

  40. ksn says:

    the most annoying bugs are still there:very high cpu usagecrash when leaving sites using flash

  41. Basch says:

    For the people who want to get the old plugin back: it’s still available at Adobe’s site (only the RPM): flash-plugin- reinstalled the old plugin and I finally can see some flash content with embedded video again, although I have my click-bug back.Btw.. Youtube and Google-video both worked fine with the new plugin. Any other .swf file containing some embedded video did not. The sound of the video did work, though.

  42. Fari Balin says:

    Sadly, firefox still freezes when surfing away from a playing youtube video. This bug has been around for a long time. It is extremely annoying.

  43. Fredrik says:

    Hello.The last version (v9.0.115.0) doesn’t support Konqueror, since Konqueror lacks XEmbed. Can I redownload the previous version somehow?

  44. n says:

    A major performance regression. I have reported it a long time ago. As I can see, there is no fix for this bug. I have to stick to the previous stable release.

  45. bg says:

    The plug-in seems to work fine (Firefox, Ubuntu Feisty) — I can see youtube, etc. However, the “flashon” demo at adobe.com is convinced that I do not have the latest installed and refuses to enable the “HD on” feature. about:plugins shows r115 as the installed version… Is this a problem with the adobe.com flashon demo page or the plug-in? Works fine on windows xp… [ Maybe restart the browser. That sometimes sorts things out on a new Flash install. Failing that, please file a formal bug report so we can track the issue. -Mike M. ]

  46. Lucianolev says:

    As someone mention before, Youtube fullscreen videos are VERY slow. Is there any solution to this?PS: Please make a 64bit plugin, please, please, please!! πŸ™

  47. Zbigniew Luszpinski says:

    It would be nice if Adobe could restore flash 9,0,48 download so people with non GTK2 browser like konqueror can still download it and use. Just provide flash 9,0,48 download next to official 9,0,115 release with information: “legacy plugin for non GTK2 browsers like konqueror or older Opera

  48. chodo says:

    Damn Slow on my OpenSUSE 10.2 with FF (Pretty modern system with Geforce 8600 GTS and Athlon 64 3500+)I thought XEmbed would solve the problem of flash-layers being displayed above everything else on the website as well as providing transparency like in Windows. But that doesn’t seem to be the case…

  49. Eric says:

    Thanks for getting the Linux version out at the same time as Windows!Would love to see some V4L2 support though.

  50. Justin Huff says:

    I’ve noticed that all of these beta versions lag significantly when trying to use the Doodle tool in Picnik.I’m torn, because this one fixes some nasty crashes. Good thing I don’t Doodle too often! πŸ™‚

  51. blueget says:

    The Flashplayer _doesn’t work_ in Konqueror an Opera! there’s always this “Gtk critical…”m stuff. Please fix that!btw: Why does Flash need GTK???

  52. Raman Gupta says:

    I run flash player on 64-bit firefox via nspluginwrapper. In this configuration (I have not tested any others), I am finding that this new version has high CPU usage and other problems, like flash just showing a grey box on some sites (like the adobe flash download page). I have reverted back to, which is nice and stable.

  53. RgnKjnVA says:

    Opera 9.24, Gutsy Gibbon, x86_32, this latest release has broken YouTube videos for me. I see a gray box where the vid should be. Very aggravating since another bug in Ubuntu (compiz I think) makes Firefox unusable (extreme slowness until an eventual freeze) which in turn forces me to use Opera which now doesn’t stream video! As someone else suggested, would you guys make the old distros available at least until you’re are sure you didn’t break something big…like this?! [ Try Opera 9.50. -Mike M. ]

  54. jagrav says:

    As many others have pointed out this version is slower than The full screen part of the new demo does not work.

  55. Alex says:

    9.0.115 doesn’t work in Opera and Konqueror, plugin crashes with the following message:Adobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0);Previous versions work with _all_ browsers (FireFox AND Opera AND Konqueror). Horrible regression.

  56. Matt says:

    I too have noticed serious performance hits with any of the post 9.0r48 plugins. I was watching videos at Game Trailers (the standard def, not high def ones). 9.0r115 eats up 93-100% of my admittedly old Athlon XP 1800+. It also stutters frequently–about every 45 seconds. With 9.0r48 it uses 45-65% of the CPU, normally around 50% and no stuttering. I have filed a bug report.

  57. jagrav says:

    Performance/speed is reduced in this version compared to 9.0.48. This is on a Dell 6400 Inspiron laptop with an Nvidia graphics card with 1GB ram running Ubuntu Gutsy.

  58. oyvind says:

    I’ve been doing some very simplistic testing with focus on performance between 9.0r48 and 9.0r115. There is certainly, as others here have reported, a huge performance regression with this new version. A typical news site heavy on flash ads (a Norwegian site, in my test case: http://www.aftenposten.no) causes firefox to use about 100-110% of my CPU (dual core) with 9.0r115. The very same site, and with otherwise as similar conditions as possible, causes only a modest 30-40% CPU usage with 9.0r48. That’s a showstopper for me, so I’ve gone back to this last stable version. I might file an official report, but I suspect many others have done so before me, so I’m guessing you devs are aware of it .. :([Ubuntu Gutsy 32bit, Firefox 2.0.11, Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz CPU.]

  59. promeneur says:

    yes it does not work at all with konqueror in the contrary of 9.0.48

  60. I can confirm that on me and a friends machine (correctly tuned) that with compiz on or of, using firefox 2 or 3 and flash ‘hardware acceleration’ that this release is dog dog dog slow, so slow. Unusable. There must be some simple fix to this bad performance. I don’t think they could have intended to ship it like this.

  61. Balaam's Miracle says:

    I too suffer from the “Gtk-CRITICAL”-bug in Opera 9.24Mike M. made the suggestion to Raman Gupta that he’d try Opera 9.50, but that’s still an early beta with many bugs still present, so that’s a terrible idea.Besides, it’s bad practice to drop support for a current version in favor of a yet-to-be-released version.Going back to 9.0.48 until this serious problem is fixed.

  62. Ernest Beinrohr says:

    I just want to report one bug. I did not found a better place yet as this. Lixuv version of flash do garble the input text when I try to write some of my native characters. When I paste them from somewhere, they are ok.Just that πŸ˜‰

  63. Andrew Fuller says:

    Just to echo previous comments: This new version is worthless in Konqueror. Such a severe regression makes me wish I didn’t run an update today. Perhaps it’s time to help out gnash so I don’t have to put up with this garbage. Or better yet send a swift kick in the pants to the makers of the flash-only websites.

  64. Sean says:

    Even on Opera 9.5, the new plugin seems extremely unstable. More than half the time, the plugin will die (turning into a gray box) in the middle of a video or animation.And, as others have said, it’s still exhibiting the same freeze/crash bug on Firefox when trying to navigate away from a page on YouTube.

  65. Fibonacci says:

    Is the new release supposed to work on Konqueror w/nspluginwrapper? Since (as was stated earlier by other posters) all I get is a grey box instead of the Flash animation, I should file a bug report – but only if it was supposed to work in the first place.

  66. manny says:

    thanks for the linux support with this new release.but sadly i think this version was more a beta or rc than a final version.many “new” bugs:-youtube fullscreen popsup a small window with no controls. Minimize fullscreen and disapears..(The way version 9.0.48 handle youtube was ok IMO.)-reduced performance in fullscreen in youtube, veoh and playing games (like dofus).i will stay with v9.0.48 for now (am using Ubuntu Gutsy 32bits).i hope we can offer you help for next version “9.0.116” so these bugs can be fixed by then.keep up the good work, you are an important part of the linux community and we appreciate all your efforts πŸ™‚

  67. Oh man! Heh heh heh. Nice work, Adobe programmers.However, I have a problem here. I have tried playing a particularly demanding flash movie with hardware acceleration ticked, and then without it ticked.I noticed no difference in framerate and CPU usage, which would indicate that even when told to, it would not use hardware acelleration.I have verified that I am using version 9,0,115,0 and I have checked that my video card drivers (nvidia) are installed and functioning properly.Just thought you might want some heads up about this glitch. If you want to contact me for more information, feel free to do so. I would be happy to help.

  68. deadcabbit says:

    gtk_clipboard_get error on Opera and Konqueror using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Nice work indeed. And thanks for the 64bit version. really.

  69. Nick says:

    What’s with the weird Print dialog? Is that ever going to change? It looks out of place.

  70. Withheld says:

    Wow! Better support for Opera? Really? Funny, I wasn’t getting gtk_clipboard_error with 48, but I am getting it with 115. This “better support for opera” thing reads like a sick joke.

  71. David says:

    Does not work at all under Opera 9.25. Previous versions worked, but crashed a lot.

  72. Alex Lowe says:

    So Flash 9,0,48 works great. But I just tried upgrading to 9,0,115, and now nspluginviewer (inside Konqueror) crashes whenever I try to view a Flash file. I’ve had to revert to the older version of Flash.Do you know what the problem is? Do you have any plans to fix this? ’cause I’d really like to upgrade Flash, but I can’t do so until I know that it’ll work properly in Konqueror.

  73. Jon Senior says:

    Just to add another voice to the chorus: Upgraded and certain websites (www.decathlon.fr) are unusable without disabling the plugin as the resulting frame covers all other parts of the page… including menus. I was under the impression that the principle reason for switching to xembed was to do away with this.It’d be nice if you actually tested this stuff before release. It makes Adobe look pretty stupid when every “It works now everyone” is followed by a series of “No it doesn’t” posts! If there are minimum requirements, then let us know. If you can’t do that, that post as Beta until it’s confirmed… And please tell me that calling this final doesn’t mean you’ve stopped. Unless that’s to rebuild the code base from scratch!

  74. mh says:

    Thank you for new improved version of this plugin, but it does not work with Konqueror 3.5.7 :-(, Konqueror crashes. It is very annoying.Could you cooperate with Konqueror developers on some workaround ?

  75. Jaegermeister says:

    Hi, I won’t bother you with the usual amd64 unavailability or konqueror crashes issues, as you know them very well.What instead you might happen not to know is that, in a system which sports 2 soundcards, the audio from flash results just pure silence on both of them, notwithstanding that ALSA settings work perfectly with all the other software.Plus, sometimes, while not hearing any sound, the plugin also succeeds in crashing xine when another app using it (e.g. amarok) is playing.I hope that with the next versions of the pluging you’ll either enable some way to config on which soundcard to direct output to, or, at least, direct the sound to the default ALSA device.Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  76. Alex tunc says:

    dont work in opera 9.25..also very high cpu usage in firefox..

  77. Eli Wapniarski says:

    Hey.. with nspluginwrapper the newest Flash crashes in x86_64 bit platforms in Firefox and Konqueror. You guys were PROMISING A 64 BIT VERSION OVER A YEAR AGO. Common, get with it already. And oh… by the way. I use Konqueror, not Firefox as my main browser. Please communicate better with the rest of the community. So… please get the bugs out and then keep your promises. [ Promise? Really? Can you source that statement? -Mike M. ]

  78. Marco Cimmino says:

    Konqueror 3.5.8 doesn’t support XEmbed plugins but with some patches now yes.You can take kubuntu hardy 2 and update to the latest daily one.Anyway seems that still flash 9.0.115 doesn’t work due to some bugs in the flash plugin.What about talking directly to KDE developers instead of “try it” or commenting here?http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=132138https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha2/KubuntuTo have Flash 9.0.115 now you have to use Opera 9.50 beta1 or greater or Firefox 2.0 or greater.Firefox freezes still happens.

  79. Jonatan says:

    Developers! Please don’t forget Konqueror!When somebody create something connected with web browsers then should have in mind all major browsers (firefox, IE, Konqueror, Mozilla, Opera, Safari ..) with linux, windows and mac in mind.

  80. Tracy says:

    CPU usage is very high with 115 (P4 2.4 – 2.6.21 kernel – 2GB Ram – Firefox). With 115, three youtube tabs open will cause CPU to reach 100% utilization. I downgraded to 48 and I can now open about 10 youtube tabs before the CPU reaches 100%.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting for Qt version.

  82. Anon says:

    Wow, is the link and text in http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=132138#c33 really fair? That seems a bit rich to me…

  83. Yannick says:

    About V4L2Hi Mike,Another vote for V4L2 here. As you know, no recent distribution includes V4L anymore and it’s sad to have to find a Windows or Mac computer just to try out the wonderful recent Flash videoconference tools around.I appreciate the effort lone-working on this. Keep up the good work!

  84. Paul says:

    Can you please post a direct link to the r48 version? Running Kubuntu 7.10 on an i386 platform.

  85. Jordan says:

    I am using this release on Fedora 8 (x86_64) through the plugin wrapper. Firefox version a flash object is played, it disappears (replaced by a gray box).This also happens when I scroll while it loading.

  86. Theo Baumgartner says:

    This doesn’t work with latest konqueror. Please fix this ASAP!And there’s still no 64bit Version!

  87. Stuart says:

    Kubuntu 7.10 here, Opera 9.25. Just upgraded to Flash 9,0,115,0 only to totally break it – things were already pretty fragile (as many have already posted).Can’t believe we are being told to run a beta of Opera to fix the dramas…

  88. Thomas says:

    Linux PPC version? Nope. Must be incredible complicated to set up either a cross compilation system or just to get an old Mac Mini G4. I am really impressed.

  89. slow_bear says:

    Happy new year 1998!Flash is now broken in Konqueror and almost unusable in Firefox (high cpu usage, can’t use more than a few tabs playing flash, hidden tabs still consume high cpu…).Please give us back 2007…

  90. manu says:

    i love all these comments, may be in one year gnash will be replaced flash !=)

  91. Johhan says:

    Hi guys, I don’t wanna sound stupid or demanding but I really would like to understand what exactly is the problem Adobe and Firefox developers are facing in order to fix this old bug regarding flash movies transparency and the cover up of webpage content by Flash movies…Just about every Linux user I know is sick of it. As most websites now use banners that enlarge when you hover it, websites contents (text, html, images, etc, *the important part of it*) get covered making browsing a sorry experience.Hell, we do IT services here for many end-user companies and this is effectively slowing down companies from migrating desktops to Linux…I am so sick of it that I gave up using firefox, Opera, etc in favour of Wine + IE, which actually sucks, it’s a ridiculous workround but it’s all we got (200+ desktops running ubuntu… we cannot afford to migrate all workstations to Windows and we also do not wanna do it.So what exactly is going on? Is it a problem no one knows how to fix? No one (like Adobe, Canonical, Red Hat, Novell, etc) has the money to hire one or two guys to fix it?If we start a poll in order to raise some bucks to pay developers to fix it, would it solve this problem?And now another new recent issue that is killing us is the absurd increase in CPU usage of flash plugin in this last version, that makes it impossible to use some websites… Many forums are crowded with users complaining about it (mostly people realizing they can’t use youtube …)Does anyone knows what is going on? Is there hope?Thanks,Johhan

  92. Philipp says:

    Cant us flash in konqueror. This is pretty uncool

  93. Justin says:

    I installed this plugin, and it’s massively slower than the r48 release for viewing video. You can literally watch each frame get painted, in sections.I took an oprofile, and the plugin appears to be spending about 40% of my CPU in memcpy() while playing video.It’s really just unusable. I’m going to have to revert to r48.

  94. fgh says:

    Lots of complainsme too:I’ve been suffering firefox crashes when surfing away from a flash video for so many time. Also it is very disgusting to have modern hardware and suffer slow and paused videos. Please dedicate more people and efforts to the linux version.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Similar problems here: high CPU usage, Flash crashing a few times a day and turning Flash objects in all windows/tabs into grey boxes. Running latest 64bit Firefox with latest nspluginwrapper.

  96. Johhan says:

    A tip for those that reach this place while looking for help on this two issues:1. Flash content covers up HTML content on webpages (no transparency)2. Flash + Firefox-bin + Xorg = 100% CPU usageI have just installed Flash Block addon for Firefox and it helps most of the time. It makes browing possible again by allowing a selective use of flash content…Regards,Johhan

  97. Mihai says:

    Another vote for v4l2 . it would be very nice to have it since a lot of webcams drivers switched to v4l2

  98. michele says:

    I aggree with people who request V4L2 for Linux in the new Flash versions. Please include it as soon as possible.

  99. Soren says:

    When will you release Flash Player 9 for PPC, so we can enjoy the beauty of flash on PS3 aswell. ? Please write back. And by the way great blog.BR Soren.

  100. Anonymous says:

    In KDE, when I set a flash video to full screen, set the video back to normal size then back to full screen again, the kde panel/taskbars end up going over the top of the video. Anyone else with this problem?

  101. lotro gold says:

    I installed this plugin, and it’s massively slower than the r48 release for viewing video. You can literally watch each frame get painted, in sections.

  102. Will says:

    Dear God, please make it faster!You can watch each little square draw out. How on earth can you claim hardware acceleration when it is in fact slower than it’s ever been before on Linux? And why does Adobe consistently ignore every comment about speed problems? Are you too proud to admit moving to x-embed was far too premature, and now you can’t be seen to backtrack?Or do we assume that your statement that x-embed will ‘behave better’ means vacuum up so much CPU with memcopys that firefox simply falls over?It simply doesn’t make any sense, whichever way you look at it.

  103. Luis says:

    Ok, there are too many complains, and im not gona upgrade just to see how a webpage can eat mi CPU time :|Make a 64bits release, PLEASE!fix cpu usage!!i dont get it, there are more and more GNU/Linux users every day, and Adobe still doesnt really care…BTW:Question about releases: http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/2006/08/basic_beta_briefing.htmlwish for: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish i think we should write for AMD64 / V4L2 and CPU usage here every time a new version comes out….

  104. Oli says:

    Hi I also tested the performance with and without hardware acceleration and noticed absolutely no difference.Fullscreen is nigh on unusable (probably as a result of no hardware acceleration) as the framerate drops out completely because of the CPU being completely flooded.New features are nice, but I’d rather it had a temporary feature-freeze while the performance side of things are looked at.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Fuck You! It’s Not ob PPC!

  106. oyvind says:

    @anonymous “not-ob-PPC!”-coward:Interesting to see all the anger here. Admittedly, this new Flash player for Linux has problems, but please .. Keep up the foul language, and you will gain respect and your opinion will be heard. My bet is that the only reason your comment slipped through was to make fun of you.Go develop closed source software for a “platform” as diverse and customizable as Linux yourself, and see how easy it is to please everyone. Browser A, on distro B, with kernel C, using sound system D, Xorg version E, window manager F, GUI toolkit G, graphics driver X and system architecture Y. Come on, the line must be drawn somewhere on what configurations that should be officially supported. That decision should be based on what’s most common and what available resources there are for Linux development IMHO. Of course, the best would be opening up the code, but Adobe clearly states this won’t happen in the nearest future. It’s up to Adobe, and they can do whatever they see fit, whenever they are ready. It’s their code.Even though there are problems, I think the devs have come a long way with the Linux Flash player, especially now that the release is synchronized with releases for Mac/Win. And I think things will get even better. So, I’m hoping the next version will include fixes for some of the issues that plague the current version :).

  107. Alex says:

    Does Flash have stability issues in a Hyperthreading/SMP environment? I have issues with the browser (firefox) quitting frequently on some sites with flash. I have v9,0,115,0 installed on slackware 12. I tried the same sites that were giving me the problem in Konqueror and I got a sigsegv in libflashplayer.so, oddly enough I havent noticed the issue on non HT/SMP yet. Any comments on this?

  108. Luke says:

    This version doesn’t work on my Fedora 8 box. I see empty boxes for some reason.P.S. Please make a 64 bit Flash player or help the Linux community make it for you. Imagine all the memory the player could eat up if you supported amd64!

  109. Topo Lino says:

    64bits release NOW. Please.PD: konqueror exist.

  110. dakira says:

    Hey,I’m using gutsy and it works nice (with compiz disabled). As mentioned before fullscreen is really slow.In Opera it doesn’t work at all. I only get light-grey boxes. I just downgraded to the previous version (thx for the link to the archives) and everything works fine again.

  111. Nandou says:

    Hi, support for V4L2 is a must nowadays. Every laptop comes with a webcam, and right now, linux users cant use it right with flash applications. Please consider adding support for this.Thanks for your work

  112. Anon says:

    It looks like SUSE have started rolling out an update to support Xembed in Konqueror:fishareset 4865-0: “This update is necessary to support the new FlashPlayer version, which required XEmbed support.”(SUSE don’t have a mailing list/page containing all package updates – only announcements for security updates…)

  113. Anon says:

    I foolishly didn’t look hard enough before posting the previous comment. There is a Novell bugzilla bug for the KDE/nspluginwrapper issues here: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=348088

  114. Marko says:

    I see I’m not the first in this blogg with opinions in the matter. But for the rest of you people in the same situation as me (linux x86, kde 3.5, firefox 2, nvidia v169.07 on 8600gts) a downgrade to flash 9r48 is the only solution. I finally found the archived release and can now watch flash again.Great blog but too bad Adobe does not take Linux platform development more seriously.Symptoms: flash movies render “page by page”, 100% cpu, firefox crash and all the rest of un-usability.Bug report not possible due to “System maintenance” at Adobe.

  115. Anthony says:

    Arrrgh – I just installed it – and it trashed my video performance.. I could see it drawing youtube vids frame by frame..I’m going to try and downgrade back to earlier 9.0 release.(I have an Athlon 1.4GHz machine with 512MB of RAM running under Debian ‘unstable’ using Galeon as a browser with Gnome desktop environment.. Previous 9.0 release worked fine.. I do have xvideo support using NVidia binary drivers)

  116. hello me says:

    Still no 64-bit Linux plugin :-(Nspluginwrapper works, I have had no crashes, and my hardware can handle the overhead… But still it is kind of silly having to run it and there not being a native plugin for the platform.

  117. lammy says:

    just a note to people using opera and complaining its not working: upgrade to opera 9.50 beta…opera already acknowledged the problem and said that the beta has it fixed.and yes, i too have the cpu usage problem – even when a veoh video isn’t playing, firefox sucks 80% cpu (2.4 Northwood P4). and on my laptop too, i have experienced increased usage (core 2 duo)

  118. atrigent says:

    Mike: PLEASE give us some indication that you’re working on solving these issues. Note that the feedback form is useless for anyone but you since we can’t see what’s being done on anything. Setting up a bugzilla would help, but since you don’t have one now could you please clue us in???

  119. anon says:

    It’s apparent through all of the comments that one thing needs to be fixed above all others – the fact that Flash 9 is crashing browsers left and right, making it almost unusable in certain cases. Once that’s sorted out, the acceleration thing is very annoying (but this problem doesn’t affect basic functionality – really only presents itself in high resos), and then maybe worry about a 64-bit version, although if the i686 were good enough, people wouldn’t really even notice.Just my $0.02, but the whole “crashing-the-hell-out-of-the browser” thing has got to go. I’ve even tried doing barrel rolls to avoid crashing, but I failed epically every time.

  120. Manoel Pinho says:

    This version makes Firefox on linux (Firefox on Mandriva linux 2008.0) render flash pages extremely slow. The rendering speed is impracticable, even on simple flash pages without video.I had to reinstall the version 9.0.48 to eliminate this problem.Some additional data: I use the proprietary Nvidia driver 169.07 (OpenGL accelerated by hardware) and X.org 7.2.0

  121. mangus says:

    please adobe! fix things. don’t go out in the wild breaking boxes..this is not good indeed.

  122. James says:

    I installed the new version of Flash with high hopes. Now, on homestarrunner.com and youtube, all the videos freeze after two seconds. πŸ™

  123. Anonymous Coward says:

    I appreciate Adobe throwing us something, even if it’s not 100% perfect. It’s sort of fun seeing the Linux flash player evolve. Gives me something to look forward to. Can’t wait till the boneheads who make Move Media player figure out that there are more than 2 operating systems so watching ABC and FOX online is possible.Thanks Adobe (and Mike), for being conscious of the THIRD operating system :D.

  124. Anonymous Coward says:

    Almost forgot:Do you think you could tell us some of the challenges you’re having with the 64 bit *nix version?That’d just be interesting to know, and might help some of us demanding boneheads understand the challenges faced in creating Flash for a new platform, especially Linux, with it’s countless possible configurations.

  125. Pete Walker says:

    Great job on continuing the Linux support. I still think it’s amazing that Adobe is actually supporting the open source world.For those of you moaning about the lack of 64-bit support, it’s probably worth noting that there is not 64-bit support for Windows either yet. I don’t think 64-bit support is a simple re-compilation. There’s a lot of rewriting to do.The wmode bug’s a problem… but at least it’s fixed browser-end now, so I’m sure you guy’s will get to it soon.Oh, and plus-one for V4L2 :)Keep plugging away, software development’s a bitch. (And apparently, sometimes thankless).

  126. tizza10 says:

    I have been using the latest build for a few days now, although the results are impressive the CPU load is just too high. I am thinking about removing it altogether. Running with a mobile 1.4, 1.25GB RAM and an intel graphics chip (intel drivers) Ubuntu 7.10. Even a few small adverts cause 100% CPU usage.

  127. Alphablue52 says:

    Oh wow btw. the konqueror plugin assistant now gets the 9.0.115 flash downloaded… *pflonck* head->table

  128. Shawn says:

    Please consider offering the ability to disable XEmbed either via a configuration directive; it does not work with Konqueror.

  129. Chris Thompson says:

    Are we ever going to see Adobe Flash Player for Linux on the PPC architecture? Just doesn’t seem right to have such a highly visible, highly used product not available for all platforms.

  130. Zbigniew L. says:

    How to convert flash animations stored in *.exe files to *.swf so I can play them on Linux?

  131. 0x00 says:

    thx Adobe! i definitely switched to gnash!!

  132. Slick Denis says:

    Hey guys, I’m Slick Denis.Now, listen up. This version of the flash player performs very poorly compared to older ones. It is much slower. How do you feel about this? Heh heh heh heh.

  133. G says:

    I have to agree with the above poster’s “Fuck You”.You have to be the laziest and crappiest coders on earth!In 2006 you said it’s “hard” to get 64-bit support, well, for tenths of thousands of programs and libraries, package maintainers in the biggest Linux distributions have been able to do this, and you can’t? It’s freaking 2008!You get paid for the job, and after how-many-years, still nothing?I wonder if you understand how much you suck!The kind of crapware you’re creating is pathetic and all of the developers involved in Flash should be ashamed of themselves for giving us this stinking pile of junk.God, I fucking hate Adobe so extremely much, just end the entire Flash project, or give out the specs (with freedom) so that we get write our own versions of the program, since you ignorant idiots seem not to be able to do it at all.You’re just unbelievable. And probably some of the most hated persons on earth.Congratulations, morons.

  134. Ganius says:

    I’m glad there’s support for 9.0.115 as I need to run a video streaming Flex application form the web through linux boxes. However, it seems the flash player receives an interlaced video feed from the BT878 chipset grabber card installed on the machine.Is there any way in the flash player to change this and display a de-interlaced image? If not, any links/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!Cheers!

  135. Yannick says:

    Hello Mike,I was wondering if maybe there was something someone could do to push V4L2 integration a bit, so as to get support for it in the next release.I suppose you got internal politics and clients requirements and all that, but I cannot imagine there is no way to ask for this in such a way that it gets done.So if it’s all about finance maybe we could get the community to contribute a buck each or something and finally end up with a sum large enough to finance this development…Obviously the Flash plugin code is not open, so we cannot really get into it and help you sort it out (which is just frustrating), but I’m sure it’s not that big a deal to integrate the next version of a driver that already worked in the past.I’m just saying that *maybe* we could end up with something good for both the community and Adobe if we manage to find a common ground…Now it’s been like a year or so that our little webcams stopped working in Flash, while new pieces of software appear every day giving more opportunities to use them, yet we’re completely stuck here, with an overkill system that can simply not send our video signal, it’s ridiculous for us.Thanks.

  136. Eric says:

    WHY is there no 64bit version?? You could easily have rewritten Flash from the ground up in the time you’re taking!!

  137. How do I update my Shockwave Player 9? Im getting annoyed with all of these pop-ups.

  138. David says:

    Hi peopleI installed hoping that it would fix that annoying mouse wheel bug.r115 not only doesn’t fix the bug but it’s quite buggy itself, eats all my RAM and crashes with Konqueror.My next ideal release would be with a fix for the wheel bug. (and maybe the transparency bug mentioned above).

  139. MoroS says:

    While I’m happy to see that there are still new releases going, I’m am very, very, veeeeery unsatisfied that there’s still no AMD64 version.From my point of view Flash is totally unusable when working through a wrapper. It segfaults each time when a page wants to display a flash applet.

  140. Justin says:

    I have similar problems as everybody else.Overlay problem still existsVideo is slowThe plugin uses way too much CPU especially when playing videosFirefox sometimes crashes when leaving a page with flashStill lacks V4L2 support…need I keep going?I find it great that adobe is trying to bring flash to linux but what a half-ass job they have done.Will you open source this freaking thing already so we can do it right?

  141. jpf says:

    Hi! When switching a youtube video to fullscreen I can still see kicker panel of KDE. It happens with Firefox and Konqueror.Thanks

  142. venky says:

    where is v4l2 support man, we cannot use any of the video conferencing sites. or webcam streaming sites

  143. urfe says:

    Incredible slow on older computers. Just… incredible. Goes to 80% when watching a youtube video – no way it can handle fullscreen.

  144. hav0x says:

    i can has wmode & 64bit support?

  145. jaiball says:

    Another vote for V4L2 support!!

  146. Uwe says:

    I just received a webcam and tried it with services like Tokbox. The Flash player finds my webcam and shows a picture so I can see my. But as soon as it accesses the microphone, it crashes Firefox. Any idea hot to solve this issue?My system is Kubuntu 7.10, sound hardware is ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia which works properly in other applications; I can use Skype 2 Beta with both sound and video for example.

  147. alphablue52 says:

    Hey, another non-working fact for the “new” 115 version:try compiz & this plugin, and manage to get any flash video to fullscreen (in firefox2, bcause you guys don’t like konqi users) – no way! It doesn’t work! No youtube movie fullscreen, nor any other site! But wait, it works with the older 48er version…So please, what was so amazingly new&awesome about this version besides dozens of not-working-anymore features???Confuzedalphablue52

  148. Anonymous says:

    If you’re not going to put V4L2 support in it, you might as well remove video support completely. Nobody uses V4L1 anymore, which should have been obvious over a year ago. Google for linux flash v4l2 and peruse the thousands of links. It should be obvious that V4L1 support was a waste of time, and V4L2 is badly needed. Please move it up on the list of linux flash priorities.

  149. suoko says:

    ustream.tv makes use of input cameras. Please allow flash to grab V4L2 inputs soon.thanks

  150. kriko says:

    Where can I report bugs with test cases?On our developing site there is a problem with flash, but it is a login site for registered members, so I would like to tell you login data for testing account, but not here inside comments.

  151. rummik says:

    So…where’s the .deb and PowerPC downloads?

  152. ragebeing says:

    please support g4l2 so that ustream.tv can be used by linux users.Could you support dv firewire input video/audio?I would be interesting…otherwise we have to wait for gnash to clone flash πŸ˜‰

  153. Rob says:

    I checked the menuconfig of my 2.6.22 kernel on my laptop and v4l1 is already labeled deprecated. In fact I discovered that the v4l1 API is going to be removed from the kernel entirely soon in favor of v4l2’s API.It doesn’t make sense to get a v4l-supported device if the hardware isn’t going to be supported later on natively by the kernel anyway. It’s a shame I found out that Flash 9 lacks v4l2 support since I bought a wonder new Quickcam Pro 9000 that had an amazing resolution and frame rate, working perfectly with UVC drivers, and within two hours I went back to the store to get my money back because Flash can’t understand it.I’m hoping either a later v9 release or v10 has v4l2 support because by the time we get the next Flash build released, v4l1 support might already be pulled from the kernel tree. It would be embarrassing to support only webcams that even the operating system doesn’t natively support anymore.Secondly, I would love to see information about why there still is no native 64-bit build. What is the problem with compiling for the 64-bit architecture?Lastly, when is that obnoxious bug going to be fixed regarding HTML elements unable to overlay a Flash video? I think it was Walmart’s home page that is partially broken because this big Flash app is running right where the mouseover menus expand so you end up clicking the category header to go to a page with all the links laid out for you.-Rob

  154. billi says:


  155. You dont care about those comments, I guess.Are you afraid to write back?Is there any chance for us to get a decent flash player in linux yet? So we dont need to restart our web browsers 50 times if while watching flash videos?

  156. dzh says:

    One year later and flash for linux still sucks.Adobe sucks.

  157. Matt Phelps says:

    Yeah, get with it and release a 64-bit version please!We have over 100 clients installed and are forced to have 32-bit Firefoxes running just for the flash (and Acroread, BTW) plugins. It’s highly annoying.-Matt

  158. I would love to see support for v4l2. I have a channel on Justin.tv and have to boot to windows in order to broadcast. Apparently the linux flash player doesn’t see my camera.

  159. Karl says:

    I cannot believe that this is the final release. I’ve been reading the comments page since this version was released and not one comment on CPU usage has been answered. This is crazy. This version is completely unusable and will ruin many people’s linux experience.

  160. PeteB says:

    Another vote here for V4L2 support please.Since Asus’ success with the eeePC there are now about 250,000 new Linux users with an ideal base for Flash videoconferencing through, for example, MeBeam. Unfortunately without V4L2 support they cannot use it.

  161. I’m the developer of a Flash-based map editor for…A lot of our Linux users have reported that they can’t type accented characters directly into the textfield for naming streets etc. Copying and pasting from another application (with ctrl-C, ctrl-V) works fine. (I’m told that “Copying from a console the standard linux way by selecting the text and then inserting by pressing the third mouse button didn’t work.”)This chimes with a couple of the reports above. It’s not a problem on FP for OS X or Windows. (If it helps, the editor is an Actionscript 1 app.)Thanks for all your work. πŸ™‚

  162. Lucian says:

    I still think that with Silverlight and all that’s happening it would be in Adobe’s best interest to open source Flash (unless they’re ashamed of how bad the code is), but that’s a bit besides the point.As it seems they just went ahead and used GTK for everything, including drawing. Would explain the Konqueror/Opera crashes and the ridiculous performance.

  163. I know that you and everyone is probably getting tired of being hounded by FreeBSD users. However, it’s really annoying to have to worry about flash in FreeBSD. I’m running FreeBSD 7 currently and linux-flashplugin9 works some what, but it’s getting old worrying about my browser crashing because of flash. I also miss being able to use some of my favorite sites (pandora). I don’t imagine it could be too terribly difficult to have a bsd port of the flash player or even to help out the people trying to hack/patch the linux player to work on freebsd. Please, could we PLEASE get a functional flash player .. maybe even a native one for bsd? Please?

  164. Gaspard Leon says:

    Fullscreen YouTube video works correctly, but it’s unusable cause it’s so slow…In fact, Flash on linux is slow in general, pegging the CPU to 100% easily and causing scrolling/redraw to be very slow…(Perhaps this is a firefox issue, but) please consider not rendering hidden tabs.. cause even if they are hidden, they still use up to 100% CPUPlease consider running some performance tests on the software before releasing it…Also mentioned before “Hardware” acceleration does nothing.Any future plans for a new performance enhanced release? Would be nice to coincide with FF 3 release.

  165. Rodrigo says:

    May I ask when the bug “Flash content covers up HTML content on webpages” will be fixed? I was really hoping it was fixed in the 9.0.115 release but it is not. This bug has more than 5 years and is really anoying.Mozilla folks have already corrected this problem in firefox 3 (I’m using FF3 beta 3), however to have any effect Adobe must correct the flash plugin side. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137189#c93PLEASE GIVE THIS BUG ITS NEEDED ATTENTION!

  166. Frederick says:

    Linux Flash Player does not fire send regular uploadProgress events. This can be seen by running the demo at http://demo.swfupload.org/featuresdemo/index.phpThis would be useful for proper upload progress updating with swfupload.BTW thanks for all the work. πŸ™‚

  167. mindsoul 21 says:

    im a computer student and im not really familiar with Flash..could u please tell me what’s the difference between the old and the new version..thanks a lot

  168. plangin says:

    Honestly, Linux support gets worse and worse (especially with Konqueror)…And why don’t you make a 64-bit version? It’s really overdue.

  169. mohbana says:

    I thank adobe for providing adobe reader on their repo, but the high cpu usage on the flash needs to be fixed its ridiculous, in fact i am going to try an open source alternative until this is fixed.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Konqueror4 users, do not install gtk-qt-engine package, it’ll make nspluginviewer crash.

  171. BouliHacker says:

    Guys, stop being naive. The reason you’re seeing all those crippling bugs and abysmal performance despite apparent efforts to provide “Flash for Linux” is that in fact Adobe aim is just to pretend that it is doing something in order to stifle any competitive projects from open source community. After all, why should anyone spend time developing flash playback for free, if mighty Adobe will provide an official version?Unfortunately, Adobe’s only interest in Linux is how to fight it more efficiently. Here you see a successful attempt at making the platform basically unusable as casual user desktop, with YouTube videos sucking big time despite multi-Ghz CPUs and powerful graphics cards with hardware video acceleration available for ages.Or maybe you own a Playstation and would like to participate in PS community on the official site? Bad luck Linux users, Adobe made it impossible for you by refusing to fix the transparency bug.It would be far better if Adobe stopped pretending it wants to support Linux users and just scrapped this damn project.

  172. When can we expect an amd64 version of the flash player ?x86 running on x86_64 crash after some minutes =(

  173. Fuck Adobe says:

    Add Pulseaudio support, V4L2, and less cpu usage or die.[ Indeed, Linux is all about choice. -Mike M. ]

  174. HeWhoIsInTheDark says:

    Three months since the 115 release, which is far from perfect on all platforms. And ever since that, Flash development appears to be dead in the water. Flash has even been thrown out of the technologies section of the Adobe Labs site.So, what’s going on? Has Adobe pulled the plug on Flash 9, starting a clean re-implementation for all supported platforms, to be released as Flash 10 sometime in fall of 2009? Or is there some deal with Microsoft to scrap Flash altogether in favor of Silverlight? Or ….?

  175. 3po says:

    The 64 bits version seems to be the most required functionality. You must make a 64 bits version.

  176. Anvil says:

    Considering nspluginwrapper, I think x86_64 support could be considered as lower priority than v4l/v4l2 support, which definitely something i miss today.

  177. Michael Lavallee says:

    Flash player seems to be working fine on my system, with the exception of the layering or transparency problem where Flash objects site on top of HTML.I’m curious about the requests for V4L (webcam) support. I’ve seen this feature in options for some time but what actually makes use of it?

  178. Fuck Adobe says:

    Flash for linux is really all crap. Poor audio support, poor video support, and people trying to help are just rejected. Why Adobe hired an idiot?

  179. Szachista says:

    Compared to .48 release, this version is a one big regression – the CPU usage is ridiculous, crashes too often, even on Firefox which is the only supported browser.

  180. Willis Montgomery says:

    libflashplayer.so Shockwave Flash 9.0 r115 crashes firefox linux with ubuntu gutsy.Someone has to have this working…anyone?

  181. Will says:

    When is there a version available for Linux PPC?That shouldn’t be too hard I guess. So can I expect it in the very, very near future?Thanks.

  182. sandog says:

    Mike, are you alive? Can you comment on wmode with ff3. As far as I know, mozilla has done its part, and now the flash plugin needs some changes. Is this in fact the case? … Regards…

  183. Tim Reynolds says:

    This is quite a bit of nonconstructive criticism here. Not doing much to represent the Linux community, are we? Sigh.Mike: Is there any documentation for the Hardware Acceleration? How should we have our systems configured(I can’t understand how nobody has asked this). Are there X extensions that I should or should not have on? What is your test configuration if you don’t mind me asking.I am running Ubuntu 7.04, Firefox, latest flash. I have an nvidia TI-4200. I am using nvidia drivers version 1:1.0.9631, kernel version 2.6.20-16.30X settings that may be relevant:”AddARGBVisuals” “True””AddARGBGLXVisuals” “True””AllowGLXWithComposite” “True””RenderAccel” “True”If any of this should be changed, please let me know. Thanks. And thanks for getting us a v9 plugin.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Fix it!!! At least explain us what to expect from your “support”. Cpu usage breaks all records ever, transparency for fx3 (fx3 is ready to support transparency )… Make at least those two BLOCKING bugs. If I open a page with 5 advertisments in flash, my cpu goes to 100%, I am forced to use flashblock plugin all the time.

  185. 3po says:

    nspluginwrapper is very unstable… So x86_64 support must be considered as higher priority.

  186. chris says:

    when is the next version of this crap going to come out. im tired of firefox closing itself on youtube. its a conspiracy i say!

  187. rummik says:

    Well, looks as though Adobe has pulled it off again. With their current site design, their own software breaks. Good going guys, you’re really showing why I personally hate ‘professional’ corporations.

  188. relaxed says:

    Can we please get an update on 64bit support?

  189. jaiball says:

    Hey all who need support for v4l2 cams and have been disappointed – check out -http://swifthumors.blogspot.com/2008/03/linux-flash-webcam-headache.htmlFollow the instructions and boom – you got support for your v4l2 webcams. Kind of a workaround but hey it works!If you have problems read the comments – in my case the initial command to start the flashcam program didn’t work, but in the comments I found:# ./flashcam -d /dev/video0 -l /dev/video9which worked for me.J

  190. James says:

    Does this version of the flash plugin require the procfs? If I run the plugin without it Firefox will Seg Fault. Mount the procfs an viola — all works well. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

  191. atrigent says:

    Communication is of the ESSENCE here. You need to give us some indication that you haven’t been hit by a truck and are lying in a hospital bead or the morgue. If you were just to give a REASON for all of these holdups, I think people would be much more sympathetic. Personal problems? Incredibly messy code? Inadequate funding? People GET these things. However, letting hundreds of negative comments accumulate on a post announcing an incredibly buggy version of the player does NOT indicate that you give a shit, which is what is making people mad. It’s what is making me mad.

  192. sandog says:

    Ever heard of Americas pastime. Well because you haven’t fixed the wmode=transparent issue, I can’t see the option on the MLB page to select the old flash media player over Silverlight. Either I compile moonlight with media support or use the win32 player on wine and use a hack to get media player to catch the media link. Thanks for all your support

  193. Drew says:

    It’s amazing how slow, bloated, and incompetent Adobe has become.Lets see, it has now been four months of bugs, crashing, and regressions from this supposed β€œFinal” quality release. We have submitted bug reports, we have made forum posts, and we have made blog posts all begging Adobe for some feedback ANY FEEDBACK and all we get is silence.By the way Adobe, your bug reporting system is a joke, whoever said it is like dropping pebbles down a well was right. You have no way of knowing if your bug has already been reported, if there are known workarounds, if there is an ETA for a fix, etc.So what is our current situation?1. There was the h264/aac support added, it’s nice that Adobe is finally giving up on their terrible on2 format, which has always had poor performance and was only chosen because it was proprietary. Too bad fullscreen support is busted and performance is awful so a lot of good those high-res streams do us.2. DRM added. Do any flashplugin users actually want this? No. But who cares what they want, it might let Adobe sell a few more copies of their Flash Media Server to the companies that are still stupid enough to think it will make a difference.3. Fullscreen is busted, as mentioned earlier, in multiple ways.4. Performance has somehow gotten dramatically worse.5. Crashes browsers like crazy, you can see an unlimited number of posts on this issue for any distro you like.6. No v4l2 support, why? Who knows. Adobe seems to choose technologies with a dartboard.7. Making flash GTK-specific. Leave it to Adobe to make their β€œcross platform” plugin (har har) more platform or toolkit specific for no apparent reason.8. Processor support. This is just plain embarrassing. It’s bad enough that the ppc platform isn’t supported leaving old macs and current game consoles out in the cold. But how could they not support x86-64? These processors have been commercially available for FIVE YEARS NOW.9. Flash drawing on top of html. This has been around for ages, and makes a lot of sites unusable. Adobe knows about it but won’t talk to us or fix anything. Currently there is a race between Adobe’s programmers and the sun, which will eventually go red giant and consume the earth. It’s a toss-up.I normally try to avoid the open-source/proprietary flame wars. But if there was ever a case to be made against proprietary standards, and proprietary software companies in general, Adobe is making it.

  194. tom wright says:

    Johhan, have you tried adblock plus? it blocks all the annoying ads that do that (i have only seen one thing other than ads using transparency)

  195. erm says:

    I’ve been using 48 for a while. It works great compared to 64 and 115.I keep a copy of 64 and 115 around for testing.I’ve discovered that if you are trying to upload using flash the following happens:48: random crashes sometimes the file doesn’t even upload.64 & 115: upload progress bar doesn’t update.The frame rate in 64 & 115 is unacceptable, and using them is a downgrade in comparison to 48.I’m running kubuntu 7.10 and firefox & 3.0b5I hate M$, but if silverlite works better in linux once they get it going I might switch to that.

  196. Gustavo says:

    Drew has a point (or serveral ones).I’m still waiting for the xembed fix in the plugin so it works with firefox 3 (in beta but very usable). Mozilla guys said that they’ve done their part and now Adobe must release a fixed plugin to finally have those transparencies (after years and years of waiting)On the other hand, the performance of the plugin in general is terrible compared to windows. It is impossible to see high quality videos, let alone watching ANY video on fullscreen, not even youtube in fullscreen works smooth enough to be watched.

  197. Gael says:

    Men, this last version really sucks. I can’t understand big companies policies. I finally managed to compile an open source player (just a beta, but not a line of propietary code), and it works much better. It lacks from a lot of capabilities but at least it does good what it’s capable of. And it’s the work of only one person, who does it for free on his spare time. And he hes doing it blind, ’cause Adobe su***rs won’t release any code. Shame on you, Adobe programmers!

  198. vekin says:

    Thank you for fullscreen support Adobe major props. The plugin is 100% stable here no crashing. I have yet to find anything flash based that gives it any trouble whatsoever.That said, the performance is quite poor but completely understandable as this is the first release with hardware acceleration.My own tests with flash videos on my mobile sempron 2800+ with firefox 3 beta 4 and a compositing window manager indicate that hardware acceleration checked or unchecked has no effect on the cpu usage of Xorg-server and is generally higher usage than the previous flash version.

  199. vekin says:

    AIGLX support would also be nice.

  200. sandog says:

    Version 9,0,124,0 is out and still no fix for the transarency problem. I’m to the point where I’m wishing silverlight will run you out of the arena. You don’t deserve any respect.

  201. Bob [RJ Hythloday] says:

    My family has complained to the point that I am putting msXP back on the central pc. Flash crashes all the time. Swiftweasel was worse than firefox. Everything my family wants to do crashes the browser in 0-600 seconds. youtube pbs.kids.games cbs.com nbc.com webkinzI’ve been using kubuntu 7.10/xubuntu 7.10/mint kde/fluxbuntu/kubuntu 8.04 w/ kde4 firefox2/swiftweasel/firefox3 beta5 same problems exist in every scenario.

  202. rkl says:

    I see that is now out – still 32-bit only – and whoever packaged the RPM just couldn’t be bothered updating the README it seems! Check out /usr/lib/flash-plugin/README:Version! BTW, shouldn’t this release prompt a “Flash 9 Update 4 (Final)” blog posting? Where are you, Mike?

  203. serega says:

    Adobe programmers you really suck ass !!! I can’t even play youtube videos on my Ubuntu 7.10 with firefox !!!!!! Release your fucking code so that we can do it better !!!

  204. Jeffrey W. Baker says:

    How you’re not even announcing the new builds for Linux? The r124 build was released by there’s no release notes so we have no idea what the difference is.

  205. pricool says:

    Oh wow btw. the konqueror plugin assistant now gets the 9.0.115 flash

  206. Ian Jones says:

    Add support to Flash Player 9 for the PS3.Cross platform!Cross platform!Cross platform!

  207. Anonymous says:

    SeaMonkey GTK1 with flash plugin 9.0.115 or higher crashes immediately when visiting a site which contains flash content. Output on the console is “Adobe FlashPlayer: Unable to initialize GTK. The Adobe Flash Playerplugin requires a host using GTK2.x to function properly”. I’ve GTK2 libs installed. Is there any chance to get it working? (GTK2-SeaMonkey is not a solution for me).

  208. Sam Davids says:

    Youtube and Flash is still the mother-of-all-bugs. But it is not only youtube. Other flash sites crash too. I am looking forward for the next release. My evenig prayers are with the adobe developers.

  209. vatbier says:

    I made a bug report at adobe’s new “Adobe Flash Player Bug and Issue Management System”:https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-83“linux Flash Player 9.0.124 plays video with very low frame rates”Please vote for this bug (you have to register first).

  210. Bob TakeAmeSeriously says:

    What is going on? Why can’t you guys at least respond to one of the questions on here.. This is an Adobe web site, and people here want answers. I don’t care if the answer is simply an I DON’T KNOW or THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO but instead you just ignore everybody. WTF Adobe?? Do something? You pretty much bought the thing from Macromedia and the next day release it as your own, and what? Now you can’t fix it? Give it back to Macromedia if you can’t get your crap togather. You guys have seriously bungled this, and someone needs to be fired up there in Adobe for just letting this rot away like this.. Linux users who say that don’t need flash have their heads in the sand, honestly.. Get with the times. Hell if it is like this why not just go back to an IBM XT clone with an amber screen for christ sake and fuck linux and adobe.. and the rest of progress.. stone tools and bear skins.. FUCK [ I don’t know; there is nothing we can do. -Mike M. ]

  211. foo says:

    FLASH has unfixed vulns. One word: UNSAFE.Re:Usability: Easier to just run FF in WINE than it is to vainly attempt to get the POS stable on illnux or *bsd.MOO@U: AdobeYou force this garbage onto everyone by selling crackrock DRM stuffs to mediawh0res i.e. TV et. al.*thumbs down*

  212. 3po says:

    Vote for this bug (64-bit support) : https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-37

  213. have mercy ADOBE says:

    Please, fix the FLASH with firefox, Linux users have problem with that, it affect youre reputation.Suport Linux

  214. TiTo says:

    I think that Adobe need $$$$ more time to fix this, I hate my solution but: Dual operating system Boot, Ubuntu for safety browsing, etc. Vista long horn for my games, youtube,etc. I hate this, but how can I do?

  215. Gabriel says:

    It would be nice if the Linux Flash download site had a .deb package for all the new Ubuntu users who are redirected there by Youtube.

  216. p says:


  217. Spogelse says:

    Given Adobe’s reluctance to port to 64 bits, one can make a projection as to why they don’t want to release the source either. Unspeakable things must be going on there. Unchecked typecasts, lurking in dark shadows. Implicit pointer returns, eagerly waiting to pounce your malloc buffers. Features creep in search of blood. That sort of thing.

  218. Sighing says:

    Oh come on… People have waited for several years for a 64bit version of Flash for Linux that WORKS!… Why does it seem that this is purposely being done… it makes one truly wonder… I guess we will see it when the free alternatives like gnash actually become competitive… Get with it Adobe, you KNOW people are very annoyed with you, it’s been long enough already.

  219. toby says:

    I really hate adobe flash, always crashing my browsers…its like cancer. I am really sick of the internet and cannot conduct my business because of Adobe Flash.. Why don’t they fix this? I am so angry I wish they would all die~

  220. Nick Salt says:

    Another vote for flash player for Linux/PPC i.e PS3 πŸ™‚

  221. bwzhou says:

    For people who have encountered problems in fullscreen mode with flashplayer9, try flashplayer10beta (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/).It consumes less resources and gains much smoother playback in fullscreen.

  222. labiculum says:

    “Allowing” Flash access on voice or video chats using meebo.com constantly crashes Firefox. Would you people please consider not forgetting us GNU/Linux users and fix those nasty bugs???

  223. PS3Linuxcommunity says:

    we need support for linux on ppc alot of people are installing linux (ubuntu, ydl) on their ps3s yet their is no real support for flash or java come on sort it out

  224. desarae says:

    my kids r not able 2play games on certain websites anymore so we need 2 download flash player version 9.

  225. Gus says:

    I just installed Flash Player 9 for Linux and i can’t watch anything with this. I’m going back to a previous version. Yuck!

  226. Annoyed says:

    In the beautiful linux world, Flash is the only remaining ugly-buggy-raping-pc-borking monster from the Windows world we have to tolerate. Why can things be perfect? There is always these warts… :=(A.

  227. james howard says:

    screen says flash player 9successfully instaled butmessage appears that I need to install to view content. [ Restart your browser after the installation. -Mike M. ]

  228. richlv says:

    i must admit that it is incredible how slow latest versions are for me. applets just open, then after some time cpu usage goes to 100% and they don’t even redraw anymore.downgrade to 48 seems to increase performance a LOT (it’s still flakey and i guess has security vulnerabilities – so shame on adobe…)

  229. zelrik says:

    I hate flash, it doesnt work at all on ubuntu. Please fix it or support it better on Linux !

  230. Jamie says:

    Well done Adobe. You have broken the KDE desktop. This was a deliberate act. They couldn’t be stupid enough to do this by accident. It will just mean that the open source alternative, gnash will become more relevant, more urgent and will become a serious contender to Adobe.Why didn’t they test this properly before releasing it?If they are going to reap the rewards of having a prolific piece of software in the public domain then they bear a responsibility to make sure it works properly. Otherwise they are no better than Microsoft.

  231. bongfactory says:

    I can say just one thing about Flash on Linux: C-R-A-P!Can’t stand to consume 90% of my cpu power just to watch a video online.You’re seriously limiting the spread of Linux throughout the world, and i’m beginning to think that this is a deliberate strategy to knock it off consumer/desktop market.[Attached 12 lines of random insults were removed]

  232. sağlık says:

    nspluginwrapper is very unstable…

  233. new firefox+flash player says:

    problem: flash player.rpm i recompiled to .deb package, but not install: ubuntu hardy heron +new firefox. Why???

  234. R3ap3R says:

    Just another person with problems on YouTube (specifically full screen)

  235. Anonymous says:

    “I know that you and everyone is probably getting tired of being hounded by FreeBSD users. However, it’s really annoying to have to worry about flash in FreeBSD. I’m running FreeBSD 7 currently and linux-flashplugin9 works some what, but it’s getting old worrying about my browser crashing because of flash. I also miss being able to use some of my favorite sites (pandora). I don’t imagine it could be too terribly difficult to have a bsd port of the flash player or even to help out the people trying to hack/patch the linux player to work on freebsd. Please, could we PLEASE get a functional flash player .. maybe even a native one for bsd? Please?”I Agree With This Guy, Adobe please lift up your skirt and please develope a native BSD working Flash Plugin πŸ™‚

  236. Brad B says:

    please fix flash for ubuntu 64 bit. it’s always crashing on me. Or open source it. Or else!

  237. Martin says:

    I am very, very, very pleased with Adobe. Finally I am able to play Flash movies in Opera on Ubuntu. It seemed that Macromedia was never going to support that.I am buying a new computer and intend to run Ubuntu x64 on it, so I hope that support for the x64 architecture will be supported soon.Thank you, Adobe. Keep up the good work!

  238. burnt says:

    i have old com. need old flashplayer to operate kid stuff

  239. joN says:

    It seems that alot of angry people out there do not realize that Adobe signed a private contract with Microsoft specifically halting any real flash player for Linux. That is Capitolism. The only way I can think of to fix this problem is to see if any legal action can be taken.

  240. anna kwok says:

    pls tell how to installAdobe Flash Player version 9.0.124 0and, flash active xv.9.0115 0thanks a lot!!!cheers

  241. kamlesh vyas says:


  242. sara says:

    I need you to fix Webkinz. Because my daughter can’t play it.My daughter is sad,Please,Thankyou!

  243. Jannet Clein says:

    Please help me upgrade my adobe flash player

  244. Eileen Mitchell says:

    some nit has managed to switch off my marvellous Adobe Flash Player. Cant get Youtube videos. How do I get it turned back on. Nothing works and I do miss it. Please Adobe, turn me on again, am desperate.

  245. Eruaran says:

    To everyone:Please, stop wasting your time requesting anything from corporations like Adobe. They don’t care, they will never make good software for Linux (and they certainly shouldn’t be on the Linux Foundation).They do not deserve anything more than to be told to fuck off by the entire FOSS community.Leave these companies to their own myopic and stunted view of reality. Lets work on Free and Open online multimedia that works for everyone !

  246. erica says:

    hey i just got my internet working on my DSi and it wont let me watch videos on youtube because i need the flash player but i have no idea how to get it. It says i need opera adobe flash player but where is it please help me i want to get on youtube!!!

  247. robin says:

    Firefox on SUSE Linux keeps demanding the flash player is upgraded.I upgrade it, it works.Next boot up it thinks its out of date again. what shit.what useless time wasting shit

  248. karen says:

    x86_64 NOWW!!1!!

  249. debra hines says:

    i having a problem with this crap….WHATS THE DEAL.

  250. Snipes says:

    Please make the entire internet non-Flash!!! ‘Cause surfing the net in Ubuntu with 90% Flash sites is really crap…So if you’re making a site, don’t use Flash, please.

  251. Mark says:

    Every computer wizard knows adobe is the most volatile unstable crap. I’m sure site developers that want everyone including Linux users will stop using adobe garbage. Only a matter of time, as Linux users are growing in great numbers.

  252. Steve says:

    Hi AdobeWhen are you going to fix Flash for Ubuntu? Horrible playback on firefox, same on google chrome. Daughter can’t play her favourite flash game on linux PC. Do you guys care? This issue has been going on far too long.

  253. Paul Temix says:

    I agree with the person below. Please, make a FreeBSD native flashlayer! I’m ready to switch to any player that gives me native FBSD support.”I know that you and everyone is probably getting tired of being hounded by FreeBSD users. However, it’s really annoying to have to worry about flash in FreeBSD. I’m running FreeBSD 7 currently and linux-flashplugin9 works some what, but it’s getting old worrying about my browser crashing because of flash. I also miss being able to use some of my favorite sites (pandora). I don’t imagine it could be too terribly difficult to have a bsd port of the flash player or even to help out the people trying to hack/patch the linux player to work on freebsd. Please, could we PLEASE get a functional flash player .. maybe even a native one for bsd? Please?”

  254. Sherry Mitchell says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the installation for just the flash player seems to be quite cumbersome.

  255. Ernest Z says:

    I would also like to voice my concern about the lack of Freebsd native player. I’ve been using Freebsd for almost a year now and have never been pleased with the cumbersome way of getting flash to work. I just recently got flash 10 working but this is after countless hours of troubleshooting and it’s still running under linux emulation. However stable this turns out, I am not going going back to an OS that is being catered to by so many SW manufacturers. Freebsd has been around long enough to prove itself as a solid stable server base. Now more than ever its proving itself as a capable desktop operating system as well and I think Adobe needs to acknowledge this and make something happen for all the dedicated users of this great system.

  256. skt87 says:

    Hy there guys, hope you will make some PPC/PS3 support soon for us users who realy need some original FlashPlayer to our linux. thx

  257. Saiful Alam says:

    Problem: Flash player not Open..