Spring Security

Some visitors have gently proposed that I should make some blog post, if only to assure the community that the Adobe Flash Player for Linux is still very active. Besides, the previous post’s comment thread was growing a smidge unwieldy. Here’s a fresh new thread.

As many are already aware, there is a new version of Flash Player 9 available. This version is designated 9.0.124 and is available here (standalone Player available here). There are no major features to announce with this release; it’s a security fix. This is for your protection, cyber-citizen.

Also, I apologize that this release once again broke package management cryptographic checksums because the filename is the same as the previous release. I will rectify that for future releases.

You may be interested to learn that we just rolled out a new bug base: https://bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer/. This replaces the old wish form. Flash Player Project Manager Justin Everett-Church has more details about the new system. You can vote for your favorite bugs!