Turkish Localization! … also Wmode, V4L2

There’s a new beta for Flash Player 10 (Astro) available for Windows, Mac, and — you guessed it — Linux. Go get it in the lab. This beta is a big deal since it finally contains an important, oft-requested feature. I refer of course to Turkish localization.

Adobe Flash Player - Turkish Localization

I’d like to give a shout out to my Turkish open source pal, İsmail. We didn’t forget about you!

Windowless Mode

Oh yeah, this beta also introduces some other features that may be of interest to some people. There’s this thing called windowless mode, a.k.a. wmode, a.k.a. transparency, a.k.a. proper stacking order, a.k.a. DHTML/JS menus unroll over a SWF vs. under, such as on the main Adobe website:

Adobe Flash Player - Windowless mode

A.k.a. fullscreen Flash overlay ads! Yes! They’re on Linux now. Let me tell you, I have never been so happy to see one as when I first got one to work in Linux. I suspect the novelty will wear off rather soon.

To be clear, there are 3 major modes for SWFs embedded in webpages: 1) Windowed mode, which is the only one supported by the Linux Flash Player up to this point; 2) windowless/transparent mode; 3) windowless/opaque mode. CommunityMX has this great, simple page that illustrates the differences between the 3 modes. (There are also 2 new wmodes introduced in Astro — direct and gpu — that are already supported in Linux where allowed by hardware.)

Thanks to both the Firefox and Opera teams for their support in implementing wmode. That’s right– this feature will work on both Firefox and Opera on Linux. For Firefox, you must have version 3. For Opera (as of this writing), you will need the latest beta of 9.50 Opera 9.50 release. Thanks also to Swfdec for implementing this feature concurrently, helping to attack wmode from many angles and bring Linux web browsing up to ~2002 standards.

Be advised that there are still some wmode-related problems, most notably this crash issue. Please report any other consistently crashing URLs.

Updated Camera Support (V4L2)

This Linux beta includes native support for the Video4Linux v2 (V4L2) camera API. When I started this journey 2 years ago, V4L2 was supposed to be the standard, but V4L1 still seemed to be used everywhere. The last 2 years have seen significant change in this regard and now V4L1 distros are nearly impossible to come by which, by extension, has made Flash’s camera support nigh useless on Linux. No more, since V4L2 is now supported. In fact, it is supported concurrently along with V4L1.

There is still some work to do on V4L2 and I will need some help with it. You might be able to help me with it, too. Details to come in a separate post.

Bonus! You can finally select from among multiple cameras installed on the system:

Flash camera select, localized in Swedish

Oh hey, the dialog is localized in another new language: Swedish. Which brings me to…

Extended Language Support

In addition to Turkish, there are other new languages supported too. The complete list is (alphabetically by language code): Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Chinese.

Speed and Stability

Additionally, we are also working hard on speed (using a number of quality Linux profiling tools to identify and optimize hot spots) and stability (boom). To that latter point, do you know my favorite kind of crash bugs? The ones that occur consistently on a particular URL. Please let me know about those. The less useful reports are the ones about purely random crashes. While those are definitely irritating, any programmer will tell you that such reports are not especially helpful. Identifying consistent crashes goes a long way towards addressing the more random crashes as well.

Go. Get testing.

141 Responses to Turkish Localization! … also Wmode, V4L2

  1. 3po says:

    Any news for native 64-bit support on Linux ? …

  2. Christian says:

    Finally this anoying problem has been resolved! Than you for your work.BTW, I’m using Fedora 9 and Firefox 3.

  3. botio says:

    go to youtube, open any video, click on fullscreen … firefox crashes. [ What if you disable GPU hardware acceleration through the right-click settings menu? -Mike M. ]

  4. Anonymous says:

    Visiting the BBC website (www.bbc.co.uk) with 10 beta 2 crashes Firefox 3.0 running on Ubuntu. Reproducable: always. [ Thanks for the report. If you have Firefox 2 still installed somewhere, does it crash under that browser? -Mike M. ]

  5. New version crash on nvidia.com site 🙁 [ Wmode problem; reproduced. -Mike M. ]

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm the crash on http://www.bbc.co.uk [ Wmode problem; reproduced. -Mike M. ]

  7. Laura says:

    My V4L1 webcam always was detected by flash plugin, but with this new beta no!My webcam is using gspca driver. By the way, Flash is working nice on Konqueror on KDE 4.1. I’m using Mandriva Cooker. [ Thanks for the report. V4L1 support is still supposed to work and we will look into this. -Mike M. ]

  8. Nemo says:

    All of this is for naught without 64bit support. The 32bit wrappers I’m using right now are by far the biggest source of crashes while browing…What’s so difficult about compiling a 64bit version? The only explanation I can think of is that the source contains some pitifully bad code that:a) you don’t dare to touch for fear of breaking everythingb) the management doesn’t think supporting 64bit is worth it.I also wonder, do all platforms have a common source tree (using a platform abstraction layer), or is the code custom for each platform?

  9. Anonymous says:

    wmode does not work when using nspluginwrapper 1.0.0 with a 64-bit Firefox 3.0. However, it does work quite well with 32-bit Firefox. Thank you.

  10. kriko says:

    Performance is much better on my 7600GT @1600×1200.On previos release was extremely choppy – though some more optimizations would be welcome (It is almost smooth).And opera/FF tends to crash less.Great job!

  11. kriko says:

    UPDATE:There tends to be some white noise (pixels) in movies like on youtube with this version.Anyone noted that?[ Good eye. Yes, that was unfortunately introduced just before the beta was finalized. We have already fixed that internally. -Mike M. ]

  12. Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro says:

    Well done, Mike. Things are shaping up as the time passes. My experience here is:Configuration:AMD Turion64 MK36 2GB RAMNvidia GeForce Go 6150, proprietary drivers 173.14.09Kubuntu 8.04.1 amd64 (64-bit) – Kernel 2.6.24-19Webcam Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000 (V4L2, uvcvideo driver SVN rev. 220)nspluginwrapper: tested:http://www.cstore.com.br (transparency)http://www.nvidia.com (menus over Flash content)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gSJpeZslqo (clicking)Browser : Konqueror 3.5.9 (64-bit)Plugin loader : nspluginviewer 3.5.9 (konqueror’s own wrapper)Transparency : Doesn’t work (gray boxes)Menu over Flash: Doesn’t workClicking : Controls work, end-of-movie links don’tV4L2 : No (cannot find device)Sound : WorksBrowser : Opera 9.50 (64-bit)Plugin loader : Opera’sTransparency : Works for about 1 second, then elements vanish and site links are not clickableMenu over Flash: Doesn’t work (doesn’t seem to load)Clicking : Controls work, end-of-movie links don’tV4L2 : No (cannot find device)Sound : StuttersBrowser : Firefox 3.0 (64-bit)Plugin loader : nspluginwrapperTransparency : Doesn’t work (cannot find the plugin)Menu over Flash: Doesn’t work (cannot find the plugin)Clicking : Doesn’t work (cannot find the plugin)V4L2 : Doesn’t work (cannot find the plugin)Sound : Doesn’t work (cannot find the plugin)Browser : Firefox 3.0 (32-bit)Plugin loader : Firefox’sTransparency : WorksMenu over Flash: WorksClicking : WorksV4L2 : Doesn’t work (cannot find device)Sound : WorksPerformance seems to got better too. More instances of the plugin seem to have a lower impact in performance.Webcam had no improvement in my setup. I tested it with Kopete just to be sure everything was ok, the webcam is working fine with it.Still the absence of a proper 64-bit native plugin hinders my Flash experience. I hope Tamarin people sorts things out someday.Best regards.

  13. henshaw says:

    The rpm of the new beta has a lower version string, ‘yum update’ will do nothing:$ rpm -qp flashplayer10_install_linux_051508.i386.rpmflash-plugin-$ rpm -qp flashplayer10_install_linux_070208.i386.rpmflash-plugin- [ Thanks for the report. I will look into this. -Mike M. ]

  14. Anonymous says:

    go to youtube, open any video, click on fullscreen … firefox crashes.[ What if you disable GPU hardware acceleration through the right-click settings menu? -Mike M. ]it does not crash with hardware acceleration disabled.

  15. Yannick says:

    I find that wmode is a bit sketchy on my system running Fedora 9 with FF3. It works on the Adobe website but not on other sites such as nvidia.com, g4tv.com or thenorthface.com, their drop-down navigation menus still show up behind the flash animations.Also some websites that use sifr (http://wiki.novemberborn.net/sifr3/Examples) for headings, do not show up properly either.Is it that something needs to be done on the developer end or is there still some lingering issues with wmode support for Linux?

  16. You can support us demanding 64bits support by voting for this Flash bug report: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-37

  17. chodo says:

    Seems damn slow to me. See enmore.deNo crash, but still unusable due to poor performance.

  18. Jerome C says:

    All sites I view with this new version ( 070208 )… cpu usage is very high… in most cases it’s at 100% ( 1 core ), web page rendering takes longer, some sites are slow at responding when interacting with them and flash movies them selfs render alot slower… this is with Firefox… runs fine under Opera…also with Firefox when I right click on a flash movie… it pops up with the flash menu ( menu allow you to change quality and other settings ) and the browsers menu ( view source and numerous other things related to Firefox ) and the Firefox menu overlaps the flash menu…with Opera… I have different issues… while rendering performance is fine… sometimes the flash movies just disappear almost like flash has crashed but not Opera itself… refreshing the page solves that temporary ( meaning it can happen again after the refresh ), interacting with flash movies… nothing happens and sometimes ( mostly noticed it with nvidia.com ) some of the xhtml/css content appears/disappears as the flash movie updates… and right clicking on flash movies… only the Opera menu shows up… unlike Firefox which shows both…I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 with Firefox 3.0 32bit and Opera 9.50

  19. joe says:

    the flash charts at http://amcharts.com cause Xorg and browser to start chewing up cpu. don’t really notice it w/ flash at http://espn.com though… this is both with and without hardware acceleration checked.

  20. orlando_ombzzz says:

    thank you very much mikeone question:why the pixer blender demo (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/demos/pixelbender/)says “flash player 10 is required”?i’m using:flash 10 (astro) beta 2on firefox 3on ubuntu 8.04? [ Are you certain that the browser is finding the right plugin? It sounds like it might be finding v9. -Mike M. ]

  21. Gustaf says:

    Are you planning on skipping over this new hip 64-bit thing, and go directly to 128-bit support?Just wondering…If you’d just release the source, someone would port it.Please?Well, who’m I kidding.

  22. ignacio says:

    wmode doesn’t work on 32-bit FF2 with nspluginwrapper enabled either, so it may be a nspluginwrapper issue.

  23. Matt says:

    Hi,this (terrible) website does not function well under the latest beta:http://www.skycitycinemas.co.nz/The two main widgets, initially flicker/clip and do not render properly, then seem to crash/become unusable (but not the grey box crash). The same page for the most part worked fine in the previous beta.Using Opera 9.5, Ubuntu Hardy x86_64, nvidia-glx-new display driver. [ Not reproduced (aside from slowness), but flicker is characteristic of some know wmode problems that we will be addressing. -Mike M. ]

  24. Swift says:

    Hmm, indeed WMODE is finally supported, but for V4L2 my BT848 is not seen anymore where it used to (driver is V4L1). Also gspca which exposes both V4L1/V4L2 doesn’t seem to be seen either (with Creative cam). Regression here (d’oh!)-Swift

  25. James says:

    Finally! This has been an annoyance to me for years.

  26. maccam94 says:

    http://www.redsox.comThe scoreboard flickers. I believe this is a regression from the previous beta.

  27. Dâniel Fraga says:

    Still waiting for the 64-bit version… it’s annoying to use a wrapper that doesn’t work on all sites.It’s a shame for Adobe to take so long to release a 64 bit version. It doesn’t matter if it’s alpha version. We could test a 64 bit alpha version without problem! But please, release something in 64 bit.

  28. George P Burdell says:

    Proper WMODE support?V4L2?*orgasm*Next up: even better performance on video playback, 64-bit.

  29. Vadim P. says:

    Thanks for the update!

  30. Eric says:

    Yay V4L2 support!! Thank you 😀

  31. Dean says:

    Still blows chunks on wmode on 64-bit. Installing 32 bit Firefox is not an option as it requires dropping every single other plug-in to 32 bit as well even though those work perfectly fine.

  32. ismail aka cartman says:

    Thank you Mike!

  33. Matt Philmon says:

    Ubuntu Hardy, compiz in use, Firefox 3.0, ATI X800 All in Wonder, P4 CPU 3.20GHz, 1 Gig RAM. (using open driver)The drop-down menu works a treat on http://www.cnettv.com. However, the video is generally un-watchable. I have this crazy problem where the video on starts playing while I move the mouse over the video. This seemed to also work if in another tab in Firefox but still over the video. As long as I keep my mouse moving in a circular motion on top of the playing video the video plays but if I stop moving the mouse or move off the video, it stops, usually immediately. Very strange. Reverted to release version and everything is playing fine again.

  34. Steven says:

    Wmode! Fantastic, thank you!

  35. felix says:

    had a crash(reproduced too) when loading the diablo 3 front page:http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3/ [ Reproduced. Thanks. -Mike M. ]

  36. Zhors says:

    Thank you for finally releasing 64bit version…Oh wait! Flash is as useless as ever. Seriously, it’s summer 2008 the last time I checked. And yet Adobe is doing software for the 90’s.

  37. jeremy says:

    I’m still seeing a lot of crashes on Youtube when navigating away from a video. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens probably around 1/5 to 1/10 times I click away from a Youtube page. I’m using FF3 on the latest Ubuntu. This bug has existed since the beginning of time. [ Shutdown bug. Noted. -Mike M. ]

  38. Zak says:

    OMG HUGS!Can I have your babies, Mike? Wait no, expensive surgery.But still, this is awesome.

  39. rummik says:

    Just downloaded it and am about to do some playing on my only PC.But before I do, I figured I’d state that the lack of a .deb needs to be addressed before the next release. It’s fairly simple to do, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be there. (especially when there’s something as lousy as an rpm in there…)Other questions I’d like to file include:* Where’s the Stand Alone Player?* Why is there no PowerPC support?* Why do you keep silencing PowerPC users?* Apple got your tongue?IMO, PowerPC support is much more vital than 64-bit x86. Think about it, at least the 64-bit guys can whine about it crashing, I can’t even run it on most of the computers around here. [ I’ll stand by and let you fight it out with the 64-bit users. -Mike M. ]

  40. There is some problems in turkish texts,Yakınlaşt(ı)r; şUzakla(ş)t(ı)r; ı,şYazd(ı)r; ıAdobe Flash Player 10 Hakk(ı)nda; ı [ Thanks. Yes, the player was using the wrong encoding for Turkish (also for Czech and Polish). Will be fixed. -Mike M. ]

  41. cleric says:

    Good job! I just have to use FF 32Bit 😉

  42. Jensa says:

    @Nemo Throwing shit and then asking for answers probably won’t get you far – not here or anywhere else in life. Just a friendly advice :)Try to Google this blog for “64 bit” and you’ll find answers to your question such as this: http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/2006/10/whats_so_difficult_64bit_editi.htmlJ

  43. ksn says:

    thanks Mike, this is the greatest release from months.live.yahoo.com works much better (no crash) but now my camera doesn’t work anymore (not recognized)SPC900NC, with pwc driver and v4l1 emulation layer enabled. [ Known issue. V4L1 should be fixed for the final version. -Mike M. ]

  44. Eric P says:

    Sadly, wmode is broken with Opera 9.51…Seems to be little faster in general though.

  45. anonymous says:

    Please, add a 64bit version for linux.

  46. Mario says:

    Cool !bug: when you righ click on a flash it pop’s both the browser menu and the flash menu.Ubuntu 8.04, FF3 [ Greedy browser, stealing my mouse clicks. I have not seen this on any of my configurations, though. What window manager are you using? -Mike M. ]

  47. James Dean says:

    seems to me that lately Flash has been more trouble than its worth.JT

  48. John Otken says:

    Another vote for 64-bit support please. Currently, flash plays for a few seconds, then locks up one of my cores for about a minute.

  49. Wade Mealing says:

    On another note, if anyone _needs_ 64 bit browsing experience, your browser is using far too much memory. The only real advantage I can see is the extra addressable memory. Me, I’d rather limit Firefox to 4GB addressable space.

  50. Davi Vidal says:

    OK. And how about 64 bits for Linux?I hate to see nsplugin gets 90% of my CPU.What should I do? Say ‘no’ to all sites that uses Flash?

  51. JImmie says:

    When is the native FreeBSD flash coming?

  52. ffi says:

    all movies on this site crach the operapluginwrapper after about 15 sec, sometimes they play for a few secs but the content will garbledhttp://www.dumpert.nl/(opera 9.51 gcc4 qt3 shared)

  53. frankensteve says:

    wmode and v4l2! Thank you Adobe!Now to just grab the .deb and…oh.

  54. Daniel says:

    Another vote here for yet another year for 64 bit support. Maybe after 64 bit linux has been out for 2 decades adobe will support it.

  55. Lamnk says:

    Native 64 bit support please !

  56. GHM says:

    Thanks Adobe. I’m really glad to see the Linux version getting proper attention this time. Thank you VERY much.

  57. Luciano Leveroni says:

    My firefox keeps crashing using ndiswrapper. 64 bit version pleeeeeease!Al least can you tell us if there’s someone working on it?? 🙁 [ Hmm? ndiswrapper pertains to wireless network drivers. I can’t help you there. -Mike M. ]

  58. David says:

    Excellent… it is nice to see such things finally working.Now, how about fixing the fact that even the simplest flash file causes my CPU to run at 100%? I have separate browser profiles with flash enabled and disabled because the plugin has such awful performance.

  59. bigtomrodney says:

    A couple of the guys over at linuxforums are having trouble with Flash. While a lot are reporting the trouble for Flash 9, I’m getting the exact same with 10 beta.If you’d like any info on it I’m sure we could give you any info you needed along with further testing.Here’s the thread: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/125161-anyone-ever-get-2.html.

  60. brad smith says:

    Mike,first off thanks it works great. I can confirm FF3(Ubuntu 8.04) crashes on above said sites. I tried FF2 with Astro on Centos 5.1 and it does not crash on the above sites(nvidia, bbc, etc..)I hope that helps. Thanks for all your work.

  61. Tracy says:

    Consistent Crash on http://ktm.com

  62. Finally.Some problems seem to be resolved, but sometimes Opera hangs just as with the older version.The only way to stop it is to disable flash for regular browsing.

  63. myls says:

    Horrible performance and blurry font on thedailyshow.com videos. And this is with or without hardware acceleration Youtube seems to be okay though.

  64. Mauricio Machado says:

    Just stopped by to say it’s really great to see how Adobe is keeping serious its commitment to Flash Player on Linux through all those years.I’m following this since the “FP 7 only” days and by the first FP 9 release I was afraid Linux would be always an afterthought for Adobe. But not only new Linux versions had been released jointly with the other platforms (even at the beta stage), but you are slowly but surely addressing the last glitches that have put us Linux users behind. Now Flash is really the sexier cross-platform runtime available for developers. As both a developer and a user, I have to say, thank you very much and keep up the good work.

  65. Venky80 says:

    Man you rock finally I have no need to boot into windows (i never had one ;)) V4L2 yeah!

  66. Jonty says:

    http://www.last.fm/music/Spy reliably crashes for me.Also, using Yahoo! Live V4L2 works briefly (I see myself), but then pops up a dialogue saying the device is busy. After that I have to kill/restart firefox to make the camera work again, as it seems flash keeps the device open in the background.Having to downgrade as this is way way crashier than the last beta sadly. Good work though, can’t wait for the final release! [ Reproduced last.fm crash. Looks like the same wmode bug as will all the other sites. Thanks for the V4L2 report. -Mike M. ]

  67. Ray says:

    This crashes last.fm something awful …Ubuntu 8.04Firefox 3.0 [ Reproduced. Looks like the same wmode bug as will all the other sites. -Mike M. ]

  68. Harald Hvaal says:

    Running opera 9.51 on Kubuntu Hardy (kde 4.1 beta 2, desktop effects enabled).Running videos from youtube sometimes freezes opera, and after a few seconds opera just kills the unresponsive plugin. setting OPERA_KEEP_BLOCKED_PLUGIN=1 let’s it try to keep going, but it’s pretty much stuck.Especially going in and out of fullscreen provokes the bug. Note, top reports that the CPU does not go 100% while the plugins is freezing.Same problem does not occur in firefox 3.

  69. Rat says:

    Not Linux but:npswf32.dll[ rest of issue snipped ] [ I have enough to deal with informally handling Linux bugs here. Report your issue at bugs.adobe.com. -Mike M. ]

  70. Chad says:

    On the BBC website it’s the clock swf object that causes the crash (/home/object/clock/tiny.swf), disabling hardware acceleration allows it to run. Used flashblock to isolate it.Don’t have FF2 to test, sorry.

  71. D says:

    This website causes 100% CPU usage (actually more than that; dual-code) in total by Xorg and Firefox. Also, in Opera, the text keeps flickering, whereas it is blurry in Firefox.http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/

  72. oyvind says:

    Ubuntu Hardy 32bit, Firefox 3, Intel Core Duo 2GHz, ATI X1400 Radeon mobile with newest Catalyst 8.6-driver from AMD, Xorg Xserver brief experiences with new Flash 10 beta:* Yup, it seems faster ! Web pages filled with Flash ads all over are usable, now.* Youtube-videos work, but I don’t think hardware-acceleration is enabled (no difference in fullscreen CPU usage between enabled/disabled in Flash config). I think my graphics card + driver meets the requirements. See my glxinfo-output here: http://www.oyvind.nu/glxinfo.txtOr does not Youtube utilize this feature ?* http://www.bbc.co.uk = instant browser crash* nvidia.com = instant browser crash* http://enmore.de = not too slow, but flickers alot when menus are pulled down over Flash.* Sound generally works fine (I don’t use Pulseaudio, just pure ALSA).* Wmode works (tested adobe.com), albeit it’s somewhat slow. Adobe.com took a _long_ time to load completely, though.* Annoying: The browser right-click menu appears over the Flash menu when right-clicking on Flash-applets.So, that’s it for now.. Seems like things are really getting better for Flash linux, when you get the most serious bugs in the current beta ironed out.I might be back later with more experiences. If it doesn’t crash too much .. :)Bye [ What window manager? Several people are reporting the competing popup issue and I think it might be WM-related. -Mike M. ]

  73. oyvind says:

    Re (to self): “Some brief experiences with new Flash 10 beta:”And I forgot to mention: I don’t use Compiz. Just a plain and fast 2D desktop.

  74. oyvind says:

    Re: “What window manager? Several people are reporting the competing popup issue and I think it might be WM-related. -Mike M.”WM: Metacity from Gnome 2.22.0 (Ubuntu Hardy/Gnome default).

  75. Bryan says:

    I must say, I’m deeply impressed you’re taking time to individually respond to every last non QQ about 64-bit post here (A lesser man would have created a spam filter by now, ha) [ Movable Type isn’t powerful enough to allow that. -Mike M. ] I’m using Firefox 3, on the testing (bleeding edge) release of Ubuntu, Intrepid.While I’ve noticed things are in general more stable, no more violent crashes. It seems like crashes were replaced by more general slow downs.I’m not sure if this is a step forwards, or sideways, but I definitely enjoy the prospect of some wmode support.What real problems have been around, and have been introduced with this release? there’s obviously an issue of Processor usage, is it essentially going crazy, hitting the cap of a core, and slowing down due to it not properly being able to complete it’s work?Loving the progress. It’s usable to the point where if I find a site that’s not working, I can close the tab before it crashes generally. Progress!In all seriousness, great work trying to stay on the edge.

  76. mrdanger says:

    if I fullscreen something in opera and then use a kde global shortcut (eg win + c to pause amarok), fullscreen closes, which is rather annoying. also has an annoying habit of not fullscreening over kicker, which hides the bottom part of videos! Other than that, thanks for the great work! [ Most likely, the shortcut is causing the fullscreen window to lose focus which terminates fullscreen mode. -Mike M. ]

  77. Wade Arnold says:

    It seems that some sites with the fl.controls components show the shim like the swf did not compile properly.http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/demos/http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/demos/pixelbender/Also the adobe.com website wmode is not working properly.Flash Player: 10 beta 2Firefox 3.0Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit [ Are you sure an old player is not taking precedence? -Mike M. ]

  78. Hannes says:

    Yeah, wmode!But I can confirm the issues the other folks seem to have with sites like last.fm, bbc.co.uk and so on. Plus the text in the twitter-applet at http://questionablecontent.net/ (also uses wmode=transparent) is strongly blurred.Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 32bit Firefox 3.0 Ati Mobile FireGL v5250 w/ RadeonHD 1.1.0 on a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad.

  79. Epicanis says:

    As a native-64-bit-Linux user posting here, feel free to add another mark next to the “number of people complaining about having to use an unstable wrapper to use Adobe Flash” list.I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything, but the response to this so far seems to be “hey, we mentioned almost two years ago that 64 bit was hard”. But has anyone even been actually working on the problem for the last two years?

  80. Wade Arnold says:

    Your correct! Although it seemed to install successfully I had to close all browsers and then run:# rm ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.soand then run the installer again to get flash 10 beta to update to beta 2

  81. Anonymous says:

    total joke.characters like à è ì ù don’t work.64 bit much?

  82. Michael Arch says:

    No 64bit yet…wow

  83. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mike M, are you going to respond to your customers queries regarding 64 bit versions or are you just going to continue ignoring ALL of them like they don’t exist?That’s not a very good business practice! [ … – Mike M. ]

  84. Zach T says:

    Like to thank you for the effort being placed into the newest flash player for linux and hoping adobe and its developer are planning to have a clean and complete cross platform software framework in the new future.

  85. Dan says:

    Windowless mode works great, unfortunately it’s now skipping frames and exhibiting other bizzare behavior on things as simple as YouTube videos, I may migrate back to 9.0 at this point.

  86. ted says:

    guildwars.com is still pretty broken. not nearly as bad as it was previously, but still pretty unusable.

  87. orlando_ombzzz says:

    orlando said:”why the pixer blender demo (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/demos/pixelbender/)says “flash player 10 is required”?”[mike: Are you certain that the browser is finding the right plugin? It sounds like it might be finding v9. -Mike M. ]sorry , now i can enter yhe page okit seems that firefox had to be restartedtwo things by the way :i) http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/demos/pixelbender/ shows a terrible flickerongii) [On Google Maps] “street view” link, you get a black screenreproducible: alwaysflash 10 (astro) beta 2on firefox 3on ubuntu 8.04thank you and keep the good work 🙂

  88. Amit says:

    New translation, but encoding issues with the translation.Finally wmode support, but associated crashes with major sites (BBC News, NVidia, last.fm and the Diablo III site).Video4Linux 2 support, but Video4Linux 1 support broken.I thought Controlled Availability releases were supposed to be tested internally before release. I suppose not.I think I’ll stick with beta 1 until beta 3 or whatever is out.

  89. sp says:

    horrors! it appears with the new beta, scrabolous on facebook does not work (just flashes!)what will I waste my time with now.

  90. Knic Knic says:

    In 64bit Linux, on 1920×1200 fullscreen HULU still hiccups atleast every second or two, cannot wait till it get fixed, other wise still have to reboot into windows when watching TV. My wish list is clear and simple, smooth fullscreen playback.

  91. Knic Knic says:

    I forgot to add, video playback has come along way from the last beta, I commend you guys for that. I cannot wait for the dream of full screen smooth video playback in Linux

  92. Nikita Petrov says:

    Thanks for the release!Anyhow, my V4L2 webcam with MJPG support only doesn’t work, flash player says no camera is found.Anyhow, the webcam works with Ekiga.

  93. Phil says:

    First, thanks for sticking with this — and taking all the abuse here. Second, did you actually say you didn’t have time for Win32 bugs? You have indeed come over to the dark side now. Third, sadly, bbc.co.uk also crashes for me: latest mozilla.com Firefox 3 (32-bit) tarball running on CentOS 5.2 x86_64 (installed to /opt/firefox with a symlink to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins). Have a happy 4th (as will I, as soon as I stomp out this fire in prod…).

  94. clip78 says:

    weather.com on Firefox 3 w/ 10.0.0 d525 crashes everytime. It may load the page, but if you scroll it will instantly crash.

  95. nickless says:

    For me, Firefox (3.0) crashes somewhere in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/components/../libthebes.so (sorry, FF compiled w/o debug info) every time I open http://www.dilbert.com or http://www.nvidia.comIt worked fine with previous beta of the plugin.I’m using:32 bit gentoo linux (~x86)Firefox 3.0 Gecko/2008062205 (no FF2 installed)flash 10_beta20080702 (using gentoo netscape-flash package)gcc 4.3.1KDE 3.5.9proprietary nvidia-drivers 173.14.09Anyway, great work!

  96. Jigar Shah says:

    Good job….moneycontrol.com (Largest indian stockmarket portal)flashplayer 10 causes jitter in graph shown in first page [ Windowless problem. Reproduced. -Mike M. ]

  97. nickless says:

    P.S.It also crashes with disabled HW acceleration.

  98. Tracy says:

    Shockwave Flash 10.0.0 d525Hardware Acceleration – DisabledP4 2.4GHzKernel 2.6.21NVIDIA FX 5500 – 96.43.05 Legagy DriverFluxbox WMWebsite – http://www.mlsnet.comFirefox 3 – 100% CPU – Flashing graphicsSeamonkey – No issues

  99. Luis says:

    ok, “…” may count as an answer, but come on ppl, im shure he does not choose the arch flag of the compiler, we have an oficial bug report, maybe we can blog and digg about this 64bits issue hoping someone who has the decision sees that..or, maybe they are planning to add a 64bit support on the finnal release…

  100. letso says:

    Go to:http://www.last.fm/music/Big+LFlash 10 crashes Firefox 3.0 on openSuse 10.3.Reproducible: always [ Reproduced. -Mike M. ]

  101. Kemal says:

    With version beta 2, flash player no longer recognizes my webcam (Logitech Quickcam Messenger 046d:08da). I’ll roll back to Beta 1 or ver.9. No luck… [ Known issue; will be fixed for final. -Mike M. ]

  102. Jon says:

    Saw the post and jumped at the opportunity. Downloaded the rpm, installed it into my new and up-to-date Fedora 9 installation and watched as the drop down menus… disappeared behind the flash animations, just like they always have!Fedora 9, FF3, Flash, XFCE WM.So. Video playback seems smoother, but it’s not a fair comparison as I’ve changed system from my old laptop. WMode issue still in place.Progress… possibly. Seriously now, you don’t make money off the player, there’s a community of coders who’d like to see it work. What exactly is the business model of keeping it closed? Are there really some über-clever algorithms in there or is it just sheer embarrassment? [ Make sure the new Flash Player is actually being used. Check about:plugins in your browser. If your browser is finding the old version, the menus won’t work correctly. -Mike M. ]

  103. jeff b says:

    The question should be, did you even try this before you shipped it? There’s little white dots everywhere. Completely obvious within the first 10 seconds of testing.Waiting for the next spin, until then, back on 9. [ Known issue. Will be fixed in the final. -Mike M. ]

  104. Mitch 74 says:

    To all 64-bit users: there was an answer made a while ago, that Flash used a core of assembly programming to improve performance; since assembly isn’t that easy to learn and use, I would wager that adapting 15 years of assembly code from one architecture to another is no walk in the park!However.Why not use the process of creating the 64-bit x86-64 assembly code a good occasion to make use of NASM or YASM? This would actually allow a single programming path for several platforms (if I’m not mistaken, i386, x86-64, PPC and ARM) without losing much speed…Any thoughts?Mitch

  105. Henrik Pauli says:

    I can’t seem to enter accented characters neither in Flash 10 nor in Flash 9… What I get back is the Latin-1 representation of the respective UTF-8 characters :(Great that you have a Turkish locale now, but that doesn’t help anyone if we can’t write whatever characters we want.

  106. Nille says:

    When i right click and choose settings menu for the first time i get an security window but i can only see security typed in it and the buttons holds no text (there’s 2 of them).But after i clicked on one of the buttons i never seen it again.In the settings menu when i click on the folder the check box ‘Never Ask Again’ and the ‘Currently used’ text overlaps each other. Again and Currently is it that becomes unreadable.I get the shortcut bug (exit fullscreen) when i use my multimedia buttons to lower/raise volume.I get high cpu usage as many ppl reported before.When i surf on pages with allot of flash ads firefox uses most cpu, and when i’m looking at videos X is using most cpu.An site with allot of flash ads is http://www.aftonbladet.se (swedish newspaper)Slackware 12.1KDE 3.5.9resolution 1024x768Firefox 3.0Thanks Mike for a good work and for responding to reported bugs/problems.I feel thing are getting allot better, but it still needs some performance improvements.

  107. Saeed Ashour says:

    Hi …When we will see Arabic localization?

  108. Carl says:

    I don’t know if this is something within the scope of your control, but I was wondering if you knew anything about this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/210241It's a very odd bug, and my attention was drawn to it today because it is affected by wmode (and this is the first time I’ve actually seen wmode- thanks for that, by the way! I was entralled by the first “turning page” style advert I saw… played with it for 10 minutes before adblocking it).

  109. Zach T says:

    Hello, like to report some major stability issues with flash player 10 on gtk webkit (newer versions that pass acid3)I installed epiphany-webkit and midori following this.http://www.soccio.it/michelinux/2008/06/29/installing-webkit-powered-epiphany-on-ubuntu-hardy/en/After leaving a page with any form of flash the browser immediately crashes practically no exceptions.Flash player 10 beta 2on epiphany-gecko it works great and doesn’t crash that easily.

  110. Stoffe says:

    Thank you for the updates and the great work. :)I have one reliable crash site with this beta and the previous: http://www.arvikafestivalen.se will take the whole browser down each time – it doesn’t hang or stall, but just disappear. I have ruled out java and javascript by disabling them, and suspect a music player in flash that they have on the site.I use Ubuntu 8.04 and Firefox 3. [ I see severe flicker on that site. Probably related to your crash. -Mike M. ]

  111. dixon says:

    Instant crash on this website http://skoda-auto.cz/About the performance – on some sites it’s better, on some it’s much worse. Still not usable comparing to windows…. However keep up the good work 😉 [ Reproduced. Related to the Firefox problem. -Mike M. ]

  112. Moisés says:

    The 64 bit topic is obviously a businesses decision that does not involve Mike.

  113. FieserKiller says:

    That new version workes fine for me. Videos run much smoother than before, even fullscreen is almost usable.My system:Dell Latitude D6102Ghz Pentium Mobilei915 Graphics on 1400×1050 resolutionRunning gentoo with pure X.org 7.3, compiz-fusion 0.6, emerald 0.5.2, xf86-video-i810 2.1.1, mesa 7.0.3, libdrm 2.3, firefox 2There are, however, 2 thing i want to mention:1. Using the flash map editor http://www.openstreetmap.com I see the background of the map, but no streets on it.2. Watching video, there seems to be a “bad vsync” effect. It looks like the bottom part of the video is one frame behind the rest. The player seems to start to draw next frame before the previos one is drawn completely – This effect gets worse the bigger the video is.

  114. Toad King says:

    Mike, forget about all those people begging for 64-bit support. I think we all know the bigger issue here; we need Flash support on Windows 3.1.

  115. mat says:

    so, the thing is. 64 bit Flash.I hate the constant bitching about “where are teh 64 bits??!?” on here every time you update, Mike, I think it’s very rude of people to hijack each and every post demanding support for their (relatively) niche hardware. I’ve been using 64-bit hardware for years now – I just don’t use flash, and that’s fine – it’s my choice to run a 64-bit OS. I’ll install Flash when it’s ready, that’s not a problem.That said, constantly referring people back to am almost-two-year old document which basically just says “it’s really hard” is starting to genuinely feel like Adobe don’t actually give a damn at all.Fine – a 64bit version of flash is not an easy job. OK, that’s not a problem. But what’s actually happening (or what has happened over the last 18 months) – is someone even working on it? Is there another person’s blog we could follow who is on the 64bit team? I’m sure there must be increasing pressure from the windows side too, now that 64 bit Vista is out – it would be nice to just update us a bit on what’s going on. Even if that is just “it’s still really hard, we’re not even looking at it right now”, or “something’s in the pipeline, hold your horses until mid-2009”. Or whatever.Just some information that’s more up to date than october 2006, that’s all I’m asking for. I don’t think that’s unreasonable, is it?Please accept my apologies for hijicking a perfectly good post about the great work you guys are doing for Linux Flash. 🙂

  116. RQ says:

    I also get the browser context menu under the plugin context menu.Furthermore, once the Flash context menu is open, it doesn’t disappear unless one of the menu items is clicked (clicking outside the menu, as well as clicking on a greyed menu item doesn’t work). It’s very annoyingI’m using Ubuntu 8.04 with GNOME & Compiz, Firefox 3 and Flashblock extension. [ What window manager are you running? I’m trying to narrow this down. -Mike M. ]

  117. sathia says:

    My webcam doesn’t show up anymore. is it because I use npviewer.bin? [ No, it’s because the V4L1 support got messed up in this beta. It will be fixed in the final release. -Mike M. ]

  118. Jonathan says:

    First off, great job so far with the beta version! I’m glad to see V4L2 support and of course the WMODE fix.The V4L2 works on the FIRST attempt to load, but any subsequent load it’s just static, or sometimes a black screen. Killing firefox and restarting it causes it to work again (but again, only the first time).Also, the camera is zoomed in very far (sitting at normal distance from the laptop it’s zoomed in to only see my eye). I believe this is a resolution issue, though I’m not sure. It worked fine with the flashwebcamwrapper utility in the older version of the official flash plugin.The camera is listed as USB 2.0 (this is on a HP dv2000 with integrated web cam).I hope this helps!Thanks!

  119. Gustavo says:

    I’ve got huge performance issues when a flash object uses wmode (transparency). It’s way slower than without it. I’m on debian lenny 32 bits and a nvidia gf 6600.Also, if there is a javascript animation over the flash object, its background flickers a lot.Finally, in adobe.com, when the robot and the zeppelin appears, if you scroll down the browser you will see that the flash animation is cropped horizontally.

  120. Before dismantling my desktop and turning my home office into a play room for our grandson I used Flash 10 on Ubuntu Linux. Don’t recall any problems.

  121. rummik says:

    Finally got to play with it today, looks pretty good. Though, it’s extremely slow in comparison to 9, and the little white specs in YouTube videos aren’t so little.I also spotted some strange things on Google Video (right-click on a video, uncheck show all, not sure if it does that on windows).

  122. cobradevil says:

    Is there a possibility to control the max frames per second and how much cpu/mem at can eat?I’m asking this because we run firefox on a terminal server and the customers need flash because a lot off sites only work with flash but it also makes firefox very slow!

  123. joe says:

    also, links in flash seem to not use the hand/link icon when hovered over, just the ordinary mouse pointer (tested on espn.com) [ This pertains to windowless mode. It’s a Firefox issue. Bug is tracked here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=430451 -Mike M. ]

  124. Jon says:

    Mike, No need to publish this if you don’t want to. Just to report that yes… the version 10 plugin is being used and yes, it still fails the wmode test.Repetition to save you searching for my last comment.Fedore 9, FF3, XFCE.Good luck with that!

  125. sp says:

    seems scrabulous people fixed it recently, for all those that care. I can now go back to wasting time 🙂

  126. sp says:

    I also get the browser context menu under the plugin context menu.I’m using Ubunti Intrepid (I stay current), with Metacity as the window manager. ESPN is an easy site for it to appear. [ Metacity seems to be the common thread with this problem. -Mike M. ]

  127. Nicolas Frenay says:

    The white noise in movies is really bad. When will the fixed version be released?

  128. fred says:

    Mike: I know it’s not your fault, but it’d be real nice if adobe could wield some pressure on CNN. Their videos refuse to play on flash 10, insisting that I need flash 8 or later then telling me I have flash 10. GRRRRRR!!!!it’s awfully hard to test flash 10 when I have to keep stopping/restarting my browser so I can move flash10 into or out of the plugins directory, depending on which site I wish to view.Also, I can confirm the firefox3 crash on weather.com,… KABOOOOOOOM!! every time.

  129. Zak says:

    I get two menus also. Using KWin in KDE 3.5.9. Something tells me it’s a browser issue, though, as it happens on any number of Window Managers. [ Thanks for the data. -Mike M. ]

  130. AD says:

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008061712 Fedora/3.0-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0 crashes consistently with any dailyshow.com FULL episode. So does opera Version 9.51 Build 2061 Platform Linux System i686, Qt library3.3.8bI haven’t checked FF nightly.Thanks for all your hard work.

  131. Chris Lees says:

    First: Could you please release Flash Player 10 (or even 9) for embedded devices, so I can properly surf the web on my Wii?Second: Bug report time. Go to http://www.megavideo.com and you’ll find a lot of their Flash-based buttons don’t appear. For instance, the “Login” button doesn’t appear. When you’re logged in and you go to upload, neither the “Don’t upload porn” nor the “Continue button” movies appear. Tested running Linux Mint Elyssa with Flash Player 10 beta 2 on Firefox 3. [ wmode problem. I’ll add it to my running list of problem sites. -Mike M. ]

  132. QUANTAY says:

    PLEASE TURN MY FLASH PLAYER ON [ Just let me locate the switch… -Mike M. ]

  133. Kemal says:

    Hi again,FriendFeed’s flash mp3 player crashes Firefox 3 with FP 10 beta 2. (Ubuntu 8.04)Reproduce: always… [ Reproduce what? -Mike M. ]

  134. Kemal says:

    Friendfeed.com’s mp3 player which is flash based, crashes Firefox 3. Is it ok??Here is an example:http://friendfeed.com/e/2cbec0bb-f0cf-de11-6f8e-747f80a7a074/Blues-Traveler-Hook/

  135. Nille says:

    I tried http://friendfeed.comAnd i couldn’t reproduce the crash on FF3.0 FP10b2 on slackware 12.1I played songs paused played riased/lower volume.

  136. chuck says:

    thank you so much for v4l2 support. I think I was very angry for a long time that it wasnt included.So I want to thank you very much for this feature.I know it beta, it works, but no great, but it’s a step in the right direction.You have made me very happy, thank you so much.

  137. JordanN says:

    Stuttering playback on Hulu.com, mostly commercials.

  138. Wayne Dawe says:

    As mentioned above my gspca webcam using v4l1 is not longer detected. gspca is from gspcav1-20071224On plugging in camera /var/log/messages showsAug 2 01:31:56 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: USB GSPCA camera found.(ZC3XX)Aug 2 01:31:56 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_probe:4275] Camera type JPEGAug 2 01:31:56 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/Vimicro/zc3xx.h: [zc3xx_config:654] Find Sensor PAS202BCBAug 2 01:31:56 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_getcapability:1249] maxw 640 maxh 480 minw 160 minh 120When flash tries to access the camera the following appearsAug 2 01:16:22 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_set_light_freq:1932] Sensor currently not support light frequency banding filters.Aug 2 01:16:22 downstairs kernel: /mnt/new_drive/home/wayne/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [gspca_set_isoc_ep:945] ISO EndPoint found 0x81 AlternateSet 7Hope this helps.

  139. michele says:

    V4L2 crashes my Firefox 3.0 on an Ubuntu Hardy Heron (isight webcam). Here is the syslog:Aug 4 14:26:14 obi kernel: [ 9642.081819] uvcvideo: Setting frame interval to 1/30 (333333).Aug 4 14:26:14 obi kernel: [ 9642.083468] uvcvideo: Trying format 0x59565955 (UYVY): 640×480.Aug 4 14:26:14 obi kernel: [ 9642.083474] uvcvideo: Using default frame interval 33333.3 us (30.0 fps).Aug 4 14:26:14 obi kernel: [ 9642.085599] uvcvideo: Trying format 0x59565955 (UYVY): 640×480.Aug 4 14:26:14 obi kernel: [ 9642.085604] uvcvideo: Using default frame interval 33333.3 us (30.0 fps).

  140. Patrick Tai says:

    wmode is breaking keyboard mapping for foreign languages in FireFox 3. Special characters such as “@” won’t work – for example – on a FR or DE keyboards.