Astro Beta

We just released a public beta of the next Flash Player, version 10. As is now customary, Linux is invited to the cross-platform party and is available alongside the Mac and Windows binaries. Go get it here. And go report bugs here.

There are plenty of nifty new features covered in the labs link. More interesting for Linux users is that we have been addressing the graphical performance issues that manifesting starting in 9r115, the version where we had to rework the graphical system due to the new XEmbed support (trying to remember what that bought us… oh yeah: context menus consistent with the desktop). The key to performance? Move away from recommended APIs and use unrecommended ones (without resorting to deprecated APIs).

Anyway, I can certify that this version is notably faster. I have been testing the FP10 beta on my special profiling tool, a.k.a. Asus Eee PC. But I would still like to hear whether you experience measurable performance improvements as well.

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  1. dave says:

    Before anyone asks, it’s still using V4L1 for webcam support as far as I can tell. (My V4L2 webcam is still not working)

  2. This is cool.But my experience is that it hangs after some minutes (white boxes instead of flash) because I’m using an amd64 distribution.When will we see a 64 bits version of the player ?

  3. Massimiliano says:

    I won’t complain, just give a suggestion: put a .deb version in download page! If you didn’t notice, the most used distro is Ubuntu, not Fedora (nor Suse, nor Mandriva). I know, there’s a tar.gz option, but I’m lazy and I would like to get a package for my distro 🙂

  4. Knic Knic says:

    CPU usage still sucks. Dual core 3ghz Intel and I still get slideshow and pegged cpu when watching videos in full screen in Linux. When I get smooth animation and less than 50% cpu usage in windows full screen. Non full screen videos don’t hurt the cpu, but I can’t imagine it takes that much cpu to scale a video. This is with hardware support enabled, a lick of good I have seen it do. I am just watching videos on hulu, and I have a video rez of 1920×1200. Honestly the last version was so bad I just didn’t use it in Linux, this version might be better but it is still unusable for me. Playing back video full screen smoothly is what you need to accomplish. If it has that, then it is usable, if it doesn’t than it is unusable. Please fix this, it is annoying booting into windows to watch videos.

  5. Wow, yesterday I was developing one app using Flash & AIR but but when i was dealing with Arabic language problems started to appear, so I thought I will wait till Flash Player 10 is out to solve all this issue ,,, and its here now i thought i have to wait another yearthanks i will put it on test drive

  6. Hanni Ali says:

    One thing I’ve been wondering about is if flash will be made screensaver aware. Such that all these streaming videos available now will be able to stop the screensaver starting while they are playing?Just a thought.

  7. Mikael says:

    V4l2 or not? I’m doing lots of flash videoconferencing, and fewer and fewer cameras work.

  8. Clarke Brunsdon says:

    I just installed it, and I’ll definitely vouch for Youtube (being about the only thing I use flash for) definitely uses less CPU on my Laptop (ati 128 shared memory video card). Running under compiz with aiglx, too. Huzzah.

  9. Josep says:

    Hi,Thanks for you work, it feels faster also here, but I just found that in a Youtube video if I click to put a fullscreen video it hangs the browser. The browser that I tested is Firefox 3.0 beta5.

  10. Singularity says:

    How about a x86-64 version? Is that scheduled for a later beta, or do we have to wait for Flash Player 11?

  11. Wow. Feels a bit more like a first-order product now, with a simultaneous release to the other platforms, great.Can’t wait to use some of these new bits and bobs !My only gripe is this isn’t a debug version, so I and many others can’t use it day to day.

  12. Petar says:

    This is great news, thank you. However, it would be really nice if Adobe finally released a 64bit version of the plug-in…

  13. Harsh says:

    Wow, this is great news! Conguratulations on this great new release.

  14. sandog says:

    Using ff3, fedora8. Seems faster and the video sharper. Crashes often on 64bit browser with NPAPI Plugins Wrapper (I’m sure this will be fixed). BUT …still no wmode/transparency fix.

  15. Swift says:

    Definitely much faster than previous versions. But still very slow in fullscreen mode (again, this used to work with my Nvidia card).Still no V4L2 support :)No more H264 rendering bugs, excellent!Keep up the good work.-Swift

  16. kriko says:

    Seems to work fine in opera 9.5.Thanks!

  17. Gigs says:

    I did notice the menus looking much nicer. I know it’s a small thing but it does make flash linux seem much more polished and professional.

  18. somedude says:

    yeah, definetly feels a lot fasterthe overlay problem is still there though…fix that, and it’ll be really great

  19. Marko says:

    Wow better 3D! And I see that the merger with Adobe pays off with filters that are also usable in Photoshop. Thats cool.Any word on a 64 bit version?

  20. Lucian says:

    It works much better than the last flash9.Just for the record, “context menus consistent with the desktop” is only true for gnome. It looks pretty bad in kde and it doesn’t work with gtk-qt.

  21. Jonty says:

    Excellent, nice release!Is there any chance that V4L2 support will make it into the final flash 10 release? It’s becoming more and more of a problem these days…

  22. Dawid Wróbel says:

    Works great so far. Is there any demo/test available to check the GPU acceleration and have a chance to notice that green square acceleration indicator?

  23. Plangin says:

    Does still crash in Konqueror 3.5.9. Oh, dear…

  24. George says:

    Is there any way to code for the new features right now?I can’t wait to see the new drawing api and the 3d transformations.

  25. kaosone says:

    gentoo 64 bit + nspluginwrapper:crash when i open a flash site:(

  26. belegdol says:

    I just checked and there is still no transparent wmode support. Are you allowed to tell whether we will see it in this release cycle? Thanks.

  27. Hi Mike,1) Still there is no Linux x86_64 plugin available? Will it be developed in the Flash 10 series?2) From the Release Notes: “For Linux, the hardware acceleration feature will not work if you are using a compositing window manager (compits).” (it’s “Compiz”), but anyway, I think this is quite a ugly warning… it is going to change? will Flash 10 plugin support Compiz soon?Thanks!Marcelo

  28. anon says:

    Compared to the latest version, CPU usage is reduced by ~20% (Now at ~80%, was nearly 100% before). This was tested with 4 Youtube videos running in parallel.However, Windows XP is still significantly faster. I can watch 20 videos on Youtube with a CPU usage of ~20%.It’s a start 🙂

  29. Léo Studer says:

    And still no 64bits version available, this start to sound like a promise that will never be fulfilled.

  30. Matt says:

    I’ve tried it a bit this morning. Already Firefox has crashed three times. When working, performance does seem to be improved. On ESPN’s site, the video in the upper right won’t play, claiming that I have to install Flash player, although the Flash on the rest of the site works. My guess is that is a scripting error on their part.

  31. Tsiolkovsky says:

    When are we going to get a 64-bit version? I’m running 64-bit Linux ever since 2004 and it is about time Adobe wakes up.

  32. Simone says:

    It’s unbelievable that you still don’t have a 64bit version, even with this new beta.Any time frame?

  33. sdf says:

    w00tlets give this baby a tst drive 🙂

  34. Dennis J. says:

    Can you provide some details on the changes you made for the performance improvements? I installed the beta and don’t see any improvements at all compared to r115 of version 9.What “unrecommended” APIs are you using now and what features in the APIs/drivers are required to make the performance improvements noticeable?

  35. dakira says:

    What is it, with the so-called Ubuntu support? I don’t see a deb file. Did you change anything in the installer?Also.. does fullscreen-video have smooth playback now?

  36. Richard Lloyd says:

    Well, no 64-bit version (quelle surprise) and still 100% CPU usage when I full-screen a YouTube video (yes, with the closed-source Nvidia 3D drivers and “hardware acceleration” ticked on for Flash 10 beta). So, no progress on 2 important fronts as usual from Adobe, why am I not shocked?

  37. curio says:

    Youtube fullscreen is still ultra-slow.Too bad this new version is still unusable for such a basic use :'(Anyway congrats for the cure of a memory leak on live video stream play on bet365It sill crash often on multiple concurrent flash use (multiple youtube tabs on firefox for example), probably because of nspluginwrapper.I’m still stuck with a pretty old flash9 version that work better on Youtube.config : Core2 Duo / Ubuntu 8.04 64bit / nspluginwrapper

  38. sir_lewk says:

    How about some 64bit linux support for a change? Opening specs and stuff is nice but this lack of 64bit support is getting old quick.

  39. Rene says:

    Still no version for AMD64 🙁

  40. Paulo Dias says:

    Using it now. Looks ok so far, youtube runs a little better although i see in the know issues thats compiz is a no go with HW Accel(using compiz with ati).The ” ajax/html menus behind flash window” still exists though.Using firefox 3.0 beta 5 with ubuntu 8.04. do you have any info on this particular annoying bug?best regards

  41. Justin Huff says:

    Sweet!Is the standalone player available as well?Thanks!

  42. Dan says:

    Hooray, I’m all for version bumps and new features, but the question many people everyone’s gonna ask is: will there be 64-bit support in v. 10?

  43. Dieter Konrad says:

    Why you don’t support linux plugins for x86_64 Architektures?

  44. Kevin N. says:

    Wasn’t XEmbed supposed to make it possible to support wmode=”transparent|opaque” on Linux/X too?

  45. brad smith says:

    I will give it a try. thanks for all your hard work.Brad

  46. Mark Czubin says:

    Quick tests, shows flash became usable again, gone from 90% cpu usage down to 35% for youtube etc,but something like still uses 85%, which is abnormal huge :/Anyways, at least on lots of flash sites, performance went up.Hope for more improvements!

  47. SamsLembas says:

    My experience? It won’t run, as there is no version for the CPU architecture used in nearly all new computers: AMD64.Come on, if you are unable to do basic features, open source it so someone else can. And why the hell are you addding futures when you are missing something as basic as this? This is like adding seat heaters to a car which has to be steered using a screwdriver since the steering wheel has not be added just yet.

  48. marcoil says:

    What XEmbed bought you was support for Flash in other browser engines, like in WebKit. Unfortunately, this beta version crashes on both Qt and Gtk:

  49. kaosone says:

    ok i managed to get the plugin workingprobably you know that already, but1- still a lot of crashes (always when you leave a show on still a huge cpu usage on fullscreen mode3- still no amd64 support… cmon this is ridicolous4- still no wmode fixthose are BASIC! why you don’t work on these issues???

  50. troll says:

    No 64-bit version? Please, that is pathetic.. No one really runs 32-bit anymore.

  51. MKx says:

    Hi there,With regards to performance, it seems better than 9r115+, however 9r48 seems to have the best performance so far.I don’t know if this has something to do with it.. In 9r48 even when the ‘playback’ is slow, it still looks continuous (static image until next image is rendered). However, in all later versions, it became something like slideshow (image then black buffer then the next image).Thanks for all your hard work.

  52. ikeluther says:

    Yeah, i agree with Massimiliano, put a .deb on the download page, please 🙂

  53. sdf says:

    i seem to be having some issues with keyboard input, can anybody confirm that before i file a bug report?

  54. Matt says: this bug be addressed during this release? Its one of the major obstacles to using Flash enabled sites.

  55. Michael says:

    1) 64-bit support required2) WMODE support required (Firefox 3 has the bug fix, Adobe needs to fix your bug)3) V4L2 support required.Who cares about Flash 10 when these three things still are not in it. This release is useless to customers.

  56. Jim says:

    WMODE, WMODE, WMODE…This is faster than the previous release, but sadly it still sputters compared to flash player on Windows. It also crashes Webkit based browsers on Linux like the latest Midori.BTW, Can anyone here remind me how to how to spoof the Flash Player version# so that sites that want version 9 won’t block Astro? I know I did this when version 9 wasn’t available yet on Linux, so I could view some sites that were blocking the Linux version at the time, but I don’t remember what I did to change the version number.

  57. Gustaf says:

    Mike, why don’t you answer the questions about 64-bit support?I have my theory. Just like there was no support in FP9, neither will it be in FP10. 64-bit users (which soon will be about 100% of the user base) will still have to use the nspluginwrapper which is extremely unstable, and doesn’t always work.You’re just shooting yourself in the foot by creating a huge badwill in the OSS community. I personally won’t use FP10 with or without 64-bit support, I’m happy with swfdec as it plays youtube.This company is just pathetic.Yikes what a load of crap you spit out.

  58. Hanni Ali says:

    A native 64bit version would be nice, but the current 32bit one works fine on 64bit arch using 32bit wrappers, which are necessary to support a lot of other apps as well. So if you run 64bit like me you probably have them installed anyway.I haven’t tested this new beta version yet, but I have never had any problem running v9 flash videos in full screen, and my CPU rarely goes above 20% when running flash.The only bug I really would like to see addressed is: the one mentioned by a few other people regarding flash hiding other content on a page.I don’t mean to cause offence, but who watches 20 youtube videos at once!?!

  59. Lucianolev says:

    We are in middle 2008, many years had pass and still no 64bit support! :@ Shame on you, Adobe!

  60. R Amu says:

    Noticeable improvements in CPU usage, 32-bit Feisty with Firefox, 1280×1024.Firefox has crashed (dissapeared) about 15 times after installing version 10, though :\

  61. Kostas says:

    The new features are great, congratulations to the flash player team!I’m also very happy about the new bug tracking system, Adobe’s moving closer to the open source spirit.On the Linux front, the performance boost is a plus, however I was disappointed to see important issues still unsolved. In my opinion, the *really crucial* ones are:- FP-120: WMODE, breaks many sites with menus, including *Adobe’s own site*- FP-40: Unicode input: all non-english sites are broken because of that- FP-37: AMD64Please, Adobe, fix those asap.Bravo, again, for this release.

  62. Vadim P. says:

    Thanks for this! 🙂

  63. Me says:

    Oh come on, who cares about 64bit? Who actually uses 64bit? The majority definitely does not… So stop whining…64bit is about the least pressing problem Adobe has to adress with Flash. There are other, way more important problems, like performance or stability. If these were be solved, it would be a great step forwards. THEN they could address 64bit, but as of now, it’s really not an issue…

  64. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot for this. I’m still having problems, but hey, it’s beta.Though I agree it shouldn’t really be a priority, I think more people use 64-bit on Linux than you think, Vadim. Basically, all the open source code in all the distros has been working perfectly in 64-bit for a year or two. The only remaining stumbling blocks are binary drivers and Flash, and using Flash in 64-bit Firefox, or just running 32-bit Firefox, works well. This is in marked contrast to Windows, where lots of older hardware will never get 64-bit drivers, and where the user has no idea what his CPU can do anyway, and doesn’t want to buy a new version.

  65. jarav says:

    Performance has improved from 9.0.115/124. But, as someone else has already noted, 9.0.48 was faster, though, apparently it did not use hardware acceleration.

  66. DNA DesigN says:

    I can confirm the bug on keyboard input. I couldn’t get any input when playing MechQuest (there are soem quest which require one to use arrow keys for moving). The bug was found on AMD64 with Firefox 2.

  67. Linux User says:

    Vadim, there are 26 posts already on this thread alone of people that use 64bit operating systems and want a 64 bit version of flash.It is the second highest rated issue on Flash’s tracking system.If it wasn’t important, no one would be asking for it. Or “whining” as you put it.Maintaining code that is able to compile to different CPU architectures typically increases the product’s stability, which according to you is “way more important”.Take a look at the linux kernel and apache webserver as examples.

  68. Hanni Ali says:

    I care about 64bit and I think the number of people in the above discussion (with rather strong views) do too. Lots of people run 64bit systems both *nix and Windows, the minute you need to deal with objects in excess of 2GB you have to.One thing I have noticed since I installed it is that when I navigate to: to see these great new features in the demo’s. I am met with a message:To view this experience you need the latest version of flash player installed.Which I have!

  69. December says:

    Whoever said the majority of users are on 64 bit obviously doesn’t have a clue!Guys, you’ve read the posts about why there is currently no 64 bit, do you really think whining like little children is going to solve those problems?My main issue with this version is stability, it seems to crash Firefox 2 (as in it instantly closes) a lot, I would say 1 out of 5 browsing sessions. That wasn’t happening 2 versions ago, and started with the current v9 release, the one before was fine.

  70. vekin says:

    It tears allot less in videos and they play more smoothlycpu usage is still about the samefullscreen videos are still choppy on my 1.6ghz sempron and peg the cpu%noticed a few small random features that started working on various flash sitessometimes when viewing a video on veoh and leaving the page firefox will crash witch happened before very rarely but now about 30% of the time for me.Overall I would say that this release is awesome.We just need better hardware acceleration T.T

  71. Clayton says:

    Are there any plans for a 64-bit version? Using nspluginwrapper is annoying.

  72. wagaf-d says:

    Vadim P : actually, 64bits support is a real problem, because _every_ new computer has 64bits support, and this is imperative to support more than 3gb of RAM, which will become more and more common.

  73. SMC says:

    Advertisements that roll over text in browser leave white space when rolled back. This is a very serious bug. Website text cannot be seen.

  74. Dan says:

    To ‘Me’ RE: 64-bit,Anybody who uses a machine with at least 4GB of RAM (which is becomeing increasingly common) *must* use 64-bit to access all their memory, and it further offers potential performance benefits.The only difficulties I’ve had with 64-bit Linux are with software like Flash which do not release 64-bit builds 🙁 It is not worth my time to install plugin wrappers, so I just do without flash.

  75. Cory says:

    I’ve had an issue with Flash for a while now, just curious if anyone else is experiencing this problem:Sound is defaulting to 100% and seems like it’s bypassing the mixer or something.Any way to fix this?It just started happening after an upgrade a while back. I have to turn the volume knob down on my speakers to turn the volume down.

  76. oyvind says:

    It’s really sad to see how excellent the Flash player performance is on Windows-XP compared to Linux. Sucks ! I just browsed some Youtube-videos on Windows (much more lower-end hardware than my Linux-laptop), the response is excellent, fullscreen perfect, etc. The latest Linux-versions are just .. awful, and Flash is more of a burden than something that enriches the web experience. Flashblock is my friend .. for now.

  77. Steviant says:

    The beta flash player 10 for Linux is shameful rubbish. Firefox trunk has had fixes to allow WMODE support for a year and a half now and you pathetic idiots still haven’t managed to get it working.Could you at least disable the WMODE support on other platforms if you’re not going to make it available to unix users so that we don’t have to put up with a million broken sites everywhere? Is removing features also beyond your level of competency?This bug has existed for over five years now, it’s obvious that the Flash devs don’t know how to fix it, and can only flail their arms and wail helplessly in the hopes that someone will somehow find a way to fix it for them.Perhaps Adobe could consider removing WMODE altogether from every Flash platform since it apparently has no capability to hire competent Unix programmers.Or maybe you could turn over a useful set of documentation to the Gnash and Swfdec teams. They seem to possess a modicum of programming ability.To my knowledge there are no bugs that are five years old in the swfdec and gnash projects, despite Adobe trying their level best to thwart efforts at interoperability.Adobe, you suck.Linux Flash devs, you suck.Shame on you all.

  78. CJ says:

    Also, AFAIK, there’s not even a 64-bit plugin for Windows. I don’t see how anyone could expect a 64-bit Linux player before they’ve even done the work for the platform that most of the rest of the world uses.

  79. Mrc says:

    On my low-ish end dual display ATI system the HULU full screen is much smoother.There is still some tearing of the video but the framerate is back to normal instead of 1/2 rate.

  80. steviant says:

    What people complaining have to realise is that the flash development team for Linux at Adobe consists of only this one guy.Once you’ve made a comment about something, say WMODE support, once on this blog, there is no point in ever mentioning it again since there is only one developer at Adobe who can possibly fix it, and who has proven himself incapable and incompetent to do so.No point in complaining about Flash development until Adobe fire this dweeb and hire a new Linux “team”.

  81. T1ger says:

    Vadim P:What planet are you from ?64bit version are the pri 1 issue with flash..It’s just an simple change in the makefile and compile..

  82. Charlie says:

    Vadim P.: Many people use 64bit, including myself. In fact, I haven’t used a 32bit OS for quite a while. I’m happy that it isn’t an issue for you, but please don’t speak for me.That said, I can work around the 32bit-only current players, but I hope there’s a native version soon. Otherwise things are progressing nicely.

  83. Brian says:

    OK guys,While I’ll admit that 64 bit support would be nice, it’s not just a matter of a recompile (described here). The fact of the matter is that creating another port is more work that will divert attention from other things. It always does.And really, it’s not such a huge deal. With 32 bits you get 4 gigs of addressing space. That should be plenty unless you have a horrendous leak.There are some architectural advantages to x86_64 as far as instruction set point of view, but since pointers will be twice as small, you’ll get fewer cache misses and it may even end up running faster.Yes, you’ll lose some memory because you’ll need the libc and gtk libraries to be resident ( I read this as saving about 27m on my system, not what I would consider a huge deal).Really, the current 32 bit code is lacking in a number of features and still has plenty of bugs (no XV support for fullscreen, no V4l2 support, as others have mentioned, hangs on resume, horrible performance). It seems much more reasonable to focus efforts on bugs that provide real functionality to users.So go to your favorite distro and figure out how to install the 32 bit compatibility libraries. It won’t kill you. You might even learn something.I work for a microchip manufacturer that shall remain nameless. A lot of people worked very hard to allow both 64 bit code and 32 bit code to work within the same OS seamlessly. Why not take advantage of that hard work?

  84. Anonymous Coward says:

    The reason no one uses 64bit is because there’s no support for it! Yet there’s no support for it because no one uses it!!

  85. Anonymous says:

    No one else seems to complain about sub-par printing support but me…

  86. Trent says:

    Well, I’m late to the party as usual- I’ll see about trying this. Regardless of how well it works, you have a number of issues to address, including a few that don’t affect me (wmode; v4l2). Also, I have a serious question: Do you not use an actual profiler to make sure your code is running acceptably fast? And really, is your code really so unportable that it doesn’t work on 64-bit systems?And finally, if you’re having difficulty getting scaling to work well, I wonder if the community wouldn’t accept a flash that pulls in something like SDL or xv as a dependency?

  87. ana says:

    What about v4l2?Please!

  88. Your self-centered person will *do* care one you’ll get a 64bits box.

  89. phusen says:

    I think Adobe has a non-negligible part of the responsibility for holding back the switch to 64 bit computing, which is taking ridiculously long time. Since Flash is actively developed software that tries to be a standard and available on every PC, it ought to show that it is in fact modern software designed for modern computers.It is my impression that in the Linux community where it is a lot more feasibly due to the large amount of software included in the distribution, the usage share of 64 bit is quite high.I have two computers with 64 bit CPUs, and on both I run 64 bit Ubuntu. My only 32 bit annoyances are Flash and the Java plugin.

  90. Luismanson says:

    did anyone ask for AMD64 version?i wonder if someone read this posts, or maybe adobe does not have any 64bits hardware :Psomehow they dont givea sh*** for 64 bits version

  91. Zak says:

    Happy, I guess.WaaaaiiiiiiitfooooorrriiiiiitttttThat’s what it’s like with you WMODE though. Do something. If you can’t implement it THEN SAY SO.Have a nice day.

  92. jjss says:

    Thanks for this, now flash is not making firefox crash anymore, so far so good. Is there any workaround for some sites that don’t recognize this flash version and ask me to install flash?

  93. eldapo says:

    Another nice release. Thanks again. Yeah, I run 64-bit too, but Adobe is far from alone in only supporting 32-bit. As someone else pointed out, Flash has lots of more important issues to address, not the least of which is consistent stability and performance across O/S platforms. The only way anyone is going to focus on 64-bit product is to pressure the execs who run these companies — not the poor developers who don’t make company policy.

  94. George P Burdell says:

    The Good:- Fullscreen works great on my modern desktop.- Simultaneous releaseThe Bad:- Fullscreen *destroys* my older Thinkpad PIII 800 Mhz. We’re talking 4 fps in fullscreen. That performance is still way way way behind the Windows Flash plugin.The Ugly:- WMode is fail.

  95. sewer clown says:

    I rejoiced over Flash 9 for Linux, even though it was not open source, it worked well for my friends and family on Ubuntu Linux.But now, and I don’t know why, when I upgraded to Hardy Heron most sites with flash content, especially YouTube, crash my Firefox 2 browser constantly. I don’t know where the problem is, but I’ve tried everything and the crashes persist, almost at random. Will this be fixed? See relevant and pages on this issue…My family and friends are so outraged they wonder why I upgraded them to Hardy Heron when Flash 9 worked without issues in Ubuntu Gutsy.Please tell me the crashing problems will end in Flash 10 for Ubuntu Hardy! Please respond to this my family and friends are going crazy and preaching “Why doesn’t it do this in Windows!!!!!!”

  96. plump poodle says:

    crashes constantly on my Ubuntu HH box with Firefox, I tested FF 2 & 3 and they both crash.. youtube and any video site it sucks..fix this now

  97. Tom says:

    I have to disagree with the previous comment. AMD64-support is way more crucial than performance (at least it is for me, and reading the comments one can see i’m not the only one). So an estimate on when we can expect a native 64bit-implementation would be very, very much appreciated 🙂

  98. anabelle says:


  99. q says:

    flash 9 crashes all the time for me flash 10 beta does the same, but this is pulseaudio now in ubuntu and its crazy what is going on???????

  100. smbd says:

    amd64, amd64, amd64!

  101. Venky80 says:

    how are you testing it with asus eeepc, it has v4l2 webcam.Will the final version for linux have v4l2 support?

  102. mario says:

    for people having issues with latest versions of flash, download the r48 version of flash 9 which works very well (it doesn’t support fullscreen but it is more stable – almost no crashes). you can find it somewhere in the zip of old versions of flash somewhere on the adobe page.

  103. Linux User says:

    Yet again, someone points to the almost 2 year old blog posting about the difficulties of porting to 64-bit.Has no work been done since then? It’s a long time to sit around doing nothing.Seriously, this is inexcusable.Adobe uses the open source tamarin project for actionscript, yet they don’t lift a finger to help get the project ported to x86_64?Give us an update already.

  104. Yannick says:

    Hi there,I’d like to add my vote for V4L2 support.As I said in previous posts as well, I think maybe Adobe (or one of its developers as a freelance…) could arrange some kind of proposal to the community (something in the lines of “this would cost us so much”) so we can try and find an agreement, all together, professionally…That is, if there is no conspiration things going on that is preventing Adobe from developing all this (V4L2, 64 bits and WMode support).Meanwhile, I keep being hopeful that you will have some time to work on this before the stable, Mike.Thanks for the good work.

  105. Alatariel says:

    for you Hardy Heron folks with problems watching youtube videos check out this link in the Ubuntu forums! for me …And in case you have both Adblock and Flashblock installed- remove the “show tab for blocked content” for videos in the Adblock -preferences- enable all flash for youtube.comAFTER installing the above nspluginwrapper-part!

  106. CyberFoxx says:

    Personally, I’d like to see a Linux/PPC port, but that has the same chance to happen as much as a Linux/AMD64 port.Other than that, yeah, WMODE support would be nice.

  107. Phil W says:

    Awesome… any chance we can get a standalone version?Thanks!

  108. chad says:

    The video tearing problem in fullscreen mode is still there… Are you aware of this/working on it or is it on a back burner? Just curious if i should get my hopes up…

  109. Anonymous says:

    I thought when Flash 9 player for Linux was released that we had come out of the dark ages. It’s now apparent that Adobe Flash is once again becoming useless on Linux. CRASH,CRASH,CRASH… SLOW,SLOW,SLOW… This is so pathetic that Adobe can not fix a browser plugin.

  110. Anonymous says:

    I try not to use Adobe for anything, regardless of the OS. For instance, on windows adobe reader makes itself resident when run–whether you like it or not! Sure on Vista you can turn the service (daemon) off, but the moment you run a file, it hogs all the memory and slows down the system again. I hate to think what the people using high-end Adobe stuff like Photoshop have to go through: I was just at an anime/manga con and an AMV creator was relating how much trouble he had with Photoshop crashing.The fact is that Adobe as a company could care less about its customers and, like M$, is only interested in making money by keeping people hooked on their “standards” rather than making new innovations (anymore), much less stable software.I should also remind you all that Macromedia couldn’t make a stable Flash plugin even when they were independent, and I’m guessing the same people are still working on it today as before the Adobe buyout.

  111. Lionel Debroux says:

    AMD64 and V4L2 support are still missing… WMODE is still broken… it crashes all the time for many people… and it still eats lots of CPU.Good job so far !

  112. remi says:

    +1 for WMODE. seriously. this is absurd. I understand that there’s one developer, but new releases seem to be coming out! STOP WORKING on new releases until this is fixed. Every blog post on penguin.swf is FULL of WMODE requests. It’s time to fix it. If your managers say “why aren’t X and Y complete?” you tell them because you’ve working on WMODE instead because it’s more important and the community has been requesting it for years.Seriously.GET IT DONE. Or tell the community how we can help.

  113. scf says:

    I am hopeful a FreeBSD version will arrive someday. I just filled out another (after several months) request for one; it would be nice to see Adobe put out a FAQ of whether or not they intend to pursue it in the near future.

  114. Andy says:

    Installed latest beta (10_beta20080515) on ff3 rc2, disabled any compositing manager (disabled kompmgr/xcompmgr), tried to open a youtube video and..Cpu at 99%, half-rate video.Can’t say if it is better or not than my previous, it feels more or less the same.I even checked gl extension requirements, i have them.Gentoo/kde here, seems there are no speed improvements in fullscreen.

  115. Mark says:

    I gave version 10 a good test on Fedora 9. It crashed so often I ended up removing it and putting back version 9. Please test version 10 against the latest Redhat and Ubuntu. I think pulseaudio is also a contributing factor with the crashes.

  116. Wayne says:

    The flashcam project allows V4l2 cameras to work with Adobe Flash. Not an optimum solution but better than nothing. I use it on my EEEPC with both Yahoo Live and uStream.

  117. Y. K. says:

    Will libflashsupport still be available with Flash 10?

  118. Kyle says:

    Can’t test it, won’t run on AMD64 and I won’t bog down running plugins for plugins or downgrading to 32-bit software.Until 64-bit support is available, all sites using Flash “too much” will go unused.

  119. jron says:

    Did you not notice that fullscreen rapes the CPU of a brand new computer? Perhaps Adobe should hire some more Linux devs? Maybe Silverlight will force you guys to get it together…

  120. Databit says:

    @jronum.. really you think Microsoft Silverlight is going to disrupt Adobe’s Linux market…

  121. jron says:


  122. albert two says:

    Yikes I had to take off flash 10 after reading decent reviews I decided to check it out. When to sites that would crash flash9x low and behold they would crash in flash 10 beta aswell. back to flash8 for me. [ Actually, there was no Flash 8 for Linux. -Mike M. ]

  123. Anton says:

    It works much better than the last Flash9. Thanks for the good work!!!

  124. rawsausage says:

    It seems our shipment of fail has arrived. Still no 64-bit Linux support. Trash.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Wow, if I was that one DEV I’d care less about fixing the WMODE problem now. Most of you sound like a bunch of whining flamers on a newgroup. Grow up and be thankful you can even view flash in Linux.

  126. Berlin Brown says:

    The Adobe Flash player still sucks. I have been using Flash player 10 on Ubuntu. for the last week and it is still horrible. Crashes, Lockups. You guys are the worst developers, companies, testers ever.I have never been so frustrated with a piece of software.If you want my bug report, call Mozilla. I bet 99.9999% of the bug reports are about the flash plugin.

  127. Alberto says:

    Hii use linux on gentoo amd64: flash player 10 doesn,t work for my webcam.This is the output of the utility:/dev/video0 is a V4L2 device named ‘Hercules Dualpix Exchange’/dev/video0 is capable of video capture/dev/video0 is capable of streaming capture/dev/video0 supports ‘YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV)’ (raw format, V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUYV)/dev/video0 supports ‘MJPEG’ (compressed format, V4L2_PIX_FMT_MJPEG)CiaoAlberto

  128. Henrik Holst says:

    Do not be so quick to judge Adobe. The gnu alternative – Gnash – sucks at least as much as Flash does. So get of the high horses. 0.8.2 gnash can’t even play Youtube on my system. Complete crap!

  129. ano says:

    instead of hating, and flaming about this shit of abobe, I advise you to stop using or browsing any flash sites and Adobe will take care of everything.Can all of you live without flash? sure you can. then boycott adobe and its supporters.

  130. John T says:

    HiWith regards to performance, it seems better than 9r115+, however 9r48 seems to have the best performance so far.