Spring Security

Some visitors have gently proposed that I should make some blog post, if only to assure the community that the Adobe Flash Player for Linux is still very active. Besides, the previous post’s comment thread was growing a smidge unwieldy. Here’s a fresh new thread.

As many are already aware, there is a new version of Flash Player 9 available. This version is designated 9.0.124 and is available here (standalone Player available here). There are no major features to announce with this release; it’s a security fix. This is for your protection, cyber-citizen.

Also, I apologize that this release once again broke package management cryptographic checksums because the filename is the same as the previous release. I will rectify that for future releases.

You may be interested to learn that we just rolled out a new bug base: https://bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer/. This replaces the old wish form. Flash Player Project Manager Justin Everett-Church has more details about the new system. You can vote for your favorite bugs!

36 Responses to Spring Security

  1. amd64 amd64 amd64… How hard is it to compile an amd64 version of the Flash Player ?I switched from Flash to Gnash because I couldn’t stand anymore the buggy Flash player on amd64 (displaying white boxes instead of Flahs animation after 30 minutes of usage)I repeat: amd64 amd64 amd64 !

  2. Ah, excellent, glad your still going :-)For others who spent too long fighting Adobe.com to find them, the debugger versions are @ http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/9/flash_player_9_linux_dev.tar.gzNote the download filename doesn’t include the version numbers there either, sure that’ll be fixed one day 🙂

  3. GothicAwakening says:

    sweet. nice to see you are still with us 🙂

  4. Kevin N. says:

    Security fixes are always welcome. Thanks! :-)Any news on that WMode support for Linux? (the Mozilla guys say it’s fixed on their end)

  5. Erki Esken says:

    Just out of interest, now that AIR for Linux is in public alpha, are you working on that one as well in addition to just Player?

  6. Swift says:

    You’re alive!!! That’s some good news, but I’m not sure this “Adobe Flash Player is still very active” statement is appropriate.Still no V4L2 support (there is a workaround), extremely slow fullscreen animation (where it used to work!), buggy H264, etc.You should also mention that FMS3.0.1 is required to stream H264/ACC content with this latest Player update.-Swift

  7. 3po says:

    Vote for this bug (64-bit support) : https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-37

  8. x says:

    With the huge performance and stability issues going unfixed for months, I feel like us Linux users are really getting the back seat here.I think we should all support the Gnash project. It sucks right now, but it’s showing real potential. And if we get it to the point where nobody on any system (windows, linux, OSX, and etc) is using the official Adobe client any more, how cool would that be?

  9. Rodrigo R. says:

    WMODE SUPPORT, WMODE SUPPORT, WMODE SUPPORT…and fullscreen on youtube without bugs please!I wonder how many adobe employees are working full time on linux support?

  10. Martin says:

    There is a pretty nasty memory leak in r124 affecting not just linux and ff3 but actually all platforms and browsers using r124. Check out the bug report filed against FF3 beta:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=429894

  11. Elladan says:

    Hi,Since this flash player release is also completely unusable, could you put up some reasonable links to the last good build, r48?A few months ago, I made the mistake of just installing one of these new builds, and it took me an hour of poking around the adobe site to find a functional build. I eventually found it hidden in some big zip file of archived players.Thanks,-J

  12. atrigent says:

    Thank you for the update, and the new bug reporting system is also a FANTASTIC improvement, but you have again failed to respond to the most pressing issues. As important as security is, realistically, basic functionality is much more important to the users. Also, mentioning something as minor as the name of the file is really not reassuring to people who want you concentrate on the pressing issues. I understand that the JIT has to be rewritten to support extra architectures, but are you aware that X86-64 processors are completely backward compatible with X86 processors? However, even considering that, isn’t the ENTIRE flash player team working on this? I really think you guys can do better than this. As a closing suggestion, you should participate in the bug system more. If you don’t, it’s completely useless.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Linux Flash plugin is the worst piece of software I’ve ever encountered. The people who wrote it should be ashamed.

  14. TASADAR-F says:

    I test r124 and this release is buggy. I use r48

  15. sandog says:

    I think the most pressing issue adobe needs to resolve is the transparency issue. There are many sites that render the linux browser useless because it lacks this functionality.The whole thing about bugs and request is meaningless. A system like that only works with open source systems.NPAPI Plugins Wrapper works well on 64 bit browsers. Use it.

  16. A Lawrence says:

    Where is the documentation for the linux debugging version of flashplayer?Apart from the Control->Debugger entry in the menu (what it that supposed to do?) it does not seem to behave differently from the standard player.The first flash file I tried (from http://www.bbc.co.uk) caused both versions of the flashplayer to segfault. Is the debugger supposed to help with diagnosis? [ No, the debugger version of the Flash Player is for debugging Flash files, not with debugging the Flash Player itself. If this crash is repeatable, please enter a bug through the bug URL mentioned in the post. -Mike M. ]

  17. Brian says:

    Mike,I just wanted to voice my appreciation for your work on bringing Flash to Linux. Those thankless cretins on the last thread are mostly a vocal minority. Most Linux users are very happy to see that Adobe has chosen to support Flash on Linux.Flash is a driver of innovation on the web, and there is no hope of a mainstream Linux desktop without proper Flash support. You are contributing to a greater good in the face of staggering pressure. There is a place for closed-source commercial software on desktop Linux, and slowly people will realize that. Until then, please keep up the good work! Not too many people really understand how hard cross-platform development really is, Adobe is one of the few companies that even try.I would say that the only issues you should work on soon are getting the WMODE support going in FireFox 3 and making a .deb package for Ubuntu users. The lack of WMODE is a serious usability issue (as in some sites are actually unusable with Flash). Ubuntu accounts for more than half of desktop Linux users, it has a lot of momentum, and Ubuntu Hardy Heron is looking truly awesome. If Adobe Flash had WMODE support and could be installed with a double-click on a package file in Hardy Heron, I think you would satisfy a lot of people with not too much more work.Anyways, thanks again for putting in the effort to bring Flash (and AIR?) to Linux, I look forward to seeing your next blog post in my RSS reader.

  18. sandog says:

    Brian,You need not speak for the rest of the “thankless cretins”. We’re doing just fine without you. Wipe your nose, and have a nice life.Mike,Fix the wmode problem.

  19. David says:

    It doesn’t work. The last version that works is 9.0.48. As much as I appreciate the need for security, basic functionality has to take precedence. Will we ever see another working version?

  20. JSS says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say, that the issue with firefox described in the bugzilla link, happens with opera too. Entering tv.adobe.com makes that happen, however the memory usage doesn’t go up as fast as with firefox.

  21. ADFHAU says:

    The bugs.adobe.com site has an expired SSL cert 🙂 [ Yep; we’re on it. -Mike M. ]

  22. ADFHAU says:

    Also, did anyone notice that the Asus eeePC was released with 9.0r48 and not r115/r124 even though r115 came before the release of eeePC in some places?With respect to fullscreen video support etc. – I am curious to know, that if r115 supposedly introduced all these performance enhancements, which for people complaining here appeared to be removed.. on what platform was Adobe testing these performance enhancements?Ie. ProcessorDistributionGraphics cardGraphics driverBrowser versionWindow environmentXOrg versionI was running a GeForce 2 MX 64 with latest NVidia binary legacy drivers, and now I run a GeForce 4 Ti 128 with the latest legacy drivers available.Sure, my P4 2.0GHz workstation (was an Athlon 1.4GHz) isn’t cutting edge, but it’s certainly done the job for what I need. Like it or hate it, Flash support is a REQUIRED part of browser support.I’m also running Firefox 3 nightlies – is FlashPlayer Linux team tracking FF3 Linux?

  23. Jim B. says:

    Why is flash so horrifically slow on firefox 3/Ubuntu 8.04? I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 and I know that flash was already a very slow memory hog on firefox 2, but now it’s even worse and completely unusable after a few minutes of watching a flash video.What’s going on here? I’m glad that adobe has a updated Linux version of flash available, but it really needs to be usable, otherwise what’s the point?

  24. remi says:

    WMODE support, pleeeaaaaaassssseeee.I’m a web developer and I literally have a Windows machine that is used for NOTHING except working with transparent swfs.Please, please, please, please, please, please please.You’re the best! Thanks! 🙂

  25. All of us (Linux users) knows how bad is the Flash plugin for our OS. ALL. Why?-It isn’t normal that a web with a small flash animation eats 512M ram or more. When are you going to fix it?-The sound and video isn’t synced since I remember. When are you going to fix it?.-Have you ever listened what is X86-64? It seems you haven’t.Maybe you don’t have enough crew or money (I don’t think so) to develope a plugin that works correctly, why don’t you simply go opensource?. All the users known how bad is the plugin and there are good coders that wants to see webs with less than 1Gb of RAM or listen to audio and video synced.

  26. Debbie M. says:

    On my grandma’s computer the last few releases have made watching videos almost impossible for her. It’s as if like she was back to dial-up or something (she’s got cable). On the same computer (AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz, 512MB DDR266, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 64MB), she was able to watch all her health videos (WebMD, etc.) quite smoothly with prior versions of the Flash Player. But for the last couple versions or so, the streaming video quality has become extremely poor. Is it a bug or did the hardware requirements change? I wouldn’t mind downgrading her to the previously properly-working release if it wasn’t for the security implications of such a move. So I’m wondering whether this is something the developers are aware of and stuff and/or if there’s anything I could tweak so that my grandma can once again watch her videos like normal with the latest Flash Player release. I’ve got her on Ubuntu 7.10. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the GNU/Linux port!

  27. jvalicen says:

    Can anyone please send me a working URL to download version 9.0.48? I can’t seem to find it.I would greatly appreciate anybody’s help.Thank you.

  28. urfe says:

    Why is Flash so slow in Linux? r48 was usable, but everything that came later…

  29. Jigar Shah says:

    Have look at topcrashers on mozilla break pad. first is libflashplayer …!! Why whats wrong ? ANd most of time it just freezes FF so no error is generated. How ppl file the bug. Really adobe should get more ppl working on making plugin stable.

  30. iive says:

    There is workaround for the awfully slow (re)draw bug introduces by 9.0.115 .You have to recompile xorg-pixman with SIMD (mmx/sse) support.I was assured that next flash version won’t need this workaround for optimal operation.I sighted the workaround for first time here:http://slackblogs.blogspot.com/2008/04/restored-mmx-optimization.html

  31. Rob says:

    Sandog,You are a thankless creatin.Have a nice life, and stop using Flash on Linux if you don’t like the progress Adobe is making with it.

  32. Agung Prabowo says:

    Does anybody know what’s the command line options to execute the Flash player for Linux v.9? The GFlashPlayer already has an option “-root” which I can use the player as Linux screensaver. But since the GFlashPlayer is obsolete and I don’t know the options/arguments for the new FlashPlayer, I can’t make the new .swf files as a screensaver anymore.[ The -root option is deprecated for the standalone Linux Flash Player. – Mike M. ]

  33. Agung Prabowo says:

    Thanks Mike for so quick response.Ok, the -root option is deprecated. But are there any commandline argument so I can run .swf files in full screen mode? Because it’s possible to do that by menu driven (or Ctrl+F) but I can’t find it by commandline argument.[ No, there is no such command line argument. -Mike M. ]

  34. Agung Prabowo says:

    Thanks for the answer. Finally I can set the .swf files as my Linux screensaver by execute it using Opera w/ -kioskmode option. Hurraaayyy!!!

  35. aze says:

    R:”Thanks for the answer. Finally I can set the .swf files as my Linux screensaver by execute it using Opera w/ -kioskmode option. Hurraaayyy!!!”how??